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There isn't a better place to party in the United States then New York.
The city is filled with multiple options for entertainment that is both rated PG and rated XXX. From Broadway to the New York City strip clubs, whatever you come to city looking for you will receive.

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About New York City Entertainments & Strip Clubs

NYC Entertainment Strip club

If you are a fan of strip clubs, New York City is the place for you. From the corporate penthouse to the seedy hole-in-the-wall, there truly is a place for everyone in the Big Apple. Our staff has personally experienced a wide variety of these venues and we've done extensive research on the inner-workings of strip clubs in the city. By now, it’s safe to say we know what we're talking about and by booking with us you are in good hands if you're looking to have a party at a strip club in New York.

The strip club experience in New York is unlike any other city and the main reasons for this are competition. With such a high demand for entertainment, strip clubs of different themes and styles have sprouted around the city to fill the niches created by the diverse tastes of locals, recent immigrants, and tourists. Competition between businesses is fierce in the city. Only the clubs that can successfully occupy their niche can survive in New York, all others are banished to the far regions of the Earth, sometimes known as New Jersey. It may sound sad, but it is this capitalistic Darwinism that has weeded out the undesirable strip clubs and left Manhattan with only the world's best venues for adult entertainment.

Strip club fans traveling to New York also benefit from the competition between strippers. There is certainly no shortage in beautiful women in New York City and in today's society; it's no secret that it pays to be pretty. It is common for a given strip club to receive dozens of job-searching young women asking for work in a single night. New York's highly diverse cultural population and constant influx of foreigners has made this city's strip club scene a hotbed for exotic women from all over the world. Whether you're into Latina women, Asians, or smoking hot blondes, expect to see some of the most arousing girls you have ever laid eyes on.

These girls work hard for their money! Many of us have experienced strip clubs where the dancers routinely saunter around the stage and wander around the club trying to sell a lap dance like it’s a stolen home entertainment system. Don't expect to see this scenario in New York City. The girls here take pride in their work and they enjoy what they do. Besides the fact that they are unbelievably beautiful, they are also charismatic and energetic. Let Bachelor Vegas set you up at one of these clubs and you will be in for a treat!

new york Strip club

Over the years, New York City's strip club scene has evolved into an American tradition. Strip clubs in New York are frequently visited by the most prominent figures in today's society. The industry has become a staple for pop culture and it’s not uncommon to see celebrities pulling up late at night to enjoy some quality adult entertainment.

You will find most of the hottest strip clubs on the West Side of Manhattan in the Meatpacking District. Clubs such as Scores, Cheetahs Club, and Jerry Flynt's Hustler Club are well known venues docketing numerous celebrity visits. Superstars like Madonna, George Clooney, and Jay-Z to name a few have thrown parties at these clubs.

New York strip clubs have become symbolic in the way they make patrons feel like a celebrity. It makes sense; celebrities hang out here, therefore you're literally partying like a celebrity. The clubs in Manhattan are engineered to allow you to live the rock star life even if you arent a rockstar. You won't find this feeling in any other city.

Even the dancers themselves are regarded as having celebrity status because the clubs are so popular. Many of the dancers at these clubs move on to become models and actresses.

The party options at Manhattan strip clubs are endless. For large parties like corporate luncheons or sports banquets, most clubs offer catered parties equip with all the food and alcohol you can consume. Of course these parties are hosted by the club's lovely strippers.

For smaller parties like bachelor parties, birthday parties, or VIP nights, the possibilities are even more extensive. VIP access usually entails a secluded table for you and your friends and bottles of your favorite alcohol. VIP areas tend to be more fun than standard access because you're able to sit down with your friends and don’t have to worry about being pestered by the other patrons. Also, bottle services save you the time and hassle of having to make your way to the bar every time you want a drink. For bachelor parties or birthday parties, we recommend reserving a private room so you and your friends can have a good time with the strippers behind closed doors. These private rooms where things get crazy. If you want a New York City strip club experience, a private room is the way to go.

If you really want to go all out, most strip clubs in Manhattan have a presidential suite, otherwise known as a Champagne Room. These rooms are like renting a condo for the night that comes with all the beautiful women it can fit. This is truly the way strip clubs in Manhattan are meant to be seen. Invite your friends to a party in the Champagne room and they will love you forever.

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  • 5.0 on Sep 27, review by Editor
    ''Strip Clubs in NYC''

    Entertainment venues are accessible from nearly any street corner via bus or subway. Of course, that is no way to travel in style. There are also multiple luxury car and Entertainment Strip club rental companies that provide everything from hot roadsters to stretch limos to those seeking to travel around the city in style.

    Once you have your wheels you can decide where to go. Broadway is lined with the hottest shows, most of which perform on a nightly basis. Tickets can run from the reasonable to the obscene depending on the show, where you sit, and what night (or matinee day performance) you attend. Of course, that is not all that is located along the Broadway strip. There are plenty of clubs on the street and right off of it, especially when you're heading into the Village, near Chelsea. The clubs feature every style of music, level of celebrity, and there are even strip clubs scattered across the city for those looking for some naughty fun or planning a bachelor party.

    Adults looking to spice things up can visit the Penthouse Club, Hustler Club, and Scores. There are multiple other clubs that feature adult entertainment, as well. For those looking to enjoy a night of drinking, you won't find a greater plethora of original and tasty concoctions then what can be found in New York. Most of the clubs make their own drink lists with plenty of "original" recipes designed specifically for them. With the packed dance floors and celebrity appeal, most of the clubs in New York have something you can truly enjoy.