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Treasures Strip Club Las Vegas

@2801 Westwood Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109
Music:Variety of music.
Open:4:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m., Thu - Sun // 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 a.m., Friday - Saturday.
Dances:Lap dance ($20), VIP room dance ($100), VIP champagne dance ($400).
Food: Yes, gourmet dining 7 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Parking:Valet and self parking.

Treasures Menu

Bottle Service & VIP Packages

  • meat greet package
    What's included:
    • Limo Pickup from Hotel to Planet Hollywood Hotel
    • Dinner @ Pampas Brazilian Grille (Includes 1 Hour All You Can Drink and All You Can Eat Grilled Meats served Churrascaria style)
    • Choose any 3 of the 5 strip clubs, Strip Club Transportation will be provided to each venue cost included
    • 1. Crazy Horse III Gentleman's - Club 2. Sapphire Gentleman's Club - 3. Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club - 4. Treasures Gentleman's Club - 5. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
    • VIP Entry + 2 Drinks Per Person included to each club
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
  • two club table with limo
    What's included:
    • Limo transportation
    • VIP hosted entry to the nightclub
    • VIP hosted entry to a strip club
    • VIP table & Bottle Service
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
  • Charlie Sheen
    What's included:
    • Transportation Pickup
    • VIP Entry & 2 Drinks per Person at Your Choice of the Top 5 Gentleman's Clubs Las Vegas
    • Transportation to Each Venue Included
    • Crazy Horse III Gentleman's Club
    • Sapphire Gentleman's Club
    • Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club
    • Treasures Gentleman's Club
    • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
- Strip Clubs Consider, Escalades, Limos, Sprinter Vans, Party Busses for transportation, a Limo is not always guaranteed. -

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Average Visitor Review:
4.0 out of 5.0
based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews
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  • 3.5 on May 31, review by Roger D.
    ''Marvelous place but not the right time''
    the place from outside is jaw-dropping, you even think you can't afford this place, inside is decorated almost flawless, seats are comfortable and food is great. However if you go there week days, there aren't many hot girls, I was there Wednesday night and I can imagine Treasures would look much better when it is full in a Saturday night. Other than it is a hot spot. - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 4.5 on Jul 21, review by Madalyn M.
    ''Amazing ''
    This was the first trip me and my boyfriend have made to Vegas but certainly not my first strip club. Treasures was very clean and classy and the atmosphere was perfect. We came both Sunday and Monday night and had a blast both nights, however the girls were much more attractive on out second visit. We got four lap dances both nights and the girls made us feel very comfortable and very aware of what we were spending every time. I was spell bound by one girl specifically. Gia, a tall thin but perfectly curvy girl was amazing!!! She was the sole reason we came back the second night. I am straight, and Ive have never wanted a girl so bad in my life :) My man and I has an absolute BLAST! - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Nov 19, review by Steve W.
    Wow, this place was amazing,Ive been to a few other Vegas clubs,but none like this one.. very clean,very classy, the girls were beautiful, one in particular (Austin) tall blonde, smokin hot body and a beautiful face and ALOT of fun ! best two hours in the VIP room of my life! this place was great,I can not wait to go back.. - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Nov 19, review by Garret W.
    ''Had a BLAST!!''
    Great club! Beautiful Girls! fun staff, V.I.P. rooms were alot of fun! the steakhouse attached has really good food also. - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 4.5 on Mar 5, review by Hector P.
    ''Treasures - its not just the name''
    Everything about this place explained why it was so aptly named! Treasures describes the venue itself, the drink menu, the staff, and most of all the SEXY girls. I dont't know what kind of screening process they have, but I couldn't possibly have a complaint about the girls that danced for us. Gorgeous, smooth, sexy... they don't even begin to describe them. I've been to many Strip Clubs, and very few of them serve any sort of food that actually qualifies as food. This just so happened to be another part of Treasures that fits the name! - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 4.5 on Sep 13, review by Sept 2.
    ''DO NOT use your credit card, take cash''
    Take minimum $400 cash plus cab fare home and stick to the $20 lapdances (tip $10 each one) which are great. Go upstairs where it is dark and away from the crowd. If you can, do not take a credit card with you which if you use it the dancers smell blood. The place can give you an epic time. There is an unbelievable number of beautiful women there. Place seemed to be half full of girls. Walked in and my buddy & I had two of the most georgeous women. One is on playboy's site as an amateur and the other was in Penthouse. Somehow we had to buy them drinks even though we didn't agree to it. I used credit card to go to the upstairs VIP room for $100 15 minutes. There is a $40 processing fee, $32 for two drinks (Charged separately), $30 tip to guy at the door to leave the girls alone so they can do more. The girl was yelling in my left ear to tip the waitress, doorman and her (she wanted $60 tip for $100 dance), the mob looking doorman was to my right shining a light on the credit card bill so like a weak idiot I tipped too well. If you buy the club bucks with your credit card then the girls have to pay about $10 to cash them in. It's dumb to have to buy two drinks when go to VIP area. It's dumb to be pressured to tip doorman. It's a bad deal all around to use your credit card except for the club. The free limo ride to the club is worth it as the driver can get them to waive the cover. Customary to tip the limo driver $20 each. Wells Fargo card didn't work to get cash on their machine. There is a Wells Fargo ATM in the Las Vegas airport. It is 7% of total to use ATM in the club. - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Nov 21, review by Billy R.
    ''One awesome lady!!!''
    A nice place with cute ladies..I sat there by myself to observe the surroundings which was pleasent..A european lady sat down to say Hello in which the conversation was very real & alot of heart & soul which is rare in that kind of environment..Then she brought me to the side of the stage to watch her dance which was unique & sweet.. In the end, even without a private dance,the experience was truly incredible.. What a shining star with class....a hope she gets this message...Thankyou from New Jersey!!! Billy - ( Treasures Strip Club Review )
  • 5.0 on Jan 15, review by Jake J.
    ''Awesome and classy.''
    This is probaby my best experience in a Las Vegas strip club.After being to Rhino, which was really crowded and the ladies there were so uptight, I decided to try Treasures. This place is beautiful from the outside and has a burlesque atmosphere on the inside. Staff was really nice, too. I set by the upstairs stage to watch a beautiful Asian girl perform, when a hot Brazilian (I think her name was Samba,Rumba...) set on my lap and started a mindful conversation. This lady was amazing and extremely intelligent and gave me the best lap dance ever. She then convinced me to go to the VIP room with the glass doors on the side for 1/2 hour. Boy,I had a great time. That is what I call entertainment! I then went back on Saturday to find the same girl, but she was not there, then I got a super fun Russian and had another great night at Treasures. Will come back soon! Cheers. - ( Treasures Club Review )
  • 4.5 on Jun 12, review by Gentry .
    ''*Wolf Whistle*''
    I followed a few friends of mine to to this club assuming I'd be bored by the standard girls and terrible music. While the music remained, the girls were what I can only describe as smoking hot. Gorgeous. I've never wanted to throw money at a woman so much in my life. It's like Treasure's genetically engineers these perfect beauties just for their strip club. I ended up paying for 5 lap dances, 3 for me, 2 for another friend. Each time, the girls were attentive, friendly, fun, and did not push anything else onto us. It was a pleasant experience that I hope to deal with again. I'm out of the Dallas area, so I'm thinking another trip to Vegas is in order. - ( Treasures Club Review )