Palms Casino Resort Debuts the KOAS Dome in Las Vegas

KAOS is known as one of the most popular dayclubs in all of Las Vegas. Unfortunately,the party has to stop when the cooler weather arrives and the swimming pools close for the winter. However, that’s all about to change with the introduction of the KAOS Dome. What exactly is this dome? It’s a climate-controlled structure consisting of a frame and transparent panels. This massive dome will transform KAOS dayclub into a year-round party destination. The KAOS Dome is set to tie the dayclub and nightclub venues together to form the ultimate year-round club environment.

The KAOS Dome will reach 70 feet high and enclose the 60-foot “Demon with Bowl” sculpture designed by Damien Hirst that sits in the center of the pool. The dome will also offer a poolside multi-use reception space. Palms Casino Resort announced that that pool area would close on September 15 th for construction. There are plans to reopen the club on October 31 st for an epic “Demon Dome” Halloween party which will feature entertainer and world-famous rapper, Cardi B. For those who are unfamiliar with Vegas, the Palms is located just a few blocks west of the Las Vegas Strip and is owned by Station Casinos.

The fully enclosed dome will remain in place until March of 2020 when the weather begins to warm up again. In addition to offering more than 33,000 square feet of multi-use space to the west of the pool, the dome will have 15 private cabanas, many with their own private pools. This is the perfect opportunity for those with birthdays or other special events during the cooler months to enjoy KAOS dayclub when it would normally be closed for the season. If you’re having a bachelor party, bachelorette party, or some other special occasion, be sure to book a cabana.

The opening of KAOS Dome on Halloween, which is inspired by the movie “Mad Max,” is just the start of the fun. The venue will also be holding other events throughout the year, including a New Year’s Eve party, football game parties, the March college basketball tournament, and spring break events. The dome is being built by Miami- based Eventstar Structure Corporation which specializes in complex engineered modular structures. The custom structure will provide party-goers with both indoor and outdoor entertainment, regardless of the weather outside.

The Palms Casino is no stranger to the spotlight. In addition to possessing the popular 73,000 square foot dayclub, the venue also has the highest number of pools in any resort in North America. The dayclub is able to accommodate up to 5,000 guests and features a wide range of amazing amenities and technology, including a 270-foot LED screen that interacts with music on the exterior of the resort’s Ivory Tower. There are also multiple pools, a rotating 360-degree DJ booth, and separate entertainment stages that give the dayclub the opportunity to host multiple artists at the same time. In each of the lavish cabanas, there are also self-controlled audio systems, TVs, sub woofers, fans, and misters.

Palms Casino in Las Vegas is making Halloween extra special this year with the launch of the KAOS Dome. With fall here and winter on its way, many dayclubs and pool party locations throughout Las Vegas are preparing to close their doors, but not KAOS. With a new dome covering the pool and a massive space on the west side of the venue, party-goers can continue having a good time until fall rolls around again. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your Halloween, consider stopping by KAOS at the Palms Casino Resort.