Vegas IV Hangover Shot

How many times have you gone on vacation only to return home feeling like a freight train ran you over in the middle of the night? Contrary to their actual purpose, a good vacation can wear you down further then a long week of work. You’re probably more active then normal, typically in an environment that your body is not used to, so you’re immune system is going to take a pretty bad beating. This rings truest in cities like Las Vegas, where, on any given day, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of people, of which, a little less then half of them are probably sick. This is the new millennium, though, so of course there have been medical advancements to make the side effects of vacationing a thing of the past.

Vegas hangover shot

Boosting Your Immune System

The part of your body that takes the biggest hit during a vacation is typically your immune system. On top of being around a countless amount of people, you’re not going to be taking the same care for your body as you normally do at home. From excess drinking to staying up till the wee hours in the morning, you are your body’s worst enemy during a vacation.

To ensure that you don’t completely drain your immune system of all usefulness, you’ll want to look into what’s quickly becoming known as a Vegas I.V. Ignore for a second the fact that it requires a needle and think about how nice it would be to be able to come back from a vacation and not need three days off to recover. You want to come back and be able to actually be productive once again, and Vegas I.V. is the answer.

Through the administering of Vegas I.V., you’ll be doing your immune system several services, such as:

  • Cleansing your body of any existing pathogens
  • Receiving concentrated doses of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Introducing a pure dose of the antioxidant glutathione

While the vitamins and minerals are essential to the effectiveness of your immune system, there is one key component that really helps – Glutathione; and since your body will break down this powerful antioxidant through any oral intake, Vegas I.V. is the best way to receive it.

Vegas I.V.

Why Glutathione?

Your immune system is equipped to fight of plenty of illnesses, but sometimes “free radicals” make it an impossibility. The antioxidant glutathione, which is the purest antioxidant your body can manufacture, can break down those free radicals, which will give your immune system a break for a bit. While you may not feel glutathione working its magic, you’ll know its working when you find yourself feeling rejuvenated after your third night of partying.

Do Vegas Right

Nobody wants to be sick on their vacation, especially if they’re parting in Vegas. The city has so much to offer that even just one day stuck in bed can ruin an entire agenda. There are nightclubs to see, restaurants to dine in, and other travelers to engage; you don’t want to be the poor sap gets stuck in the hotel room because of a little sniffle.

A Vegas I.V. treatment is the answer everybody has been looking for when it comes to staying healthy during a vacation. So man up and deal with the tiny needle. The long term effects will leave you wondering why people don’t offer this treatment on the side streets of Sin City.

By “Brandy Burgess