Top Five Las Vegas Strip Clubs

You’ve trekked all the way out to Las Vegas, so you might as well do the one thing everybody talks about doing when they get here. We’re not talking about gambling, either. Nor are we referring to sitting through a Cirque du Soleil show. No, we’re talking about seeing some good ‘ole fashioned partial nudity. Topless women. Oiled up men. That’s right, strip clubs.

Much like its selection of nightclubs, Sin City offers a decent array of strip clubs, all offering their own assortment of girl types, decor, and atmosphere. Since you’re probably in Vegas for a short amount of time, so you don’t want to be wasting nights at some third rate establishment.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Five Strip Clubs here in Las Vegas. Can you hit all five in one night? Well, now that’s just a question of stamina.

Strip Club Girls

  1. Olympic Gardens

  2. OG. Many know these initials to stand for Original Gangster, but in Las Vegas, they stand for Olympic Gardens. Realistically, though, Olympic Gardens is like the Original Gangster of Las Vegas’ strip joints, having survived years of fluctuating tourism.

    Olympic Gardens offers the ultimate of party atmospheres accented by the topless cabaret on the center stage. The girls here will keep you at attention and will have you pulling out $20’s instead of $1’s. Gorgeous and downright sexy, there is nothing not to like about about this club.

    Ladies have their own bit of entertainment at the OG with Men of OG. The Men of OG take the stage to flaunt what the good Lord gave them in a musically charged, choreographed production. Just like the women, the men of this Olympic Gardens’ show are top of the line, offering chiseled abs and toned muscles all over.

  3. Crazy Horse III

  4. Crazy Horse Las Vegas

    40,000-square feet of tantalizing sexuality. That’s what Crazy Horse III has to offer. Crazy Horse III may not break any molds when it comes to strip clubs, but all of the usuals that it handles, it handles with gusto. The main stage is surrounded by a plethora of comfortable seating with a bar set not too far away.

    You’re not here for the ambiance, though, so let’s get into the good stuff. The girls are top of the line. They know how to work the pole and they have the assets to do so with confidence. Expect to instinctively pull out your wallet just to try and grab the attention of the gal on stage as you get sucked in to their overt beauty and crisp sexuality.

    Crazy Horse III welcomes private parties with a separate party room, complete with a bar and its own mini-stage. Ideal for bachelor parties, this room ensures that you don’t have to share your gorgeous girls with any other patrons in the club.

  5. Treasures

  6. Treasures Las Vegas

    It’s hard to determine whether the name is referring to the venue itself or the girls that are housed within it. Regardless, Treasures delivers on its promise of putting you in arm’s reach of true treasure. The ladies of this fine establishment are amongst the most attractive you will ever find gracing the main stage of a strip club. Into a particular type of gal? Treasures delivers on all fronts by offering an eclectic mix of ethnicities, bust sizes, and personalities.

    On the outside, Treasures looks like an opera house. On the inside, the theme seems to flow throughout as a grandiose set of stairs leads from a top balcony to the main stage below. There is more to this club than just the main stage, though, and anyone that doesn’t take part in the VIP booths or even a quick lap dance is really missing out.

    No matter what you’re looking for in your strip club, this club will deliver you your treasures.

  7. Spearmint Rhino

  8. Spearmint Rhino LV
    Shakespeare once posed the question “What’s in a name?”. The answer, according to high class strip club, Spearmint Rhino, is absolutely nothing. Where the unique moniker came from is quite the mystery, but it doesn’t detract from the club’s ability to provide adult entertainment like the best of them.

    G-Strings galore adorn this high end strip club, and the shapely curves of this gorgeous women will have your eyes fighting over which asset to drink in. The women are gorgeous, as if they were carefully selected amongst a “Most Beautiful People” contest. Las Vegas women may be known for their more “fake” qualities, but au natural is a theme that, for the most part, Spearmint Rhino holds true to. Where the gals of some strip clubs are in it purely for the dough, the game at Spearmint Rhino is customer satisfaction. Lap dances are reasonably priced and reasonably timed, and the girls won’t harass you for tips.

    This 18,000-square foot club is a mecca of entertainment, between the beautiful women and live DJ. Go-go stages accent the main stage and feature nightly entertainment in the form of gorgeous, personable dancers. Additionally, Spearmint Rhino s the idea place for your next bachelor party. Make use of the VIP lounge by selecting a vivacious vixen to show you a good time.

  9. Sapphire

  10. A diamond in the rough or a sapphire in the sand. Either way you describe it, you’d be spot on if you are talking about Las Vegas’ premier strip club, Sapphire, also known as the largest strip club in the world. Not even accounting for the fact that Sapphire is one of the only strip clubs with an outdoor pool club, Sapphire takes the world of Sin City strip clubs by storm with an abundance of tantalizing dancers and modern decor – all working to create this extremely inviting atmosphere.

    If you’re used to strip clubs being these dinky little bars, Sapphire may push you over the edge. If you can look past the gorgeous women trotting throughout, you will notice 71,000-square feet of space that sports numerous skyboxes with unrivaled views of the club’s main floor, three VIP lounges (ideal for those private dances), and an onsite restaurant. Food, women, space – what more could you possibly want?

    Sapphire also happens to be one of the only strip joints on the Strip that provides unbeatable entertainment for the ladies. In its Men of Sapphire stage show, Sapphire delivers a hunk of oiled up hunks on a platter. This fantasy-drive production is ideal for bachelorette parties, delivering a sexually charged dance show.

    At Sapphire, the gals have to be gorgeous else they’d lose your attention to the wealthy bounty of other entertainment there is to focus on. This club also sports a 24-hour a day open door, giving everybody a place to escape to, no matter what shift they work.

So now that we have bestowed upon you our knowledge of Sin City’s top strip clubs, it is your job to get out there and ogle those beautiful women. Don’t do so without us on your side, though! Remember Bachelor Vegas’ line of strip club packages that will give you a VIP taste of Las Vegas.

By “Mark LoProto