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Party Bus Limo from LA to Vegas

Capacity:Up to 24 passanger stretch limo.
Rates:Hourly, daily or cruise.
Features: DJ, Stocked bar, stripper upon request.

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Las Vegas Party Bus

When you have this machine you don't need to go to the nightclub anymore. You can party while you're cruising on the Las Vegas Strip! The party bus comes with your own DJ, so you can listen to exactly the music you want. Other amenities the party bus is equipped are a premium sound system, 42" plasma TV, DVD/CD player, Playstation II, bar, club lighting and a stripper pole. Imagine the fun when you and your friends are watching a private show on a stage that has stripper pole. This is the ideal party bus for that legendary bachelor party you've been waiting your whole life to have. Your only limit is your imagination.

If you are into gaming, bring along your favorite games and play until your fingers give out. Sports fans could have a drink and catch a game in 42" splendor on the TV. All of these things—the show around the stripper pole, games on the Playstation II and shows on the television are set against the stunning backdrop of a Las Vegas night. The party bus will be spacious as well, with plenty of space to move about and really socialize.

Are you coming from LA? how about hiring a limo from LA to Vegas using our transportation service? No matter to whichever use you put the party bus, one thing is certain. It can handle it, and you will have a great time. Put your concerns away for a night and party with us. Tip to driver is included.

Disclaimer: we are not the Nevada based company Las Vegas Limousines, nor Frias Holdings.

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  • 5.0 on Aug 7, review by Editor T.
    ''Prowling around Sin City''
    The Las Vegas party bus limousine is just what you and your large group of friends need when you are prowling around Sin City. However, you should be forewarned that this party bus is fully equipped with so many hot features that you might find absolutely no need to leave your ride. Many people just have the drivers roam Las Vegas and they have a party on wheels. You could even get your own DJ, who could make use of the premium sound system. Other features include a sizzling stripper pole and stage and an entertainment center with a 42 inch plasma television, DVD player, and Playstation II. You will also be able to enjoy a fully stocked bar and some sexy club lighting, all in your own private party on wheels. The Las Vegas party bus is not to be missed by bachelor parties and other wild groups. Driver gratuity is included in the price of the party bus..
  • 4.5 on Mar 5, review by Terry U.
    ''Party bus rental''
    I was in charge of transporting a rather large group of out of town guests to my son's wedding. I was referred to the Party Bus by a work friend and was told I'd have no problem fitting my 20 guests. When the party bus arrived, I was amazed (and relieved) by the size. While I have no real complaints about the bus itself (it was maintained very nicely and everything was very clean), I was a little put off by the on-board mini bar and stripper pole. Apparently the dispatcher had sent the wrong bus to my location, but outside of that very minor discrepancy, the entire experience was more then worth while. We made it to the wedding without a hitch, which is all you can ask for - ( Party Bus Review Review )