Superbowl Sunday, The Vegas Way

The big game is upon us, and whether or not your team made it to the Super Bowl should have no bearing on how or if you celebrate. Even if the two teams are amongst your biggest rivals, you can party without rooting for them; and anyway, you’re in Vegas, so not partying is just a slight against yourself.

Super Bowl Girls

We have your attention? Good, because we are going to show how to do the Super Bowl the way it’s meant to be done – the Vegas way.

To successfully ”do” Super Bowl Sunday correctly, you kind of need to know what kind of environment you want to watch the game in. Vegas offers a variety of venues, amongst
them being:

  • • Restaurants
  • • Pubs
  • • Bars / Sports Bars
  • • Night clubs
  • • Strip Clubs

Before we even break down the perks, let’s just say that our big pick would be a strip club for reasons we’ll explain later on.

If you’re an average, red blooded human being, chances are you already know what to expect from the restaurant, pub, and bar scene. Just in case, here’s a quick refresher – good food, good company, and good view of the game.

For a really good Super Bowl experience, we recommend the Public House (Luxor), Lagasse’s at the Palazzo, and McFadden’s down in Town Square. While Public House delivers both a sports bar / restaurant atmosphere, Lagasse’s is an all-out sports bar with some really good grub. McFadden”s will cram you in with a large crowd of people, but you’re going to find yourself too intoxicated by the entertainment to even realize that you don’t have any personal space.

The typical Las Vegas nightclub may not be the picture of the ideal place to watch the game, but the party may have you forgetting there was even a game to watch. Popular places like Marquee, Tao, XS, Surrender, and Chateau are going to be throwing Super Bowl Sunday parties fueled by world class entertainment.

Where nightclubs fit in during Super Bowl Sunday is the large party afterwards.. Celebrities, alcohol, and entertainment are going to be the ideal close to your weekend of fun.

As we said earlier, our choice pick for where we’ll watch the big game would
be a strip club – and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Good Atmosphere
  2. Perfect View of the Game
  3. Half-naked Hot Chicks

That’s right. Your senses will be in stimulus overload as you go from watching the game to ogling strippers during commercial breaks. What better combination is there? At clubs like Sapphire, Treasures, Spearmint Rhino, and The Hustler Club, you’ll get the best of two worlds – Football and adult entertainment.

Do Super Bowl Sunday the right way with us here at Bachelor Vegas. Book your Super Bowl party today before it’s too late.