Spring Break, The Vegas Way

It’s that time of year again. Spring Break will soon be upon us. Skimpy bathing suits,, rivers of cold alcohol, questionable morals – it will all be in full swing soon.
Are you prepared?

Spring Break Vegas

Of course not! You’ve been working overtime, saving up some cash for those important life ordeals.

What if we told you could party your Spring Break away Vegas-style without digging too much into that savings you’ve built? Ah, there we go. Wide eye’d and paying attention now. You want a Spring Break and we can give you one you can afford – and we don’t deliver third rate experiences,

So you pick up the phone and give us a call. What’s in it for you, exactly? Oh, quite a bit, as it were.


A Spring Break is nothing without a sweet ride, so we are going to hook you up with a luxury vehicle that will get you from point A to point B to point C and so on and so forth. Depending on how many you’re traveling with and just how luxurious you want to be, you have many types of vehicles to choose from.

Looking to impress the ladies? Than you want to pull up in one of our stretch limousines. Choose between the classic stretch, SUV stretch, or the intimidating, but equally luxurious H2 stretch. You will pull up to your choice of venue in this beautiful ride, so be sure it’s something you’re comfortable in. Something spacious will at least give you the option to move the party to your hotel room without the hassle of taxis and public transportation.


XSA Spring Break in Vegas is nothing without the party. If you know anything about Sin City, though, You know every place, from one end of the strip to the next, will be hosting some Spring Break bash. We could leave you to your own devices and say “Good luck choosing!”, but that’s not our style. Instead, we’re going to give you a quick rundown off where we think you should party and what booking through us can do for you.

Some of the hottest bashes can be found in nightclubs like TAO, Marquee, Pure, XS, Surrender, Chateau, and Encore. These top end nightclubs feature high energy parties, celebrity guests, and enough alcohol to drown the city in. The weather is nice and warm, so you may want to hole up in a place with outdoor partying. Chateau, Ghostbar, Moon, Voodoo Lounge, and XS are amongst the few that let you throw down in the warm desert air.

If you think you’re just going to walk into any nightclub during spring break, you are sorely mistaken. You NEED reservations. You need to plan ahead. You need us! With one phone call, you’ll get VIP access to your club of choice, VIP seating, and a bottle of liquor. Is there anything else you could possibly need?

We think so….


Face it. As much as you want to act like you can party the weekend away, you’re going to need to slow down and grab a real bite to eat. By letting us plan your Spring Break, you’re going to be treated to a nice dinner out.

No complaints yet, right?

Vegas greats like Gordon Biersch’s Brewery, Firefly, and Gordon Ramsey’ Berger are amongst the many delicious choices you have. We’ll get you seated and will make sure you have a meal ft for a king.

Just don’t eat yourself out of your bathing suit.

Strip Clubs

Spring Break is your one chance to get rowdy without regrets, and we can think of a few places perfect for it. Strip clubs in Vegas are a scene similar to nightclubs, just with topless gals. Our VIP access not only gets you into the greats – Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse, Olympic Garden, etc….- it gets you private satin and your very own private lap dance booth. Try not to get handsy – save that for some fellow Spring Breaker looking to regret something the next morning.

The pool is where the party is really at. Party-goers travel nationwide to check out Vegas for Spring Break and they all gather poolside. Gorgeous girls, hot guys, great weather -why Vegas pools get crowded is no big secret, but knowing how to get in with that VIP experience is.

Party at Wet Republic, Encore, Hard Rock’s famed Paradise Pool, TAO Beach, and Sapphire Beach Club with our coveted VIP services. A private cabana, premium liquor, and poolside access await you once you get in touch with us.

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There is your Spring Break in a fancy nutshell. So why are still reading this?

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By “Mark LoProto