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Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas

at The Cromwell: 3595 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Music:Hip-hop, Top 40, House, EDM, Mash-Ups
Open:Thursday - Sunday 10p.m. - 5a.m. Tuesdays during the summer 10p.m. - 5a.m.
Dress Code:Dress codes strictly enforced.
Line Wait:TBD
Events:Tuesday nights Drai's Yacht Club, Last Sunday of the month is Contra Paris.

Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas

You've visited Las Vegas many times before, experienced the nightlife on the Strip, and you've regretted every decision the morning after. Partying in Las Vegas can be a gamble - the decision you've made the night before determining how you're going to feel afterwards. Don't make a wrong bet by doing what everyone else tells you to do. You'll hear your friends wanting to party at many popular establishments, names that you've heard before and that you know will be abundantly filled with people, but you have to ask yourself if you want to dive into Sin City's nightlife and party so close to the city.

If you're weary of another on-the-Strip party, that doesn't mean you're at a loss for some fun. There's a place not too far from the Strip that offers the Las Vegas nightlife experience without the wear and tear that the Strip does to your body. SLS may not be one of the big-wig resorts in town, but it holds its own against them, especially with its own nightlife spot, LiFE. LiFE is the embodiment of the Las Vegas experience. A nightclub that revels in opulence and extravagance, but isn't so full of itself as to throw it back in its guests' faces.

Drai's Nightclub August, September 2015 Calendar- Weekly Events

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Drai's Nightclub is everything you would want out of a nightlife establishment with a few extra bonuses that separate it from the rest of the nightlife game. As can be expected with a property helmed by the famed Victor Drai, Drai's Nightclub is an opulent space offering visual extravagances that both appeal to the senses and boast the club's lavished design. Located on the roof of the boutique hotel, The Cromwell, Drai's Nightclub provides a distinct setting for a Las Vegas party to unfold.

Multi-Layer Partying

Drai's is divided into an interior and exterior setting, each portion delivering on the entertainment like none other. On the inside, the Drai name sparkles with an oversized disco ball shimmering above the dance floor. The crowd inside will be looking to party and the dance floor is bound to be full of people lost in the music. A spacious stage for live performances and the DJ booth sit at the head of the dance floor, a world renown performer manning either at any point in the night.

Drai's Bottle Service & VIP Table Reservations


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    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
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    • Drai's VIP Entry
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- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

Outside, the club spills out onto what is Drai's Beach Club during the day. Daybeds line a refreshing looking pool as the party unfolds in the fresh, desert air, providing partyers with a chance to regroup before getting back into the action. For a magnificent view of the Strip, Drai's Nightclub is the place to be as the rooftop venue gives arguably the best view of Sin City's casino-covered boulevard.

When it comes to partying at Drai's, consideration for the crowd should be had. Drai's is one of Vegas' more popular establishments, meaning, on a nightly basis, there is going to be a line at the door barring your entry. To bypass this mess, we offer unbeatable access to Drai's Nightclub's premium bottle service.

Bottle Service at Drai's

By reserving your VIP experience and premium bottle service, you're going to be granted unobstructed access to this premier venue as your party's exclusive VIP host gets you in through the door with no hassle. You will be escorted to your own private VIP booth which, here at Drai's, could be located right by the DJ booth. Being so close to the entertainment almost guarantees that eyes will fall upon you, and when those eyes belong to some of the club's gorgeous guests, you're going to be in for a treat. VIP seating in a nightclub is an aphrodisiac, so expect to be a hit with the ladies during your time at Drai's.

Drai's Nightclub Photos

Along with your VIP treatment, bottle service comes with a bottle of premium liquor provided by the bar. A bottle of popular picks like Skyy and Grey Goose will delivered to your table, and once that bottle is polished off, you can indulge in free mixers from the bar.

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  • 4.5 on Jul 11, review by Patrice .
    ''Drai's Returns''
    I had heard rumors that Drai's was coming to a new venue, but I didn't know it was doing so with a night and dayclub as well. I had to go for a 24-hour party extravaganza as Drai's is one of my favorite - if not THE favorite- property. The nightclub is nice and the outside space that normally houses Drai's beach was a great touch to providing plenty of room to party. The DJ wasn't someone I recognized, but the guy had talent. I don't remember not dancing the entire night I was there. - ( Drais Nightclub Review )