Why Free Line Passes or Guestlists Don’t Work?

Sometimes the old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true on more occasions than others. When it comes to Las Vegas nightlife, it is almost a law. The purpose for free line passes or guestlists is to basically get people to show up at a nightclub. An impressive line up of people trying to get into one of these venues only draws up the curiosity of other party-goers, which in turn want to get in themselves.

las vegas Gueslist & VIP linepass

To actually bypass the mobscene and successfully get into the nightclub quickly is still up to the doorman and always at the club manager’s discretion, plus the cover charge is rarely waived. Basically, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Add that to the increasing number of fake passes that circulated and you have to ask yourself, do you really want to risk your night out on a freebie?



If you’ve ever tried having a night on the town on a weekend night in Las Vegas without initially planning ahead and making reservations, than you’ve probably grown accustomed to spending most of your night in an endless line. Even if you’ve ever been handed one of those little “VIP Passes” from those Men in Black looking individuals, you probably ended up waiting in a line anyway. These “VIP Passes” are useful to an extant, and that extant lasts up until the clubs are at maximum occupancy (which is just about every weekend). To not have to wait in line at a club would be like winning the lottery – the chances are there, but they’re typically not in your favor. Luckily for you, though, there has been an abundance of websites coming forward claiming guaranteed entry with no cover charge. While it may seem too good to be true, such websites are actually a godsend for club hoppers. These days, businesses like Bachelor Vegas’ VIP have been used to take that stressful edge of waiting in life off for you and your crew and will guarantee you streamlined entry into the hottest nightclubs.

If you’ve ever spruced yourself up and walked through a casino, chances are you’ve had an unrecognizable individual in a black suit hand you a small, flashy card. What these cards are meant to guarantee is VIP access to a specific nightclub. Unfortunately, these cards are honored by the nightclub itself when it suits their needs. In response to this deceptive scheme to get people at the door, websites like Bachelor Vegas’ VIP have come forward to speak for the club’s potential patrons. The next time you want VIP entry into a club, all you need to do is log onto bachelorvegas.com and the nightclub world is your oyster.

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In a rather simplistic process, Bachelor Vegas’ VIP puts together a package that fits the needs of the requestor. Packages typically include transportation to a nightclub of choice and guaranteed access into that club with no cover charge. The difference between this hosted VIP entry and those little “VIP Passes” is that a business like Bachelor Vegas’ VIP can back-up its claim of guaranteed entry. Not only is entry a surefire thing, but the cover charges are waived and you’ll typically be granted a round or two of premium beverages. For most packages, you will also be seated at a VIP table with premium bottle service. Bachelor Vegas’ VIP services most of Sin City’s most elegant of nightclubs, so don’t think you’ll be sitting in some rinky-dink pseudo-club.

The next time you’re aimlessly walking along the Las Vegas Strip and somebody offers you a flashy card, flash them back your reservation made with Bachelor Vegas’ VIP. Why take a chance that you’ll be waiting in line when you can just as simply hop onto a computer or make a toll free phone call to guarantee yourself a night of VIP status.
“by Huseyin Polat