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Crazy Horse 3

Popularity 4.8
Hours of Operation Open 'round the clock – 24/7
Location 3525 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Average Visitor Review:
2 out of 5.0
based on 16 ratings. 16 user reviews
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  • 1.0 on Jul 16, review by Johnny S.
    ''Show is closed''
    Show was very boring for me. I guess that's why they are closed now. - ( Crazy Horse Show Review Review )
  • 4 on June 24, review by Michael D.
    ''One of the Best''
    The girls at Crazy Horse are amongst the hottest I've ever experienced in a strip club. Toned, tanned, beautiful, and with the right size assets, if you know what I mean. If I ever make it back to vegas, I don't think I'll be going anywhere else. I still need to check out Playground afterhours experience. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 4.5 on May 18, review by Miguel S.
    ''Too friendly''
    me and a few friends visited new Crazy Horse, these mamacitas are very aggressive with the way they dance, I almost told her to take it easy with her lap dance at one point. Hell of a experience. I like it better when they go nuts on you. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Nov 13, review by James B.
    ''Crazy horse 3 real comments''
    We visit yesterday crazy horse 3.-ladies are nice same like other places. -entrance 30 usd, they say two drinks but not true. You pay more inside -table with bottle minimum 300 usd, -be carefull ladies say want I dance if you dont say nothing they charge you 20 usd per dance. They are false -200 usd in VIP area for 36 usd obligatory drink, 400 usd for room but bad quality, Thanks enjoy - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Dec 11, review by Deja V.
    ''Stale environement''
    No matter what name this club uses, it'll never be any good. And with a racist ... (this part removed by editor) like Keith Ragano as GM, the club can FORGET about being successful! He's notorious for getting rid of African American girls by firing them or SUDDENLY moving them to 4am shift and refuses to offer an explanation! - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Feb 19, review by baby G.
    '' dump with trashy people''
    girls who cant get hired at any other club can come here and get a prime night shift. the crowd is a seedy cheapskate local crowd. locals get half price drinks and bottle comps sometimes. they use locals coupons and discounts to fill the club up with people so when vacationers might happen to show up it doesn't look so creepy dead. its a very ghetto place with trashy girls who speak in broken english and only know how to shake their rear ends up and down instead of dance. I also know 3 people who have been drugged here. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 4.0 on Mar 5, review by Roy I.
    ''Crazy horse III, top of the line''
    I don't know what the previous reviewers are talking about, Crazy Horse was one of the best experiences I've had a Strip Club in a while. Not only is the location clean and lacking that "skeavy" strip club feel, the women are beyond beautiful. The only resistance we hit was with the doorman, who seemed to have a bug up his butt that night. Nothing too serious, just a nasty attitude. I didn't get one myself, but I did pay for a friends lapdance and the cost was fairly low. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Mar 26, review by Rick J.
    ''Scam, and be careful!''
    Not only will waitresses not bring back your change, if you end up getting any "VIP" dances, you will be forced to buy expensive drinks that they don't tell you about. More concerning however, is that I, and a few of my buddies, were all slipped some sort of drug by the waitress. Apparently, there are horror stories of having thousands of dollars charged, and then forced to pay by the bouncers. DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!! - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 2.0 on Apr 17, review by steve T.
    ''Don't do VIP!!''
    enjoy the main showroom. the girls won't deliver what they say to hook you into vip and it is expensive! - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Apr 20, review by Jeremy S.
    ''What a SCAM''
    Girls are very aggressive here. They do not take no for an answer. They lure you back there by telling you you'll get a 30 min dance for $100. Then after you figure in the tip for her and oh ya the bouncer you are lookin at $200. The lap dance was absolutely horrible. Just stood there and shook her a#!. After 3 songs not 30 min ur done...oh wait you still have to buy a drink for her and yourself! They dont tell you that till youre done. Thats $50 plus tip. Stay away from this place. If you do end up here stay outta the VIP. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Apr 26, review by J S.
    ''Stay Away''
    Friends were in town for a bachelor party and were picked up on the strip by a promoter of the club. He did his job and got us in w a free bottle. Before I could get a drink in my hand I was pulled and pressured into the vip dance area by a flat chested average at best dominican dancer. She told me $100 for the dance...after going to the window and tipping everyone who works there for running the cc you are looking at $200. Then you finally get to the couch which is not private at all for a shitty lap dance. The girl shook her ass a little in front of me an strattled me for a quick min. After 3 songs you must buy a drink for her and yourself. Those drinks are $50 plus tip! Oh thanks for telling me before we started! $ 250 for a dance I couldve got out on the main floor area. Trust me I got one that was better right after the vip area. Stay away from the high pressure girls and stay away from vip dances...just stay away from this place! I will never go back...ever. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.5 on Jul 15, review by Gordon T.
    they fake you out by making promises. They jump on you without you even wanting them too and then say you owe them ($20 a dance plus tip, plus $20 drinks for them and for yourself. Plus, to use their ATM it costs an extra $10. They really suck you into spending lots of cash. Stay away. It was an experience but man, rediculously over priced. I've leanred my lesson and will NEVER. EVER, EVER, go back. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Nov 4, review by Christian W.
    ''NO SIRVEN''
    Entre al club pedi una mesa con una botella de grey goose q costo $600.00 con propina y mi esposa c recosto d la tarima y cuando miramos, nos quitaron la botella si decir nada los bouncer, la botella estaba cari entera,, para completar nos dimos cuenta q uno d nuestros celulares se nos habia quedado en el bus d crazy horse y cuando llamamos al cabron cubano para preguntarle por el celular,dijo q lo entregaba si habia propina y pidio 100.00 y cuando las personas salen del club hay police para joder con los clientes NO SIRVEN - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Jan 6, review by Michael N.
    ''Crazyhorse ripoff''
    I came to the Crazyhorse III to give it a try. I am a regular at Sprearment Rhino. I used to go to the Crazyhorse II yeras ago and enjoyed it. This new place is in for the kill. My second dancer of the night got me into the halfhouroom. OK. About 2 songs in she said we could upgrade to the VIP for a total off $400 for one hour. I said OK. No warning of bottle service or additional charges were discussed and I found out the real price for the private room was $500 plus a hefty bottle carge of about $700. So once they got a hold of my credit cards I was at their mercy. The dancer conned me into another hour offering sexual favors if you know what I mean. Once I signed the ok a big mistake she helped herself to a $500 tip. When the dance started the waitress was there for our second bottle another $700 I said no enough is enough, and it was all a big scam. I wont be back. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 3.0 on Jan 15, review by C. E.
    ''Few Highlights''
    Visited CH3 on a Sunday around 8pm, no doorman and no entrance fee yet, which was a little surprising. The place wasn't overly crowded, about 9-13 other guys there, no seedy looking folks either. Around 10-15 girls were on the floor at the time, couldn't really see all of them because the place was pretty dark. There was one girl on the stage at a time dancing to 3 songs. Most of the girls were fairly attractive, age ranging from mid 20's to mid 30's, one woman may have been in her 40's. -couple of 4-5 out of 10's, mostly 6-8 out of 10's though, no real knockouts that night. Drinks were a rip-off, since a single light beer set me back $13, I've gotten mixed drinks at higher quality bars for less. Bartender and other staff were alright, not overly-friendly but not rude or cold. I had a couple girls ask for dances in about 15 min. and passed up on them, no attitude, just casually walked away. The real highlight was a cute asian girl that asked if I wanted to sit down. She was very friendly and personable, and we chatted for almost 30 min. I was offered a lap dance after a while and accepted, and man, it was really something. She offered to wave the dance fee if I took her to the VIP section. When asked she gave me a full run-down of the prices ($100 for 3 songs, $200 for 30 min, and so on...), she mentioned the drink fee too (mandatory $25 for any drink for you and the girl). So I decided to take her back there. The problem with the VIP section was that you couldn't get single dances and had to pay for a block, running about $33 a dance for 3 songs (which is what I got), that's a little above average. Also, I decided to pay with a card being short on cash, which had a 10% fee (ridiculous) and the ATM ran the same percentage. The other problem was everybody pushed for tips, which I understand, but still... I tipped the staff $5, the waitress $2, and the bouncer $3, not much but nobody looked upset. The girl waited for me to finish most of my drink as we chatted a little more, she also didn't order one for herself, which was nice, and waited for a longer song to start with. The dance she gave me was great, no ass shaking, she was grinding, feeling up my body, and rubbing hers all over mine, while I felt up everything she had (excluding her pussy). She played around and had fun for a bit too. She wanted to do another dance and was probing me for a few minutes, which included placing her bare tits on my face, and as much as I enjoyed that I had to bounce. She walked me out to the front and was friendly the whole time. Overall the tips and charges really bring the place down. The girls are pretty and diverse & friendly for the most part. The girl I spent the most time with was definitely the best part of the evening, 5 stars. Unfortunately, she only stayed in Vegas for about 15 days a year, and wasn't completely accustomed to the club, so she might not be a good representation of the regular girls. Anyway, it might be worth trying if you got money to spend. If you see a girl you'd like to take to VIP though, avoid the main bar, be prepared for the $25 drink minimum, a possible extra $25 for the girl, and a few dollars tip for at least 3 separate parties. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on Apr 23, review by Hiram M.
    ''Complete Rip Off compared to others''
    This place is $$$ It is a complete Rip off for the money you pay No action whatsoever Selling drinks by the bottle...getting dinged $30-35 for a single plus there is just pole dancing to watch. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 4.0 on Jun 12, review by Chad .
    ''Crazy Horse indeed''
    I've read over soem of the reviews left for this place, and think that some of them seem a little unfair. Okay, so it's not the nicest looking strip club, but who goes for the club itself. You go fro the girls, and that's where CH3 delivers. I'll admit, some of them are a little pushy, but what can you expect? It's how they make a living. I see all these reviews of lame lap dances, but I'm guessing it's a girl by girl basis. The one I got was fantastic. She knew what she was doing, though it was a little on the shorter side. Whatever, worth it. The drinks were a little pricey, but nothing unusual for Vegas. It hardly took away from the good time we were having. All in all, I recommend CH3. Just know when to stand your ground and you won't have any problems. - ( Crazy Horse 3 Review )
  • 1.0 on May 9, review by Will F.
    Go here if you want to get treated like shit by douchey management and a bunch of guys in suits. To be honest, was impressed by this club at the start, it is big and beautiful and clean with lots of girls. The girls are really, really aggressive (which is probably the norm) - but is sketchy. Dances require a two drink minimum and each drink is $25, so $50 on top of the dance price, on top of $44 cover. After 5 dances, 1 hour in the back at $200 plus 4 mandatory $25 drinks a douchey manager came and kicked us out of our seats and made us stand because we "we're sitting there not spending any money" - when I told him we had already spent about $800 in an hour and a half he turned and walked away and I heard him tell another worker he was going to "punch my f***ing face in". I get that they are running a business and probably would have even understood if they explained they needed our table for a group with bottle-service, but they did it in the most condescending, douchey way possible. So, we left - little did they know we were scouting for where to go the next night (Saturday) with fifteen guys for a bachelor party. We were looking at at least 5 bottles. We're now booked for Spearmint Rhino. Moral of the story - don't treat your customers like crap. - ( Crazy Horse III Strip Club Review )
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