Recovering From Your Vegas Spring Break

Hey… hey, you doing okay? You don’t look too good. Must have been that wild week you spent drinking and partying and partying and drinking. It’s tough, recovering from Spring Break. Your body feels like one big lump of toxic waste and your head… well, we’re just surprised you can even read this clearly.

Vegas PartyBeing the leading source for Vegas parties (and probably the reason you’re not feeling too hot), it’s no wonder you’d come back to us. Clearly, we’d have some sort of remedy for your alcohol induced ailments. The blurred vision, upset stomach, and overall feeling of “gross” can all be rectified pretty quick. It’s not some home remedy of basil and hot water nor is it a mixture of Flinstone vitamins and other “good for you”-type items.

This is the real deal. An immune boosting, body healing, au natural method of getting rid of that month long hangover that threatens your well-being. The treatment is called Vegas I.V. and it’s all the craze with the young Vegas-going crowd. Though normally administered prior to a Vegas vacation to boost the immune system, Vegas I.V. is also a means of curing and alleviating the side effects of “too much Vegas'”

When you return from Vegas, your body is bound to be a cesspool of toxins. Alcohol, cigarette smoke, and any other funky substances you ingested or inhaled are going to stick with you and, eventually, just make you feel awful. The Vegas I.V. treatment Is the quickest, safest, and only surefire way of beating those disgusting aftereffects that ravish your body.

Las Vegas Cocktails

A healthy dose of antioxidants and other vitamins course through your body, cleansing your blood stream of everything that gives you those “ick” feelings. Not long after your treatment, you’ll feel the change. Your head will clear, your body will feel more human and less like a toxic battlefield, and you will be able to function normally.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! To give this miracle treatment a shot (get it… a “shot”? Contact us today. We’ll tell you how and where, and then we’ll get you booked and set up on your next great Vegas excursion!

By “Mark LoProto