It's no secret that Las Vegas is not an easy place to find yourself bored in.
If you want something to do, your options are near limitless. From spending a day poolside to sweating indoors to the Top 40 or shelling out your hard earned cash to sit in front of a slot machine all day to watching your favorite sports game amongst friends and strangers, there is an activity for everybody. Even if you're more of a sightseer and a day in the casinos does nothing to whet your appetite for fun, this modern-looking city is filled with historic and scenic opportunities to indulge in.


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Best Las Vegas Tours

vegas helicopter tour

If you want to stay close to the Strip, your opportunities for guided expeditions are actually quite plentiful. Depending on your interests, Las Vegas offers an eclectic mix of tours ranging from a glimpse into early Vegas' mob-life to a look into the mystique of Sin City's sordid haunted past. Stretching your boundaries past the Strip and Freemont Street, though, you can partake in some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While these types of tours may not offer any fancy variation in transportation, the knowledge gained more then makes up for the lack of showmanship.

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On a drive from Las Vegas to Boulder City, you may come across numerous signs selling the chance to tour Las Vegas via helicopter. While a birds-eye view of Sin City is a sight to behold, you may want to find a tour that directs its attention to either the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. Soaring between the vast walls of the Grand Canyon is a lifetime experience that everybody should have. If you go the route of purchasing a packaged tour for the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam, you can expect to come across many different options. Some Grand Canyon tours offer boat rides along the Colorado River and hotel accommodations while a tour to the Hoover Dam may start off with a lengthy ATV ride through the arid desert to the waterside attraction. Other ATV tours can take you to locals like the Valley of Fire, Red Rock, and El Dorado Canyon.

vegas helicopter tour

One of Vegas' more off-beat tours stems from its Atomic Testing Museum. Though it's no secret that the empty planes of the Nevada desert have been used as testing sites for atomic weaponry, it may be a secret to most that those testing grounds can actually be visited on a guided tour. The process to partake in a tour of the testing grounds can take up to several months and requires a complete background check, so if your interest is piqued, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to allow for the lengthy pre-authorization process.

Whether you're tastes lie in Las Vegas' dark, fascinating history or in the surrounding desert's gorgeous manmade and natural attractions, you'll be hard pressed not to find a tour that fits your desired accommodations. From overhead helicopter tours to the more hands-on ATV tours, there is plenty to do and see in Sin City.

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