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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages

The bachelorette who chooses Las Vegas as the place to hold her bachelorette party will be greeted by a glamorous city with the ultimate in luxury accommodations. Many of the upscale hotels have spa services and suites that can be rented out for parties both big and small. There are many different hotels and casinos, especially located on the Las Vegas Strip. From the Luxor to the Venetian, there is a hotel for every taste, allowing any bride to enjoy her last few days of singleness in style.

Las Vegas has an amazing mall located right on the strip and plenty of shops. Last minute Las Vegas bachelorette party preparations can be made in one of the biggest wedding destinations in the world. Limos can be rented in multiple styles, from the Limo vans to the super stretch limos, to take any Bachelorette and her party around town where they will enjoy the city of lights. The nightlife here cannot be beat by very many cities, from nightclubs like Tryst to strip clubs like Eden there are plenty of clubs to visit in Las Vegas.

Note that the following Las Vegas bachelorette party packages includes VIP host, please also see our Nightclub Passes without a VIP host. We have tons of more package deals to choose from if the followings are not what you are looking for, click here.

Bachelorette Party Package

What's included:
  • VIP Host
  • Limo transportation
  • 2 hour open tapas menu with open bar at Firefly
  • With all you can drink pitchers of sangria & mojitos
  • VIP Hosted Entry to Surrender Nightclub
  • All inclusive

Bachelorette All Night

What's included:

Ultimately, deciding on what bachelorette party package you want to go with is entirely dependent on what you activities you want to partake in. Do you want to wine and dine at the famed Gordon Biersch Brewery before heading off to Surrender nightclub at the Encore? Than the standard Bachelorette Party package may be best for you. A four course meal awaits you at the exquisite Gordon Biersch where all you can drink sangria will compliment your meal. At Surrender, you'll meat up with your very own VIP host who will show you around and escort you to your private VIP seating.

Chateau Bachelorette Package

What's included:

Hot Chicks Package

What's included:

Maybe something a little steamier is in the cards for you, like tickets to the Chippendales Male Revue and access to a pole dancing class. You and your girls can learn the tricks of the trade before checking out what the guys can do with with their assets. Chippendales is world renown for its production and entertainment value and definitely makes for the perfection addition to any bachelorette party package. Once the fun at Chippendales is over, The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio resort will have a VIP table waiting for you.

My Girl Wants to Party

What's included:

Bachelorette Last Supper

What's included:
  • VIP Host
  • Limo transportation
  • All you can eat tapas and unlimited pitchers of Sangria at Firefly
  • Chippendales Male Revue VIP tickets
  • VIP hosted entry to Light Nightclub
  • All inclusive

One of our more popular packages, the Bachelorette Last Supper, is a whirlwind tour of the city. Starting off at Firefly, you and your party will be treated to a four course tapas meal topped off with bottomless sangria. The party will then move on to bigger and better things with seating at Chippendales. Finally, your evening ends at your choice of Vanity or 1OAK, where a VIP host and seating awaits you. Party the night away in either of these prolific nightclubs where a VIP host and seating waits for you.

Wynning Package

What's included:
  • VIP Host
  • Limo transportation
  • VIP hosted access to XS
  • VIP hosted access to Tryst
  • All inclusive

Queen of the Night

What's included:
  • VIP Host
  • Limo transportation
  • Dinner at Gordon Biersch Restaurant; 3 course meal including all you can drink beer for 2 hours.
  • VIP Tickets to Chippendales Show with preferred seating
  • VIP bottle service at XS Nightclub; reserved table including bottle service.
  • All inclusive

If extravagance and opulence is your game, than there's no question that you will want to check out the Wynning Package. Bundling two Steve Wynn nightclubs into one amazing party package, Wynning grants you access to Tryst and XS with a limo transfer between the two properties. Both Tryst and XS are known for their lavished design and higher end amenities, so you want to make sure you give yourself enough time to truly appreciate each venue.

Hen Night

What's included:

Girls Night Out

What's included:
  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfers
  • OG Strip Club for ladies (VIP Entry, seating and a round of shots included)
  • VIP Hosted Entry to The Bank + Table
  • All inclusive
Note: Our Bachelor Party package deals are not limited to ones listed above, you can find more stag weekend packages troughout this site, you can also custom build your stag party by clicking the "custom party" banner on the left.

Bachelorette Party Reviews

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Average Visitor Review:Bachelorette Party
4.0 out of 5.0
based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews
  • 4.0 on July 5, review by Tina
    ''Fourth of July''
    I booked a fourth of july party through these guys and used the Last Supper package. We had such a great time. Everything was as simple and easy as they promised and it all fell together. Firefly was delicious and the tapas dishes were so cute. We went with 1OAK which was a little bit on the "hip hop" side, but we still had a great time.
  • 5.0 on Apr 23, review by Sandy T.
    ''VIP Bachelorette!''
    We booked bachelorette package number 7, the night went very smooth, everything was very well planned and we saved lots of money by paying all inclusive, Michael did great job, I would recommend him.
  • 4.0 on May 23, review by Juanita V.
    ''Bachelorette Party...''
    ... doesnt even begin to describe what this night was! bachelor vegas was able to give me everything I wanted for my night out and more! we were picked up by the perfect limo (it was a stretch hummer!) and the night just got better from there. thanks to bachelor vegas, I now know how to impress my man with a stripper pole. - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 5.0 on June 3, review by Betty H.
    ''I don't remember the night! It must have been THAT good!''
    The last thing I remember is the limo ride over which was amazing! Bachelor Vegas gave me everything I wanted for my bachelorette party and I'm so grateful for my bridal party for using this service to put the night together. Pure had a VIP table waiting for us along with a round of drinks. My best friend just got engaged and I'll be using Bachelor Vegas for her party! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 4.0 on Jun 12, review by Peter G.
    ''Future wife loved the night out!''
    I wanted to surprise my fiance with a night out with her girls so I used Bachelor Vegas to plan something I knew she'd love. Bachelor Vegas hooked me up with tickets to Thunder from Down Under and VIP entry to the club we first met at. They didn't get home until after 2 a.m. and from what I gather, it was one heck of a night out! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 5.0 on Jul 27, review by Toni M.
    ''It was the night of our lives!''
    I planned my sisters bachelorette party through this company and was extremely surprised at the end product. The night started with a Bachelorette party bus ride to the Gordon Bierches. From there we attended a pole dancing class where we all learned some moves for our men. We had VIP access to the nightclub, which felt so good skipping the long line outside! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 4.0 on Aug 8, review by Yolanda F.
    ''A fairly good night, easy to plan''
    When I was planning this night out I expected it to be somewhat boring. While it wasn't the best night I've ever had (there were some issues w/ the club that this company had no control over), the experience I had planning and everything that came from it is so surprising! I will never work on my own when planning a Vegas night out! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 5.0 on Sep 23, review by Helen G.
    ''Bachelor Vegas - What else could you need???''
    My bachelorette party was apparently planned through Bachelor Vegas, and I cannot believe it! The complete hands off experience regarding the planning was so unexpected! I would have thought my MoH spent hours upon hours of planning for the night to be as great as it was. I dont know the final price, but it was hinted at being far cheaper than if it was done seperately. - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 4.0 on Sep 23, review by Dante P.
    ''Let someone else do the planning!''
    After finding Bachelor Vegas theres no reason to do the planning yourself. I was able to take my friends to Sapphire for their male review in a gorgeous stretch limo and were given the VIP treatment! we had an amazing night and will be returning to Bachelor Vegas services very soon! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 5.0 on Oct 1, review by Patricia C.
    ''Will never plan another event on my own again!''
    I don't know how they do it, but Bachelor Vegas makes planning a night out in Vegas very easy. I was able to get my girlfriends a limo ride to our (now) favorite club, Marquee. We were treated like VIP the whole night and, from what I remember, had the best night ever!!! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 5.0 on Oct 16, review by Christopher L.
    ''My fiance raved about the night''
    My fiance was feeling a little down about how none of her friends (even the maid of honor!) were planning a bachelorette party. I popped online and found this site and was able to plan the night my fiance wanted. The crew at Bachelor Vegas was able to throw together a last minute ordeal. When she came home I certainly got a big thank you! - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 4.0 on Oct 24, review by Becca R.
    ''Best Experience''
    I used Bachelor Vegas to plan my best friends Bachelorette party and it was by far the easiest party I've ever planned. From the transportation to the club to the easy access inside, Bachelor Vegas was able to follow-up on everything it promised. Everybody had a great time, and I'll be sure to use this service again. - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )
  • 4.0 on Sep 18, review by Princess W.
    It's tough to decide waht to do in Las Vegas, especially when it comes to your own bachelorette party. I told my sister to just do her thing and figure it out. She did not disappoint. Chateau is the sexiest nightclub I've been in. The mood. The lighting. The outdoor space. It was all pretty amazing. We got right in, thanks to our VIP host, and we also got our own VIP table. I felt like the queen! Shame my name is Princess! lol We hung out in Chateau for a while, people watching, until it was time to see Chippendales. What an odd, but interesting show. I'm not one for men shaking their junk in my face, but the choreography was actually a little classy. I guess I'd recommend it to friends. - ( Las Vegas bachelorette party packages Review )