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Spearmint Rhino Bottle Service

@3344 South Highland Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109
Music:Rock, classic rock, house and hip-hop.
Dances:Lap dance ($20), VIP room dance ($100), VIP champagne dance ($400).
Food: Yes.
Parking:Valet and self parking.

Bottle Service & VIP Packages

  • vip entry package
    What's included:
    • Limo transportation
    • VIP hosted entry to the nightclub
    • No line (includes cover)
    • VIP table & Bottle Service
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
  • two club table with limo
    What's included:
    • Limo transportation
    • VIP hosted entry to the nightclub
    • VIP hosted entry to a strip club
    • VIP table & Bottle Service
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing
  • Charlie Sheen
    What's included:
    • Transportation Pickup
    • VIP Entry & 2 Drinks per Person at Your Choice of the Top 5 Gentleman's Clubs Las Vegas
    • Transportation to Each Venue Included
    • Crazy Horse III Gentleman's Club
    • Sapphire Gentleman's Club
    • Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club
    • Treasures Gentleman's Club
    • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
    CALL +1 702-333-2323 for exclusive pricing

- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

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Average Visitor Review:Spearmint Rhino bottle service
4.5 out of 5.0
based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews
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  • 3.5 on May 18, review by Robert D.
    ''Girls are unfriendly but the club is hot.''
    Rhino is the top stripclub in Las Vegas, no doubt, but, it is hard to get a lap dance here, especially the hot ones would not take anything less than the VIP room. If you hang out for couple of hours eventually you will find the sweetheart to drink and have fun within your budget, if you are a high roller this is the club for you, hottest girls in USA work at Rhino, recommended. - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Jun 21, review by Alexis A.
    ''Awesome Experience''
    I have been to the Rhino about 6-8 times over the past very years. I normally go with my buddies, but this time I went alone. Saturday night I was excorted to the Champaign Room becuase the had John's card from past trips. John is the manager. I met a lady that was a little older than most of the girls, but the hour dance I got was awesome. She was fantastic! She knew what she was doing! If you want a great dance by an older woman, ask for Picses, AKA Morgan Ashford. You won't regret it! Rumor has it, she loves to party with the guys before or after work! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Jul 28, review by Bob S.
    ''The Best I Ever Had ''
    I had the best time at the Rhino recently. I originally went for a bachelor party and returned to Vegas a couple weeks later to enjoy the view again. The last time we were here, we set up a limo pick up. So on our return trip, we of course did the same thing and got to spend our money on the hot lap dances we got for $20. We stayed there for quite some time and even got to order food this time around. Surprisingly enough, the food was BOMB!! All around, had the best time....again. - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Aug 25, review by Jay C.
    I went for the first time awhile back with my buddies and had my mind BLOWN!!!!!. The have the most beautiful exotic women I have ever seen .... I went to the VIP and was given the ultimate fantasy experience .... the dancer was AMAZING!!!... She knew the right things to say and do if you know what I mean ... I was so star struck I had to go back ... On my second visit a few months later by myself I was given the GREATEST DANCE known to man .... Soleda was a goddess !!! A beautiful sexy firey latina ....OMG I'll never forget that night !!!! I can't wait til I see her again .... SOLEDA was EXTRAORDINARY !!!! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.5 on Oct 25, review by Bob R.
    ''the Best!!''
    It was my first time going to SR my last time in Vegas. It was hands down the best club i have been to by far. I had fun from the moment i walked in until i left with the sun coming up. The girls are amazing , they were gorgeous. I will go back to the rhino every time i am in vegas! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Nov 8, review by Roni H.
    ''Best Strip Club in Las Vegas!''
    Ever since my first trip to The Rhino, I've been hooked. I make sure im there at least one night every Vegas trip or should i say adventure lol. The last time i was out there was for my boys Bachelor party. We arranged to get picked up with their free limo service that they offer, which got us into the club for free. So that was a good start to our night!! We set up bottle service when we got there and their prices weren't bad at all. The girls there were AMAZING!! There were over a 100 girls working that night and all of them were gorgeous. I have never been to any other club with a selection of girls like that . I would say if your in Las Vegas you NEED to stop by Spearmint Rhino, I'm sure it will be one of the best nights out of your trip. - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Nov 26, review by Dave R.
    ''No Other Club in vegas like it!!!!''
    There isn't much I can say about The club other than its one of Las Vegas's best hot spots . Its basically mandatory that when you in las vegas you have to stop by the rhino. There is no other experience like it . The dancers are amazing not to mention there are hundred of them on any given night !! The drink prices aren't bad at all they start at about 8-9 bucks and they have happy hour every day that ends at 8pm, you wont find that at any other club. I recommend checking out spearmint rhino to every one, the crowd this club attracts is so diverse , it seems everyone loves going. Put it on your to-do list next time you in Vegas!!! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 5.0 on Feb 7, review by Brad H.
    ''Super Bowl Sunday @ The Rhino!!''
    What more can you ask for drinks, beautiful girls, great food and a big screens to watch the game . My friends and I had a great time!! We will be back to visit soon!!! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.0 on Mar 5, review by Bret G.
    ''Great girls, okay location''
    Not really sure where the club got its name from... I didn't leave with a minty taste in my mouth and the girls were far from Rhinos. The girls are hot but the location leaves a little to be desired. But who goes to a strip club because of the surroundings? It's all about the GIRLS and Rhino makes sure your attention is aimed in the right direction. It wasn't too busy, so I was able to get a VIP room for around $150... or $100... the night was a little hazy afterwards. I would probably go for the Spearmint Rhino experience again when the occasion calls for it. - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.5 on Jun 12, review by Frank .
    ''Don't mind the name...''
    There are no rhinos here at Spearmint. Quite the opposite. The girls are hot. Hot, hot, hot! I may say, without exaggeration, that it houses some of the hottest girls I have ever had the pleasure of grinding against. With that said, there are a few pitfalls. Everything seemed quite expensive, though with the quality of everything, I guess it's understandable. I had a slight run in with the bouncer when I was accused of not paying a girl. Luckily they had the wrong guy, but nobody was really friendly during all that. The drinks are great, mixed to perfection. And they should be, for what they charge. .... Have I mentioned that the girls are hot?! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 4.5 on Sep 14, review by Truman T.
    ''Spearmint Rhino''
    Strip clubs are a dime a dozen so its difficult to to pick just one. Bachelorvegas did the choosing for me and recommended SR. I was not dissapointed. The girls are HOT. Really. Really. HOT. To say this without being rude, they were well "endowed". Gorgeous. I was able to get in witout a problem thanks to BV and their VIP packaging. I also got a great bottle of Vodka. Refreshing and the perfect sendoff for the night! - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
  • 2.0 on Sep 4, review by Steve J.
    ''Hot Girls but be careful''
    Went here for my bachelor party. Not going to lie I was pretty drunk. My buddies gave me money for drinks and while getting a lap dance ordered a drink for myself and the stripper which they completely ripped me off on, $78 dollars for two drinks, they never brought me my change and then the stripper tried saying I agreed to go to another room with her for 300, it was a complete lie. I remember things when I'm drunk. I ended up leaving shortly after not because of the bad expierience but because I was feeling sick. The girls are hot but be careful. - ( Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas Review )
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