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Sophia Strip Club Las Vegas

@3500 West Naples Dr Las Vegas, NV 89103
Music:Dance, Hip Hop, Top 40
Open:Daily from 4 PM to 8 AM
Dances:Lap dance ($20), VIP room dance ($100), VIP champagne dance ($400).
Food: Yes
Parking:Valet and self parking.

Bottle Service & VIP Packages

  • strip club vip
    What's included:
    • Transportation Pickup
    • VIP Entry to the strip club
    • No line (includes cover)
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  • two club table with limo
    What's included:
    • Limo transportation
    • VIP hosted entry to the nightclub
    • VIP hosted entry to a strip club
    • VIP table & Bottle Service
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  • Charlie Sheen
    What's included:
    • Transportation Pickup
    • VIP Entry & 2 Drinks per Person at Your Choice of the Top 5 Gentleman's Clubs Las Vegas
    • Transportation to Each Venue Included
    • Crazy Horse III Gentleman's Club
    • Sapphire Gentleman's Club
    • Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club
    • Treasures Gentleman's Club
    • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
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- Strip Clubs Consider, Escalades, Limos, Sprinter Vans, Party Busses for transportation, a Limo is not always guaranteed. -

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Average Visitor Review:Sophia Strip Club
3.0 out of 3.0
based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews
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  • 3.0 on Jan 16, review by Brett M.
    ''Mixed bag''

    My buddies and I went to Sophia's this past Friday night for my bachelor party. A couple of us had been to Olympic Garden, it's predecessor which favorable experiences. I wanted to write this review because I read other reviews online which seemed to me to be polarized, neither side accurately describing the experience at this club.

    The cover charge is $50 and I believe you get a drink with that. The drinks were good and served to us promptly. The cocktail waitresses in this place were in fact consistently prompt, and I give them a plus for that. The interior is also nice, the bathrooms are modern and clean, and the security and support staff are generally friendly and hospitable.

    When we walked in the door of the club we were immediately engaged by dancers who grabbed our arms, tightly, and walked to our table with us. They came on strong from the get go and never let up. The all immediately sat on our laps, started with the come on, and incessantly started suggesting private lap dances. This would be a theme throughout the night, and my single biggest criticism.

    I can understand girls wanting to make money, and being under pressure to get guys to buy expensive lap dances. That is what we were there to do. But these girls, holy cow . . . when I say the pressure was non-stop, I mean, for twenty minutes straight the girls would talk about nothing else. Polite attempts to get them to leave, or back off, just didn't work. We really couldn't even have a conversation with each other, watch the girls dancing, or have a quiet drink for two minutes. It was pretty annoying.

    I will say that some of the girls were friendly in a good way, more easy going, and seemed kind of fun. Generally the girls (I just can't bring myself to call them "ladies") were nice looking. The girl who jumped on my lap was semi-hot, but too annoying to be enjoyable.

    I gave the one who was "with me" $20 after she had been on my lap for a while, as she was exposing her breasts and rubbing around a bit, and told her politely that I just wanted to relax with my friends and enjoy the drink, but she wouldn't leave.

    Finally, I agree to pay for a $200 lap dance in the private room. While we were walking to the "lap dance room" she suggested that I give her even more money to go upstairs. She implied it would be "more fun". I declined, but this topless salesgirl kept it up, expressing disappointment and repeating over and over that we should go upstairs.

    When we got settled in on some large, nice couches, I was told that I would get a free drink with my $200 lap dance. I gave the waitress my order and she promptly returned with my drink. I tipped her and sent her on her way.

    The lap dance room is nice, dimly let as you would expect, and comfortable. $200 gets you fifteen minutes. The girl gave me a very good lap dance, I must say, so that is a plus. However, the WHOLE TIME, and I do mean non-stop, she badgered me for more money, the upgrade on the lap dance, and kind of made me feel cheap for not going along with it.

    My free drink, by the way, was undrinkable. I could not detect any alcohol whatsoever. I still had my original drink and when I compared them side by side they were completely different even though I ordered the same drink both times.

    At the conclusion of the lap dance the girl asked me to give her a tip. I pulled out $20 (I had previously given her $20 at the table. She said "Is that all you are going to give me?" I said "Yes, that is all I am going to give you." She left and I never saw her again.

    This was the only lap dance I had, but it is representative of the girls I encountered there as a whole. When I would walk to the bathroom they would grab my arm, stand in my way, in a fairly aggressive, confrontational way, and want to take me upstairs to the expensive lap dance room. How expensive is that room? Ask my buddy. He gave them his fingerprints and credit card. I'm not going to fill in the details of what he told me happened upstairs, but it's not flattering to the club and is pretty jenky if you ask me.

    Overall, there were enough good aspects to the experience that I think it deserves a three star rating. The main problem is that the girls will harass you non-stop and that kind of ruins the experience, in my opinion. Also, the free drink think was irritating.

    Make of this review what you will, and happy hunting.

    - ( Sophia Strip Club Review )