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Las Vegas Bachelor Party Suites

Nightclubs:Palms, MGM, Cosmopolitan, Tropicana, Mandalay Bay
Cribs:Hotels, Penthouses, Lofts, Mansions, Suites and Rooms.
In-Room Options:Personal chef, party models, DJ.
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Average Visitor Review:Bachelor Party Suites
5.0 out of 5.0
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  • 5.0 on Nov 13, review by Trent O.
    ''The best, Jerry. THE BEST!''
    The Terrace. MGM's grandest room. When I think back, I still find myself speechless! The outdoor balcony was just the start as the inside of this suite was a magnificent space for me and my party to... well... party. Its always nice in Vegas, so we had no problem spending the bulk of our trip in the fresh air. I felt like a king! "Bachelor Vegas" hooked me up and made sure I was able to even afford this suite. When we got there, we were treated like we owned the hotel, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. - ( Bachelor Party Suites Review )
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