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Las Vegas Activities Tours Holidays & Events

Las Vegas Activities Tours Holidays & Events

How about day time activities in Las Vegas such as ATV tours, hot air baloon rides, pool parties or holiday events?

Bachelor Vegas has a number of options to add to make your event complete, we are not limited to nightlife. We are as successful with our daylife options as well, one call thats all: 1800-920-8847.





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Las Vegas Activities

Top Activities

  1. Pool Parties

    Las Vegas daylife pool parties are becoming as intense as nightlife. Check out the hottest pool parties in top such as Rehab, Encore Beach Club or TAO Beach. Check out pool parties

  2. Skydiving
  3. Pole Dancing
  4. Indoor Go-Kart
  5. Shooting

Top Holidays

  1. Labor Day Weekend

    LDW is the last big close-out bash to end the summer, wildest 3 days pool parties, celebrity hosted events and our 24 hour party packages Read more..

  2. New Year's Eve
  3. Memorial Day Weekend
  4. 4th of July
  5. Halloween

Top Events

  1. Superbowl

    Want to celebrate the largest sporting event? Not only guys are coming to Vegas to have good time but ton of beautiful women also travel to Las Vegas to party. Read more..

  2. March Madness
  3. AVN Awards

Activities in Las Vegas

In the Las Vegas heat, you may want to consider staying near the pool, but pumping things up with a pool party! At Hard Rock Hotel you can book a VIP cabana and rock out with awesome DJs. Wet Republic at MGM will feel more like South Beach, so if that's your scene, check it out. Another option, TAO Beach, is always chic and sexy.

Sometimes, though, you want to get away from the pool no matter how fun it is. That's where Pole Position Raceway comes in. Here you can race go-karts at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour or place a host of arcade games.

If you are feeling really extreme and adventurous, you could go skydiving. What better way is there to see the Hoover Dam, Mount Charleston, Valley of Fire and the Las Vegas Strip? There isn't one. Of course, before you jump you'll be trained up and equipped with the best gear out there.

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Ladies, if you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be an exotic dancer, one of the best options for your bachelorette party is to learn so, Las Vegas is the place to find out. Instructors at the Aradia and Pole Fitness Club are just waiting to teach you how to dance on a pole or to striptease. Where outside of Vegas can you learn to do that? It may come in handy at some point.

Of course, when you plan your VIP Events in Las Vegas you'll want to keep certain holidays in mind. Las Vegas takes on a different flavor during several different holidays. The Superbowl, Memorial Day Weekend, New Year's Eve, 4th of July, Halloween, and March Madness all offer special opportunities. Check them out.

Mention one of these features in the "please let us know your comments" box when you're filing out your custom party "order" form and our staff will do all the planning for you.

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Las Vegas Holidays

In Las Vegas, there is a place for every holiday. Hotels are decorated in traditional red and green for Christmas, street lights dim and fireworks illuminate the night sky for Fourth of July, and Las Vegas Boulevard crowds with people as the countdown to the next year reaches zero. Even the annual San Gennero Festival has a home in Sin City. There isn't an occasion marked (and sometimes not) on a calendar that isn't celebrated in the vastly diverse Las Vegas.

No matter the occasion, the deciding factors as to which local hot spot to spend your holiday at very rarely change. If you're looking to spend your Memorial Day Weekend boozing it up by the pool, than look to spend your day at one of Vegas' numerous resort pools. With bikini clad hotties and greased up studs making up a good portion of the population at most resort-style pools, you really can't make a wrong decision when it comes to a holiday weekend. No matter where you decide to spend your Memorial or Labor Day weekends, you'll be amongst a large crowd of people - so you should base your choice on the liquor served and cost of the cover charge.

When the sun starts to set and the pool crowd starts to filter indoors, the club scene gets more popular and becomes host to mini skirts and button up shirts. In regards to knowing where to go for a specific holiday, it's all about location. If you're visiting Sin City for the Fourth of July, you'll want to decide on somewhere with a view - somewhere like the Moon Nightclub at the Palm, which offers a skylight view of the festivities outside. If you're looking for a pool friendly experience, a location like Encore Beach Club has that club-like atmosphere amongst resort-styled pools, offering the best of both worlds.

If you're brazen enough to face the madhouse that is the Las Vegas Strip during a holiday like New Years Eve, than you want to make sure you don't squander the experience. Traveling with or without a loved one makes all the difference while deciding the days agenda. For those flying solo, any club will be the scene for singles looking for that classic promiscuous midnight kiss. If you're lucky and happen to pick the right club, you may find yourself feeling a bit like a celebrity the next day as Las Vegas is home to one of many televised New Years Eve parties. A little advise if the camera happens to fall on you - scream like a happy madman, grab your guy or gal, and plant one on them.

Holiday's like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others that are meant to be spent with a large circle of family and friends don't seem to receive the same treatment as the more summer-based holidays. Of course, every club has its own iteration of a Christmas party with premier celebrity DJs, but the true magic of a holiday like that is found within the decorations, music, and general good-spirited nature of your fellow vacationers. No matter what, the fact of the matter stands that if you're in Las Vegas for a holiday, no matter how big or small, there will always be a party waiting for you.