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Haze Nightclub Las Vegas

Aria Hotel: 3730 Las Vegas Blvd SouthLas Vegas, NV 89109
Closed ! Its reopened under name Jewel
Music:Not Available.
Dress Code:Not Available.
Line Wait:Not Available.
Events:Not Available.

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Average Visitor Review:Haze Nightclub
3.0 out of 5.0
based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews
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  • 4.0 on Apr 13, review by Anita K.
    ''Hot Club''
    Although club decoration didn't meet my expectations I still love the events there especially Tiesto and their giant Robot. Haze has cool parties and hot go go dancers. Main floor tables are the best, I don't like the second floor since you are a little bit isolated, but if you like privacy and just want to watch people then second floor is best for you. Make sure you have a nice pair of shoes, my bf coouldn't get in because of his tennis shoes :(, I recommend this club. - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 2.0 on May 12, review by Raquel S.
    ''too much''
    THe one and only time I went to HAZE I was told by three different bouncers to stop dancing. The dance floor is very small and the club is set up strange. Most likely I would not want to go back - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 1.0 on Jul 25, review by April K.
    ''In Shock''
    We were in Vegas this past weekend staying at the Aria and when we booked our reservations for Union Restaurant the concierge also suggested that we go to Haze that evening and put us on the guest list. After our wonderful dinner at Union we decided to check out Haze and see what it was all about. It was quite early still, I'd say maybe 10:30 p.m. and we only waited in a short line, paid no cover and were greeted with free drinks for the ladies! So far so good... The music was starting to pick up and my fiance and I were dancing along to Taio Cruz when he had to go to the washroom. I was waiting by the washroom when my fiance came out, grabbed my hand to come with him, as he was being ushered to an exit by a Security Guard who I believe was named Shawn. My fiance was pulled outside and was clearly arguing with the Guard. I was still inside at this time but could see through the windows, I had no idea what was happening or what could of happened in the short time he was in the washroom. They finally motioned for me to come out and I could not believe what they were accusing him of doing! Here this Guard was accusing him of puking all over the stall to the degree that it was flowing into the other stalls. No matter how much we argued back the Guard clearly had his mind made up solely because the bathroom attendant said it was my fiance. There was no evidence of it, we kept pointing out the facts that A: My fiance is completely sober (he doesn't drink), B: there is no sign/evidence of any puke on him, his dress shirt and attire is still as crisp as it was when he entered the club and C: he did not smell the slightest bit of someone who supposedly seconds before puked all over a bathroom stall!!! You would think the Guard would use his own judgement and see that the stall my fiance walked out of was spotless, he went to the sink to wash his hands NOT splash water on his face or swish with mouth wash and there was NO EVIDENCE of anything happening. As we all know if some one severely throws up do to sickness or drunkenness it is very apparent that they have done so, they will reek of puke, usually be all sweaty and gross and will either look/act sick or if drunk be stumbling around etc. The fact that this guard was so dead set on it being him even though it was so blatantly clear that it couldn't possibly be him was utterly bewildering! It lead us to believe this was quite blatantly a racially motivated accusation, because there was no reasoning with the Guard. It gets you to thinking how easily it is for some people to out right accuse you of something when it could not be any more clearer or obvious that it was not you! We left feeling totally dumb founded, kept saying "Did that really just happen!?!" The ironic part was that my fiance actually thought to himself how clean the washroom was while he was using it... Definitely will never go to Haze again and will make it my mission to discourage any one else from going there. It completely tarnished the reputation of the club and also unfortunately Aria itself (even though I am well aware they are separately operated) If an individual can be so narrow minded that they cannot even use their own judgement when it is so clear that a mistake has been made is absurd. All we can assume is that there was a greater reason for why we got kicked out. THANK YOU HAZE. - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 3.0 on Jan 16, review by Club G.
    Since I know the Vegas Club scene, I know that each person has a different story about if the admission is free for both or not. Call host for club and was told that my husband would get in free and that I was free as well. We get to the front and he wasn't free, but since we grabbed the Free cards in the lobby from some guy, he then became available for the free admission. We are locals and in order to get in FREE. They will tell you that the manager has to approve it (bull), and that someone will call you back (bull...unless you are buying a table). Stand in line at the top, but make sure you have your backup cards that say "Free Admission". But Vegas bouncers, party promoters, ppl that you talk to on the phone, will not tell you the truth (CALL BACHELOR VEGAS INSTEAD, NO HASSLE RESERVATIONS). I hope that this will allow more free entries because their attitudes stink. This is also what seems like the highest cost of drinks in any given bar. Expect to spend 20 on Redbull/Vodka, small glass. THe party promoters will stand and hand you a card, make sure you look, cause the other card says reduced admission after 12 and you dont want that one! Happy Clubbing!!! - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 1.0 on Jan 16, review by Lilly A.
    The staff is RUDE, awful dj, the decor is terrible, please dont waste your money by going here! - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 4.0 on Mar 3, review by Toby R.
    ''Why such a low rating?!''
    I'm not sure why this club has such a low review rating. My guys and I went here on a Friday night, and while it did take a while to get inside (really, what club wouldn't have a line?), we had a great time inside. The bartender was able to serve us rather quickly despite the long line and the DJ kept us entertained. We did have a slight issue with the smaller dance floor, but once you get used to the size you know how to space yourself. - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 1.0 on May 29, review by Ernest T.
    ''HAZE is a ripoff''
    Worst experience EVER at a night club. They treat you like crap. I had a group of people with me that pre-purchased tickets for Memorial Day weekend. The party started at 10:30 and we got there at 10:15. They lied and said that they were at capacity and later told us (after 1 1/2 hours of waiting in line) that you had to buy a table and bottle service to get in even if you already purchased a ticket. A gentleman then told that I could not get a refund and call my credit card company and just deal with it. I know that HAZE does not care, but they nor Aria will EVER get another dime of my money. (Just call Bachelor Vegas for VIP service, don't take a chance) - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 4.0 on Jun 10, review by Franklin B.
    ''Worth the wait''
    The line outside of Haze is quite long, and it did take my friends and I a little while to actually get inside, but when we finally made it in, it was well worth the wait. Haze is one of the nicer nightclubs i've been to in Vegas, and I have been inside quite a few. The atmosphere is light and the party is heavy. The fellow patrons are pretty much at the club for all the same reasons - to party. You won't find as welcoming a party anywhere else but Haze. - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 3.0 on Jun 12, review by Tammy P.
    ''I was in a Haze''
    I can see what some of the gripe about this club was seeing as how we waited over an hour just to get inside only to be met with a very very large crowd. There was plenty of security, and it seemed for each person they threw out, another 2 came in. The dance floor was over crowded, but my girls and I were able to find a nice spot in the corner to keep to ourselves when we wanted to. Overall, the experience was marred a little bit with the large crowd, but Haze put me in enough of a haze so I could enjoy myself thoroughly. - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
  • 5.0 on Jun 11, review by Bro S.
    ''The Guy Below Me Is Right!''
    Its the hottest. not even sure Hot describes it. For some reason when I went I was surrounded by gorgeous women. They were just everywhere. You never get that at a nightclub. The dancefloor was packed and was defintely the focus of haze. I ordered three shots of vodka and it came to like 28 bucks. it seemed high but It was worth it. The music was rockin and everything about Haze was just great. The Dj knew how to pump up the party and the top 40 and house msuci he played was like his secret weapon to partying. haze is on my list. Yu hear that haze? Your on my list! - ( Haze Nightclub Review )
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