Why VIP?

It may come as a shock to you, but every once in a while, during my outings on the Strip, I hear people questioning the validity of VIP services. “Why should I pay for VIP treatment? It’s definitely a scam.” After I compose myself from nearly falling to the floor under the force of that question, I always find myself jumping into the conversation. I don’t like to think of myself as a salesman, but rather an informed individual looking to spread the Gospel of VIP.

VIP Booth

“Why VIP?”. VIP is the lifeblood of partying on the Strip. Without VIP, you’re just not doing it right. Without VIP, you might as well just sit at home and dance to music from your boom box. A little overdramatic? Maybe; but seriously, without even considering the thought of VIP treatment during your next nightclub visit, you’re just not approaching Sin City’s nightlife the right way.

So let me explain to you why VIP.

5. Transportation

Picture it. You’ve just got done partying, the remnants of your last mixed beverage still lingering on your lips. You feel that sudden rush through your body – the one that tells you there is no way you’re going to be driving back to your hotel and walking the several Vegas blocks probably isn’t the best idea. You can’t just stay in the nightclub, either. It’s closing, and anyway, you’re dying to feel the softness of that down comforter calling to you back at your hotel room.

You can call a cab, but you can also just throw $30 down the toilet, too. Truth of the matter is if you went for VIP, you wouldn’t be having this inner drunken monologue right now. Transportation would be arranged for you. No hassles, no worries. By the end of the night, a sleek limousine (the same one that drove you TO the venue) would be waiting for your drunken ass to stumble out.

Or, Hey. You could just take your chances with an expensive cab ride.

4. Goodbye Lines

VIP Line Access

How many times have you passed up on a night in a really nice club because the line has been just ridiculous. Clubs like TAO, Marquee, XS, and Encore are just a few amongst the many popular nightlife venues that are constantly sporting lengthy lines at the door.

How many times have you actually stood on one of those lines and watched, in horror and disbelief, as people walked right up to the doorman only to be ushered inside. This isn’t some insider secret. They aren’t slipping $20 to the guard at the door. They’re on a list, and not one that you “need to know someone” to be on.

When you go VIP, you get to wave to all those sorry saps stuck on line. You’ll have front of the line access to your chosen nightclub. You will even have one of the club’s VIP hosts to guide you through the crowded space to the next perk of your VIP experience‚Ķ

3. Ah! A Place to Sit

Admit it. Halfway through the night you’ve resorted yourself to playing off a “tough guy routine”. Your feet are tired, your legs can barely hold your weight, and your head is swimming between the loud bass and unusually high intake of alcohol. You’re searching frantically for a place to sit down, maybe even considering an impromptu trip to the bathroom just to get off your feet for a few minutes.

Nightclub’s aren’t known for their ample amounts of general admission seating. In fact, for some, it’s quite scarce; and when you consider the size of the parties that blow through, if you show up even just an hour after the club is open, these coveted spots are gone.

You already know what I’m going to say, right? VIP. It’s all about the VIP access. With VIP, you won’t be subjecting your feet and legs to copious amounts of torture. That perk I mentioned previously, the one that your VIP host would escort you to? That’s your VIP booth. Your very own plush, comfortable VIP booth that grants you a clear view of the dance floor and‚Ķ

2. Free Liquor!

It’s a limited supply of free liquor, but there’s no complaining to be had when your VIP host comes over with a bottle of the venue’s finest beverage. This liquor is so pure that just one bottle is enough to satiate – and inebriate – the entirety of your party.

If you’ve ever sprang for a drink at a nightclub, you know the transaction should require a credit report to be run. Drink prices are astronomically high, to the point where it’s almost worth spending the night parched and just grabbing a bottle of water from a street vendor at the end of the night.
With your VIP access, you will be able to save some of that money you’d normally spend on $20 drinks and spend it at the after party at Denny’s.

1. It Makes You More Attractive

VIP girls

Sorry guys, but sometimes, in a club filled with toned and tan men, it takes that little push to stand out to the ladies. You may be a fine enough looking guy – in fact, you probably are – but there are plenty of “fine enough looking guys” in these nightclubs, and you need that little push to stand out.

The moment you take a seat at your VIP booth, your level of attraction skyrockets. That’s not to say all gals are looking for is money; but it helps you stand out because, typically, those VIP booths are where eyes tend to fall upon as they usually house celebrities.

You dared to ask “Why VIP?”

Now, I dare you to answer “Why Not?”. Find out how to book your Las Vegas VIP experience here.

By “Mark LoProto