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Vegas day and nightlife can be overwhelming, whether you are a seasoned veteran to Sin City, or heading to this desert adult paradise for the 1st time. That’s what Bachelor Vegas exists for – to take the hassle out of planning and guide you big weekend to perfection, and all for a lower cost than booking on your own!

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Brian “Surreal” has over 25 years of experience in event production, VIP hosting, and club ownership in Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. He was the former Promotions Manager of Hakkasan Nightclub and Wet Republic, With 75-100 groups booked every single weekend, 100’s of 5 star reviews, and 1000’s of parties and adventures, one thing is for certain: you can count on him and Bachelor Vegas to deliver a memorable and amazing Las Vegas Vacation.


Average Visitor Review:
3.0 out of 5.0
based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews
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  • 1.0 on Apr 2, review by Samantha S.
    Please do not waste your money at Sapphire! If you pay by credit card you will have unauthorized charges on your account. There is nothing you can do to fight the charges, because they get a copy of your driver license, fingerprint you and have you sign a form that says you are not intoxicated, under duress or being coerced. They charge whatever they want and will rob you of hundreds and thousands of dollars! In addition to getting screwed out of $1,000+, the dancers don't give you what you ask for (dances lasted about a minute) and definitely don't give you what they actually charge you for. All of the drinks (including water, soda and juice for the strippers) are $22. They charge a 15% fee to buy "Sapphire Dollars" to pay/tip the stripper on a credit card and a 20% tip is automatically added to everything. I beg you, PLEASE DO NOT GOT TO SAPPHIRE! They will rip you off! - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 5.0 on May 18, review by David L.
    ''Great Club Great Girls Great Party''
    Beside this club has so much room for everyone and it has amazing interior design, the girls working here are so friendly and so hot that I fall in love different girls in every 5 minutes. They push you to go to VIP room, they don't hassle you at all. I had great time and spent my last penny before I left the club, BEWARE: ATM fee for withdrawal is way too expensive, so get enough cash before hit Sapphire. - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 5.0 on May 19, review by Ricardo I.
    ''Awful ''
    They hassel you as soon as you walk in, push you to the vip room, girls aren't as pretty as I expected, and they rob you blind. They make up charges which I'm still disputing months later with my credit card company. - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 4.5 on Jun 14, review by minni M.
    ''My girl loved it! ''
    plenty of girls, plenty of action. You get more attention if you take a girl with you. My girl loved it and was very excited afterwards (you know what I mean) - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 1.0 on Dec 4, review by Jack S.
    ''Bad business practice''
    As soon as I walked in, I was taken to the back by one of the girls. They are good looking, but they are all about business!! Beware: they will rob you dry before you leave the club if you don't go in with a clear mind. - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 4.0 on Mar 5, review by Mike D.
    ''this place has it all''
    The Sapphire Club is actually really comfortable for couples to frequent. The way the floor is laid out with the tables and armchairs and the more private "booths" off to the side really make this place stand out. The atmosphere feels more laid back and upscale, over maybe a more loud or trashy experience you might have at a typical strip club....and this place is anything but typical! You got good food, good drinks and the ability to sit back and watch a game. My girl had a good time, we will definitely be going back very soon! - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 4.5 on Mar 5, review by jimmy B.
    This place is the biggest strip club in Vegas! Its huge! It also put to rest the myth that you can't get good food at a strip club. I went on a Monday night for drinks, apps and a game.... had a GREAT time! Where else can you go and get a bar/club atmosphere and see beautiful women at the same time? The music is hot, the lap dances are probably the cheapest you will find anywhere around. Oh, and trust me, you are gonna want to go back into the VIP area! It was worth every penny! See for yourself! - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Mar 14, review by Billy C.
    ''My girl Racheal Michele was gorgeous!''
    I have to say: i found the most beautiful women i ever met and she was a sweet heart. I will go back soon just to see her. If any guy wants a greT time. With the most beautiful women look for Rachel Michelle. She is Brazilian and unforgetable. The club is great!!! Huge!!! - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 3.0 on Mar 29, review by Andriy P.
    ''its really bad''
    all i can say this club is not a 5 star (3 max)- bad girls - no fun at all. they are not dancing at all, look very old. Just spend 30 minutes there and left to another club. - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 1.0 on Jan 17, review by Mario M.
    ''Bad Buisness Practice''
    As soon as you walk in, it says 'reserved' on the tables/chair, in reality, they are reserved for no one. Apparently you have to tip the bouncer money (20 bux) to sit in a damn chair! Which is ridiculous. The only place to sit at is the bar (if its not full). The bouncers attitude is what makes the place total s#*t. There is to many bouncers around who are poorly trained. They try to get as much money as they can through tip. I don't blame them, they all have no college degree/life/money, so they go around being 'boss' at the place while hardly making any money hourly. I didn't go their to tip a dude, I went there to enjoy a show and tip women. I guess this place hires anyone as it seemed, maybe thats why it is 'the largest strip club' In my opinion its about QUALITY not quantity. - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Jun 12, review by Stan T.
    ''The Best''
    I'd be lying if I said I didn't frequent Sapphire. You have to. It's one of those strip clubs that just keeps pulling you back in everytime you swear you're done with it. The club itself is pretty. Several stages give you a choice of where your eyes should land - and it's difficult to decide considering just how HOT the girls really are. I mean smoking. And I mean ALL the girls. Lap dances are priced rather fairly, nothing too overpriced and unaffordable, and they're more than worth it. I've been to plenty of strip clubs. Sapphire is the best, hands done. - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Sep 18, review by Tyler P.
    ''Oh, the women!''
    I won't lie. I love naked women. I really am attracted to the female figure, so when someone told me about this gentlemens' club - the supposed HOTTEST strip club in Vegas - I had to see for myself. They weren't KIDDING; and my entire experience is thanks to these guys at "Bachelor Vegas!" I wanted to do something special one weekend with my guy friends, so I opted to rent a limo. After a little searching, I came across BVegas and their AMAZING deals. I got a limo, VIP entry to the venue, and even the chance to go to Chateau. We passed up on Chateau to spend more time at Sapphire. A decision i DO NOT regret. Damn! - ( Sapphire Strip Club Review )
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