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Las Vegas Nightclubs

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs
By popularity

marquee nightcub
$4 billion Cosmopolitan features number one club in America; Marquee Las Vegas which was opened December 2010 shortly after became the hottest club. Read more..

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs
By reviews

hyde nightcub
Hyde is the latest addition to Las Vegas nightlife scene, it offers spectacular view of Paris Las Vegas as well as Bellagio fountain show overlooking to strip. Read more..
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TOP 10 Best Las Vegas Nightclubs

Entertainment in Sin City is in abundance, so much so that if you were to look at a list of all the things to do in this considerably small city, you'd assume that there were catacombs hidden beneath to house everything. Maybe that's an exaggeration and maybe it's not; regardless, though, the list is long and plentiful. In the category of nightclubs alone, there are upwards of several dozen establishments you can choose from, all providing some range of fun and excitement that caters to a large variety of people.

To make your life easier, we at Bachelor Vegas decided to break down the top 10 nightclubs in Sin City. This decade of nightclubs and nightlife establishments are amongst the best out there, providing countless hours of musical and interactive entertainment that few of their counterparts can match.

xs nightclub

They say you should always save the best for last, and while each of the nightclub's on this listing are quite comparable to one another, it's hard not to look at XS and think that it overshadows the competition. Located in Steve Wynn's Encore Resort, there's no doubt that there will be plenty of high end furnishings and impeccable entertainment awaiting all that wait to enter into these golden-themed establishment. With a budget of over $100 million, Steven Wynn has brought to life the definition of extravagance. Golden lace is sewn into the furniture and an alcoholic drink, costing $10,000, is made up of limited edition cognac and coupled with customized XS pearls and cufflinks. This one truly is for the high rollers.

Though laced in gold, the club never finds itself falling into a rut of pretentiousness. The party's energy is always high and the resident entertainment provided by DJ Feed Me, Steve Aoki, Big Dee, Fabian, Kris Nilsson, and deadmau5 encourages a fun loving atmosphere. Beyond the club's indoor party space is an outdoor expanse surrounding XS' pool area. Though the pool is normally closed, every Sunday it opens up to allow guests to enjoy a little refreshment.

XS can only be described as one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences; one that everybody should and must experience.


When The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas officially opened, it quickly became the hottest hangout spot for celebrities and celebutante. Besides poolside at the Marquee Dayclub, many of these well known faces found themselves at home at the Marquee Nightclub's numerous VIP tables. If you're looking for celebrity sightings, Marquee should be your club of choice. Concurrently, Marquee also happens to be one of the hottest nightclub establishments on the Strip, providing countless evening's worth of entertainment in the short time it's been open.

The dark purple light that basks the club combined with the high end furnishings give this club a look of high society, but it doesn't take a millionaire's budget to be able to party in it. This is the everyman's club, popular amongst twenty- and thirty-something individuals. The long list of resident DJs are just one reason this club has had no problem calling Las Vegas home. The addition of a separate music room, known as the Boom Box Room, off of the main area allows guests not into your usual array of house and Top 40 music to enjoy a continuous string of hip hop. Helping to fuel the party in the main area is a 40-foot LED screen, which draws the crowd around the DJ booth and helps define the large dance floor.


Most nightclubs have a theme, most of which revolving around a specific culture or well known city. At Chateau, that theme is easy to figure out, even if you ignore the fact that it resides within the immaculate Paris Resort and Casino. Chateau rests right at the feet of Sin City's replica of the Eiffel Tower, which adds a certain level of sight seeing when you find yourself partying on this nightclub's outdoor balcony. If a view of the Eiffel Tower isn't enough, then maybe your eyes will enjoy the sights of the Fountains of Bellagio, which sit unobstructed right across Las Vegas Blvd.

We've gotten ahead of ourselves, though, as there is an entire nightclub space that you must pass through before getting up to Chateau Gardens and Terrace. Inside, Chateau's claim to visual fame is the 10-foot elevated fireplace, where DJ Casanova and a wide range of special guest entertainment deliver on the tunes. There is a certain level of class within Chateau, separating it from other nightclubs that focus solely on the raw entertainment. Decorated in old world French decor, there is a lot to drink in when you step into this opulent space. Though you've come to party, you may start finding yourself enthralled by the little bit of French culture infused in this party space.


There is something to be said about a nightclub who's most notable feature is a giant snake curled above the main bar. Much like how the snake tempted Eve into biting from the apple in the Garden of Eden, The Encore's Surrender tempts its guests to have a sinfully delicious good time. From top rate entertainment provided by Sky Blue, DJ Feed Me, and DJ Mighti Mi to expertly crafted beverages.

Like many nightclubs, Surrender delivers the indoor party without a hitch; but it goes above and beyond by opening up an outdoor space for guests to filter out onto when the indoor space gets a little crowded. What's more is that Surrender provides an extra level of entertainment in the form of club-side table gaming. If you're striking out in finding a dance partner, maybe you'll do better with some craps or blackjack.

Surrender does what many clubs simply don't even try to - extend the entertainment beyond the norms of usual nightclub fare.

TRYST nightclub

Steven Wynn is known as being an eccentric rich man, but you don't get that way by sparing any expense on your properties. Tryst nightclub can be found in Steve Wynn's title property, The Wynn, and it delivers not only in entertainment, but drenches its guests in style, class, opulence, and sheer richness. Where Tryst separates itself from its competition is with a giant indoor waterfall, which acts not only as the perfect piece of decor, but also as a fabulous conversation piece.

The money poured into Tryst doesn't just stop at the look, though, as the entertainment is just as fabulous. This upscale nightclub features entertainment like Manufactured Superstarz, Alex Dreamz, Fabian, and G-Square - all highly qualified at keeping a party fueled. Don't let the grandeur of Tryst intimidate you, though. Tryst's nightclub setting is as welcoming and inviting as one could imagine.

1 OAK vegas

Those coming from New York City may recognize 1OAK, or 1 of a Kind, as being a quiet little lounge to relax in. Of course, when a new location was built in Las Vegas' Mirage Resort, a few adjustments needed to be made in order to fit the Sin City atmosphere. This iteration of 1 of a Kind still holds onto threads of its lounge origins through high end decor and intricate furnishings, but at it's core, it is a nightclub.

One of the best features of 1OAK is its ability to be separated into two different rooms. This guarantees that, if you're not into crowded special events, you may still have the ability to enjoy yourself in an entirely different experience. Both rooms are wired and outfitted with separate sound systems, so, when divided, the experience from one room to the next may differ quite a bit. Even if partying isn't quite what you're looking for, there's still room in 1OAK for a little bit of pleasant conversation without having to scream over music.

With such an eclectic means of providing entertainment to the masses, it's no surprise that 1OAK quick rose to stand on the list of Sin City's top nightclubs.

the Hyde nightclub Las Vegas

There are some things very unique about the Bellagio's Hyde. For one, it is the only nightclub to be right next to Bellagio's dancing water fountains, allowing VIP guests an undoubtedly perfect view of the water show. Additionally, before it opens its doors to the night crowd, Hyde provides a little evening dining in one portion of its uniquely styled space. Finally, Hyde somehow manages to combine the fun and excitement of a nightclub with the tone down atmosphere of a high end lounge.

Though the Italian villa decor may lead one to believe that Hyde is a place only for stuck up snobs, the expertly mixed beverages and continuous string of music speak differently. This quaint little establishment, though it has no centralized dance floor, can throw a party like the best of them. The lack of a dance floor ensures that the entirety of the club is a dancing space, giving guests the ability to simply start moving once their favorite music starts playing.

TAO nightclub

TAO is almost a staple of the Las Vegas nightlife, being the oldest nightclub on the Strip. Despite it's age, though, TAO has no problem holding strong and continuously drawing in an exciting crowd. Located right off the main entrance of the Venetian, the popularity of TAO can be seen when the line at the door snakes around the entrance foyer. TAO's entertainment is top of the line, which explains why this legacy venue has been able to survive through the ups and downs. It also stands that the frequent celebrity guests help to entice the crowd, continuously drawing attention to this Eastern Asian-themed nightclub.

By today's standards, TAO is a little smaller than usual, but in this classic establishment, that only means the party is more tight knit. Whether you planned on it or not, you will immediately find yourself drawn into dancing with the crowd rather than near it. You will find yourself making friends and acquaintances and will get a sense of camaraderie, something that larger spaces rarely allow for.

Omnia nightclub

Caesar's Palace is one of Sin City's more upper crust establishments. The Grecian theme allows for some pretty nifty aesthetics including towering columns and gorgeous fountains within the Forum Shops. This attractive look and impressive design carries over into the palace's very upscale nightclub, Pure. Though it may not look like it at first, Pure houses one of the hottest parties to be found on the Last Vegas Strip. Looking more like a pristine lounge or high end restaurant, Pure is doused in a soft purple glow and filled with sleek, comfortable furnishings that make it difficult to decide whether to sit or join in on the fun on the dance floor.

Fueling Pure's party are resident DJs Cassanova, Shift, Cyperkid, Eric Delux, and Joey Mazzola. Each entertainer knows what it takes to get people on the dance floor and can hold their own as the night wears on. Guests looking for a quieter space to relax in can escape to the Red Room, which tones down everything to offer a nice conversation room.

Hakkasan nightclub

Your first stop on Sin City's entertainment express is going to be one of the newer establishments to hit Las Vegas Blvd. Despite being new to Las Vegas, Hakkasan has actually been featured worldwide in city's like New York and Dubai as a first class restaurant that delivers authentic Chinese cuisine. As a little bonus to Las Vegas club-goers, the Sin City iteration of the well known establishment also includes a quaint lounge and high energy nightclub.

Spanning five stories within the MGM Grand, Hakkasan is a massive entertainment space that features decor familiar to purveyors of classic Chinese art. The first two levels will deliver delicacies with flavors unique to the Hakkasan name. After indulging in a variety of appetizers and entrees, you can make your way up to the Ling Ling Lounge, where you'll be greeted by a toned down atmosphere with its own tone. Here is where you will want to digest a little before exploring the top two floors. Exiting onto the fourth floor will put you right inside the nightclub, with an additional outside space located one floor up. Resident DJs Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and deadmau5 have no problem energizing the dance floor night after night.

With premium entertainment and five star cuisine headlining Hakkasan, it's no wonder it has easily climbed its way into the top ten.

Las Vegas Night Clubs with Strip View from the Top

nightclub strip view
Mix Ultra Lounge (Our Pick)
Mix has probably the most stunning Las Vegas Strip view from the top. It is located at the top level of The Hotel, Mandalay Bay's new extension, perfect for those who look for something more private and contemporary.
VooDoo Lounge
Best view from the side, a hotel couldn't catch a better Strip view and you couldn't put a night club on a better floor in a hotel. You are right in the middle of the strip to watch glamorous Las Vegas lights. VooDoo is suitable for thirties and forties' to hang out.
The Chateau
Overlooking to Bellagio's fountain show, it's located at the heart of Vegas. Chateau offers one of the best Las Vegas nightclub experiences with its amazing patio and stunning cocktail waitresses and go-go dancers.
Located at Palms Hotel and Casino, Ghostbar offers a unique angle to Las Vegas strip along with VooDoo Lounge across the street. VIP tables with view inside; dance floor with glass floor is located outside patio of the club which allows you to view vertical height of the tower.

Las Vegas Nightclub Reviews

Average Visitor Review:Las Vegas Nightclubs
5.0 out of 5.0
based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews
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  • 5.0 on Jul 18, review by Mary L.
    ''The best Nightclubs of the world''
    I truely believe nowhere in the world nightclubs has the class, sophistication and the luxury Vegas does, 100 million dollar XS club, amazing Marquee or spectacular TAO and Surrender, not to mention I think Vegas has the pool parties in world as well. If you can afford it you should get a table at Surrender or Marquee in a busy saturday night and enjoy the party, you will never go to club in your home town anymore. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Oct 12, review by Norm B.
    ''NYC vs Vegas''
    I am a New York-er who visit Vegas at least 3 times a year, when it comes to clubs or casinos unfortunately Atlantic City is no match to Vegas. Door guys at Las Vegas nightclubs are much nicer and approachable. That's why I rather fly almost 6 hours to visit Vegas instead of AC. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Oct 12, review by Gavin L.
    ''If you can't afford a table..''
    There are some tier 2 clubs in Las Vegas which you could probably get bottle service and have great fun. XS, TAO or Marquee is waste of money, especially if you visit a club during the weekdays, you could get a VIP table under 1K all inclusive. Drai's, Moon or Mix are my favorite. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Jan 10, review by Emme C.
    ''Vegas nightclubs WIN!''
    I come from NY originally and after living in Vegas for 2 years I already know that the nightlife here compares to nowhere else in the world. The nightclubs on the strip have only the best from food, drinks, DJs, hot bartenders to the space itself with over the top decor and some views to die for. My absolute favorites are Mix and Surrender--perfect for people who want a little class and sophistication in their nightclub! - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Jan 5, review by Paulette D.
    ''5 stars +++++''
    There's nowhere else in the world where you can find an amazing party- whether it be in the finest decorated clubs, or outside by the pool, the best mixed drinks, the hottest music, and even celebrities!!!- Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, lil Wayne, the cast of the Jersey Shore. I've seen em all!!! - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Jan 9, review by Kenny W.
    Vanity is off the hook! That place is out of control. The women are beautiful, some of the sexiest you will see on the strip. I stayed at the Hard Rock for New Years and the place was bangin'! Really you can't go wrong with most of the clubs on the strip. Only the best baby! - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • on Jan 12, review by Michael C.
    ''Only the finest''
    Nevermind, NYC if you're familiar with the nightclub scene, you know Miami is a bigger contender. I spend my time between Vegas & Florida and I can tell you, Miami does not even hold a candle to Vegas. Vegas keeps the party going ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Vegas only provides you with the finest the world has to offer, you won't be disappointed. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 4.5 on Jan 20, review by tom J.
    ''Vegas Clubs: flavor for any tastes''
    If there's just one thing Las Vegas is the king of, it's the nightclub scene. The vast array of clubs ensures that there is a flavor for any tastes. From the eligant TAO to the lounge-tastic 1 OAK, it is more of a chore to not find a club suited for your tastes. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Mar 5, review by Ryan S.
    ''Bachelor Vegas delivers when it comes to nightclubs''
    Utizling Bachelor Vegas was probably the best idea I've ever had. It was for my bachelor party, and unfortunatelly I don't have anyone that wanted to plan it for me... so I let Bachelor Vegas do the work for me. They were able to get us a VIP table at TAO, something I never thought I'd ever be able to afford / accomplish. Spending the night as a VIP at one of the hottest clubs on the Strip was by far the best bachelor party anyone could ask for! - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Aug 3, review by Editor P.
    ''Clubs Entry''
    Enjoy the unique feeling of snobbishly walking past the long night club line and right into the best Las Vegas nightclubs. Now if you really want to party like rockstars, let our VIP host set your group up with a reserved booth or table and even a bottle of your favorite premium liquor. Let us organize your Las Vegas bachelor, bachelorette, birthday and divorce parties and corporate events. Las Vegas nightlife reservations with private booth and bottle service, VIP access to top 10 nite clubs; Pure nightclub at Ceasars Palace, Vanity at Hardrock, Tryst at Wynn, Surrender and XS at Encore, 1 OAK, Hakksasan at MGM Grand, Ghostbar, Playboy Club, Moon and Rain Club at Palms. LAX at Luxor, TAO at Venetian, Marquee at Cosmopolitan, Chateau at Paris, LAVO at Palazzo, 1OAK at Mirage, and Haze at City Center, Tabu nightclub at MGM Grand, Mix Ultra Lounge at THE Hotel, Chateau club at Paris, Voodoo Lounge at Rio, Drai's at Bill's Gambling Hall. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )
  • 5.0 on Aug 3, review by Mark L.
    ''How about Haze?''
    The Light Group is expanding its long list of successful venues by adding the long anticipated HAZE Nightclub in the Aria Hotel inside City Center. - ( Las Vegas Nightclubs Review )

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