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Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas in Las Vegas

Nightclubs:Surrender, Pure, 1 OAK or The Bank
Pool Parties:Rehab Las Vegas or Marquee Dayclub.
Strip Clubs:Sapphire, Treasures, Crazy Horse III.

Things to Do in Vegas Bachelor Party

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

It is one of America's few great traditions - a right of passage - which even future wives respect as sacred. It is the Las Vegas bachelor party. While it's theoretically possible to have a bachelor party in any other city in America, none come close to the excitement of Sin City. The city is practically custom built to hold bachelor parties, with everything you need for a memorable night out. Here are some ultimate Las Vegas bachelor party ideas for your entertainment, designed to take the hassles out of organizing a real bachelor party.


Gambling is one of the first things that come to mind when party planning in Las Vegas. Home to literally hundreds of casinos, any great bachelor party must include risking money on roulette tables, poker, craps, blackjack and Texas hold'em. The casino is a great place to start the night. Grab a few drinks and get in the mood for a long, relaxing night of spending and winning. If your budget allows, consider famous Vegas casino party themes that can add a touch of elegance, from MGM Grand to Venetian.

Shooting Range

A less obvious choice for a Las Vegas bachelor party event is a trip to the shooting range. Double down on real fire power by renting firearms of various sizes, from handguns to fully automated machine guns. All firearms are paid for by the bullet when renting at the range, so plan accordantly. It's vital that you go shooting before you and your party guests have started drinking. Shooting ranges are a great way to get the testosterone pumping and is the perfect day-time activity for small bachelor party groups.

ATV Tour

If you want a grand tour to see what Las Vegas really has to offer, consider an ATV expedition. ATV tours are not for the faint hearted. Non-guided tours give guests 'free-reign', allowing them to rip through the Sand Dunes of the Moab Desert. Las Vegas has many stunning landscapes and scenery not far out from the city limits – many of which can only be accessed by an ATV. This Las Vegas bachelor party idea is a perfect day-time activity as you await the popular events of Sin City night light.

Party Bus

Another great mode of transport is a party bus if you have a large group of people attending the bachelor party. Get from point A to point B, while still having the opportunity to throw back a few drinks, dance, and interact freely. Many party buses contain an open top, allowing guests to see the hussle and bussle of the city. If you plan to use a bus on party night, ensure you make reservations as they can book out weeks in advance.

Pool Party

Pool parties are a relaxing way to start a Las Vegas bachelor party. Depending on the night of your party, there should be several pool parties going on at various night clubs and casinos. Lay back around the poolside in loungers, while enjoying the heat of the party. Vegas hot spots, such as Nikki Beach Club, provide luxurious opium beds, pool side cabanas, premium bottle service, and swim-up bars that provide an all-exclusive entertainment choice for bachelor party guests.


Nightclubs are another essential activity for any night out in Vegas. They can be found within walking distance of one another, all along the Vegas strip. Enjoy the feeling of walking past a long nightclub line and right into the best Las Vegas nightclubs with a VIP pass. Reserve a booth or table for your bachelor party and order a bottle of your favorite premium liquor.


Limousines can help large party groups get around in busy Las Vegas. Pregame for the nightclubs by bringing your own champagne and cocktails into the limo. Have the limo pick up the party guests right at the airport and bring them to the hotel. They are usually rented by the hour and can be taken almost anywhere within city limits. Create a plan of events prior to party day so you don't waste any time traveling.


There are many options when deciding where to stay during your Las Vegas bachelor party stay. Sin City is home to 19 of the world's 25 largest hotels, and all are located right on the Vegas strip. Each of these 19 hotels has more than 67,000 rooms with a wide range of luxurious amenities to choose. There are sandy beaches, wave pools, lazy rivers, flamingos, and ranging parties. Surround yourself with a full-featured room to rest after the partying is done, complete with a flat screen television in the bathroom.

Strip Clubs

Something else you'll find on every street is a strip club. Remember the motto, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." The city is a grown man's playground and lovely women are just waiting to have a good time with your guests. Gentlemen's clubs can widely range in entertainment value and amenities, so be sure to do your research before hitting up a Las Vegas strip club.


Choosing a venue to have your meals is another important choice. Find a place that will cater to a large group of men. Consider the many choices of food, from Italian dishes to Mexican cuisine. Or maybe the bachelor would prefer a nice juicy burger. Many VIP packages contain great connections with the most popular restaurants on the Vegas strip, and can arrange dining with a set menu for a predetermined price.

VIP Service

If you can afford it, a VIP service can also be attained and is a great gift for the groom-to-be. VIP passes will provide access to all of the hottest night spots without having to wait in line. VIP guests will be treated like celebrities wherever they go. While a little pricy, VIP passes can allow guests the opportunity to start partying without wasting any time.

Whether you want to get your own private booth and bottle service, revel in VIP luxury, or have a few drinks while overlooking the Vegas skyline, make the most of your Las Vegas bachelor party. Go to to get the best VIP packages with everything you will need to have the most memorable stay in Las Vegas.

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