The Life of a Vegas VIP Host

Warning: The following events have been carried out by trained professional (Kalika Moquin) partiers who live, breath, train, and execute events on a nightly basis. These events can be exhausting, dangerous, overwhelming, and surreal for the unaccompanied ammature. Please do not attempt these parties on your own. You will not even come close to having this much fun!!!

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Sunday January 7th-Saturday January 13th

“One Double Double, hold the onions, fries with extra sauce and a LARGE water please”, I blurted out barley able to contain my excitement! After all, I had been anticipated this night all week, and had HUGE plans for the evening ahead, itinerary to go as follows…

  1. IN and Out Burger
  2. Napoleon Dynamite on comedy central
  3. BED!

This is the irony of a Vegas VIP. We spend countless nights packed with limos, world class dining, the most exclusive nightclubs, bottle services, grand openings, special events, clients, porn (at least this week), celebrity suites, gambling, sex and tonight; I find myself in a fast food drive through, dreaming of my juicy hamburger that awaits, a warm bed, turning off my phone, and a day of sleep. For professionals who work the Industry, these “chill” nights are far and few between. Las Vegas Nightlife is our life, and I am fortunate to say that I have my finger right on the pulse of it. I’ll meet more people in a week, than most meet in a year. Make more connections in a year, than most will in ten. And have experienced more in my three years of living here, than most will in a lifetime. Time is an illusion, and only one word describes the world we live in, Ridiculous! Welcome to my life… The life, of a Vegas VIP

Kalika Moquin

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Sunday January 7th
Fame Game Premiere @ the Palms :: Body English

It all began on Sunday when I receive a call asking if I would work the CES convention. The hours… Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm. $20/hr. I reflected back two years ago when I worked the convention all day, hosted clients all night, partied my ass off, and walked home with an exurbanite amount of extra cash at the end of the week. Without hesitation I accepted the offer. Slight problem, I am NOT 22 anymore, and apparently, nobody has yet reminded me of this…

Going to bed early that night was already out of the question. My good friend Jack Colton had invited me to accompany him to the private premiere of Robin Leach’s new show Fame Game, held at the Crib Suite in the Palms Fantasy Tower. Arriving on time at 8:45pm we were greeted by locals, Ali Nerkorn, Tiffany Masters, Xania Woodman, Norm Clarke, Robin of coarse, and about 20 of his other close friends. A Champagne toast was followed by the VHI premiere of Fame Game. This show has more than enough ingredients to give reality lovers an insane dosage of celebrity drama. To say the least, it was very entertaining. After the show Colton and I said our good bys and headed over to Body English @ the Hard Rock. We were ushered to the regular Vegas VIP table, consumed many beverages, and partied with friends at our favorite weekly party in Las Vegas.

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Monday January 8th
CES Convention, Jet @ the Mirage

8am came fast. I downed a starbucks, sandwich and was off to the Sands Convention Center to begin my long week of selling digital cameras. Today, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Working the booth and compiling a guest list for JET nightclub. I make a list every Monday which is Jet’s “hot” night. This Monday was no exception. Jet had over 200 table reservations on the sheet and only 74 tables!! Can we say “you got bumped”?? That night at Jet the insanity at the door continued until well after 2am with even the most notorious millionaires and local Celebes having over an hour wait. Inside the place was off the hook! After receiving close to 100 “can you get me in messages” I decided it would just be best to turn off my phone, grab a shot, and call it an early night considering the time I had to be up and that not even god was going to have pull at this club tonight.

Las Vegas Blog of a Vegas VIP Host

Tuesday January 9th
CES Convention, Shibuya, Studio 54, Pure

I was looking forward to tonight and for a few good reasons at best. First of all, it was the Grand Opening of Studio 54’s Influence, the new Industry night promoted by my good friend and fellow promoter Jordan Minor. Celebrity agent Mike Esterman was also arriving today, and had asked if I would be willing to help him out with the events he had booked this week. No problem. I was informed that I would be accompanying him to dinner with porn star Gina Lynn and her husband, then heading over to Studio 54 to make sure all arrangements were taking care of for guest host, go daddy spokes model Candice Michelle, and last, but certainly not least, jetting over to Ceasers to take care of the band 3 Doors Down at Pure. (It’s a tough life, I know)

I rushed home after the convention, downed two red bulls, found a sexy black dress that looked new (being that I hadn’t worn it in a year) and drove to the MGM just in time for our 9pm dinner reservation at Shibuya. Gina Lynn and husband Tyler were an amazing couple, and I was absolutely fascinated with the fact that two huge porn stars live in Pennsylvania, right next door to the Amish Community. There are even horse feeders at their local Wal-Mart! I kept dinner light being it was a long night ahead, but that didn’t stop me from keeping the drinking at normal rate by ordering two glasses of my favorite white wine, Conundrum, washed down by a couple of Espresso Rush shots. Yum!

Studio 54 hosted an amazing Industry event! Every nightclub, socialite, media outlet, and who’s who of Las Vegas were out in full force to support the new night. Upper VIP felt like senior hall with a familiar face everywhere you looked. Cool thing is, no bells to end the party! At least not anytime soon. This event lasted until daybreak with the counter reading over 3,000 people! Way to go guys!

Slightly after midnight I cut out to take care of my last stop at Pure. Mike and I met 3 Doors Down at Ceasers at 12:45 and headed towards the club Now, I know there is a first time for everything, but what was about to happen would even shock the most seasoned of nightlife professionals… The table got bumped! In Vegas, this happens all the time, but 3 Doors Down was the evening’s host! Not quite sure how to handle the situation at hand we hung out in the casino with the band and their entourage of 20 waiting for another table to open up. Pure was quick to take care of the situation and within an half hour we were ushered back to the owners room, drinking grey goose, relaxing and conversating as if it was planned that way all along.

Kalika Moquin vip host

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Wednesday January 10th
CES Convention, Tabu Ultra Lounge, MGM Sky Loft

Day three of the convention seemed to only drag on and I couldn’t count down the hours fast enough. Tuesday night had been fun, but I knew that was only the warm up compared to the days ahead…

Tonight was a one stop shop. Everything on the evening’s itinerary was to take place within the vicinity of the MGM Grand. My good friend and fellow promoter Tiffany Masters was (arguably) having the busiest week of her life, hosting clients big enough to make Donald Trump wonder why he missed the event. Tonight, Tiffany had asked if I help relieve a little hosting stress, and was more than happy to do so. The party was at Tabu Ultra Lounge where Tiffany had reserved the ENTIRE main floor (6 tables) for the owners of the Hard Rock Hotel, Penthouse Magazine, and Microsoft. The girls were out in full force and everyone had such a blast dancing on tables, drinking champagne, and taking countless photos!! Around 3am we snuck upstairs to the after party held in one of the MGM’s Sky Lofts.

It was a two story suite with stunning strip views, and yup you guessed it, more champagne. Rule #1… It’s all about keeping the ladies happy.

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Thursday January 11th
AVN Convention, Pho, Strip Steak, Tao, Tryst

It was 9am on day four of the convention, and after 2hours of sleep, the only thing keeping me alive were the amazing Bloody Mary’s the friendly bartender kept feeding me. It was today that I also (stupidly) agreed to work two additional days as the client decided to buy a booth for the AVN show too. Today was Thursday, which meant that I needed to work on my guest list for TAO nightclub. Tonight was particularly busy being that I had to simultaneously host two parties for Vegas VIP, make sure guests on my list were getting in, and entertain my regular local girls at the promoters table. In the seventh hour of the show, friend and Pure Management Groups promotion director Steven Klimaski made a surprise appearance (that pretty much kept me from dying) and hung out until I got off at 5:00. Wine and Pho seemed to be the calling for a late lunch. Following the convention,

Steven and I decided to walk across the bridge to Treasure Island to check out the new Pho restaurant, enjoyed the company and discussed our plans to take over Las Vegas… Pretty Standard

It was 7pm and I couldn’t have been more excited to for my three hours of sleep I had allotted myself before Tao. It was then, as I was pulling into my driveway, that I got the call from Tiffany who requested that I join her and the owners of the Hard Rock Hotel for dinner at Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay. With slight hesitation I agreed, and told her that I would see her at the bar at nine. I somehow should have known that considering the week it was, sleep of any kind was completely out of the question.

Strip Steak was a very impressive restaurant. The menu featured the modern American fare that one would find at 9 Steakhouse (my favorite), Fix, or Simons, or any of the “hip” steakhouses. After enjoying stimulating conversations, the best red wine I’d drank in years, French fries and citrus crab lettuce cups, I made an early exit towards Tao where I had groups meeting me at 10:30 sharp. My friend and Palms Amp Salon star stylist Mercedes Dalton, became my right hand girl for the night and helped relieve some hosting stress while keeping me alive with many a vodka/red bull. Tao, to say the least, was slammed. After spending the next two hours running back and forth between the tables in all three rooms, we decided to leave and head over to Tryst for the 1-year anniversary party. As expected, Tryst was packed with industry locals, porn stars, and beautiful women who showed face to support the club on their big night.

Two bottles of Grey Goose later we decide to call it a night. It was pushing 4 am, and while the alcohol has began to numb the pain of minimal sleep, it had yet to push out the nagging voice in my head that kept reminding me I had to work in 5 hours.

kalika's vegas blog

Friday January 12th
AVN Convention, Neros, Tryst, Scores, Pure, Rainman Suite, Monte Carlo

This morning I couldn’t tell if I was just extremely tired, still drunk from the night before, or a combination of both. Today was painful, and not even the hundreds of have naked women and bondage couples continuously approaching the booth could keep me from not wanting to faint every 5 minutes. Thankfully, I powered through the day, and somehow managed to get a second wind as I was leaving the Venetian preparing for the long night ahead.

I got home, took a long shower, did my hair, makeup, went shopping (at this point I had zero clothes left), and pulled into Ceasers at 8:45pm. Tonight was the climax of my week. Besides being the most eventful, it would also require me to be in multiple places at once while entertaining guests from all walks of life. I walked in to Neros at 9pm where I was greeted by Tiffany Masters and television mogul Lance Robbins. Penthouse Magazine CEO and friend of Tiffanys, Marc Bell, had organized a pre dinner for about 20 of us at before hosting the Penthouse event at Pure. A couple shots of patron silver cancelled out my dizzy spells, and before long I was back to my normal self. As expected, dinner was amazing, and once again, I had to sneak out before dessert to be on time for my next stop.

Tonight it was Tryst, where I was hosting a group of Chicago boys for Vegas VIP. We were quickly ushered downstairs to our booth in the main room. It’s funny that no matter how tired I am as soon as I get back into a nightclub with bottles I always snap back to life. Another highlight, was that my best friend and Vegas VIP VP, Michael Tomes also had multiple groups in Tryst, which meant the two of us were able to hang for a while, a rarity on such a busy weekend as this.

Shortly after 1am I headed over to Scores where Tiffany had asked if I’d help her with an event she was hosting with her arm charms, porn star Shyla Stylez, and rocker Dave Navarro. I was met out front by Scores Marketing Director and friend and Josh Balster, and escorted up to the VIP area where I was immediately greeted by Tiffany, Jack Colton, Tracy Lee of Napkin Nights, Lance Robbins, Katie Carney, Shyla Styles, John Lewis, Laura, Dave Navarro, his manager Larissa, and many other familiar faces. Being the kind of night/week it was it was such a relief to see so many great friends and people together in the same place. Shortly after arriving myself, three of the Arm Charms, Shyla Stylez, and Dave Navarro walked on to the stage (or in my case, stumbled) where Tiffany announced us and thanked everyone for attending her event.

Following the announcement our group was escorted out the back where a fleet of gold limos awaited to take us to our next destination. Pure and Jet were a top the destination requests. After weighing out the options we decided on Pure to show support at Marc Bells Penthouse party.

It’s hard to say what time we arrived at Pure, but by looking through past text messages, one that came from Colton (who rode in a different limo) at 2:19 reading, “inside Pure, getting table, hurry,” makes me this it was sometime around then. Lance and I spotted the crew at a table on stage and were quickly rejoined with the party. At 3:45am we receive the magic text from Amit that certainly put tonight in the history books of one of the most insane nights I’ve yet had to experience in Vegas. ” Ceasers Palace Rainman Suite# 7716″. How convenient. lol. We gather up the small army of gorgeous women lead by a (1) Lance Robbins and (1) Jack Colton, and head up to the party. Needless to say, I did not make it to work that morning. Opening the double doors to that suite was like opening the doors to Atlantis the lost world. It was one of those scenes where words would not do it justice, and we’ll just leave it at that. Un-*%&^$-believable!

Saturday January 13th
Gardinos @ the Palms, Platinum Hotel, TAO Restaurant, TAO, Tryst, Rainman Suite

Friday night and Saturday both seem to blend in to one. I left the Rainman Suite about 8am and cabbed it to the Monte Carlo where my friend Travis from Montana (who had also joined me in the previous night’s debauchery) was staying. After four hours of sleep we felt food and a massage were definantly at the top of the agenda. We grabbed a cab to Scores where I had left my car and went to the best lunch spot in town for hangovers. Gardinos! Following lunch we made it just in time for our 4pm massages at the new Platinum Hotel. The building is absolutely beautiful, and my friend Eric O’Connell, the hotels food and beverage director, was ever so kind to hook up a 2 for 1 massage for us.

The massage made me feel like a new person and once again, I was preparing for the long night ahead. I dropped Travis off at his hotel and headed over to Tao Restaurant for the “Last Supper” hosted again by Marc Bell and the Penthouse crew. Tonight I was flying solo and besides Marc, knew not a single person at there. (I make new friends quick. ?) Tao did a fabulous job is picking out a seven coarse dinner for the party, and I swear, I had never seen so much food in my life! Not holding back I stuffed myself beyond belief. Good thing the next stop was only one story up! Following dinner we were escorted from the restaurant to our table upstairs at the club. I soon excused myself from the group to take care of Vegas VIP parties who were also booked at Tao that evening.

After getting the parties in, I left the insanity of a Saturday night at Tao and met Travis and his friends in the casino, who were waiting for me to take them over to Tryst. We took one look at the cab line and quickly ruled that out as an option. I called the Vegas VIP limo driver Charlie who came to our rescue in a stretch excursion limo within 5 minutes. After a short ride to the Wynn we joined Tiffany Masters and Dave Navarro on the dance floor table at Tryst. They left for Empire Ballroom a few minutes after we arrived and kindly left the table with a full bottle of Grey Goose for us to finish. After an hour or so of drinking I once again receive the text message “Rainman Suite 7716”. Travis and I leave his friends and decide to make our way towards Ceasers promising ourselves that tonight we are only “stopping by” for one drink. Tonight’s party was way chiller, and as promised, we had just one (ok, maybe two) drink(s). It was now 6am and the host of the party Howard, could tell that I was falling asleep in the chair and offered that I stay in one of the three empty guests rooms. I graciously accepted his offer, passed out, and didn’t wake up until almost 5pm on Sunday.

Sunday January 14th

Driving home from Ceasers that evening I had four different phone invites for getaways over the next few days, including two ski trips, a trip to LA, and another to Scottsdale. For a split second I considered packing what I had left of my clean clothes and skipping town. I then reflected on the past week and politely declined the offers, besides, In and Out was only one exit away and my own bed had never sounded so good.
“by Huseyin Polat