Las Vegas High Rollers

As you walk through a casino with your ticket worth a measly $20, you pass an area that seems to be quarantined from the regular public. Glancing curiously inside, you take note to the slew of individuals dressed to impressed.

high rollers Las Vegas

Big burly men donned in lounge suits hang onto trophy women that you know are there for more than just the good company. Everything takes on a more lavished look in this small area, even the informational signs that rest above the slot machines seem to be finely decorated. With a sigh of despair you look down at your $20 ticket, than back up at the trophy women scattered about. You divert your stare to a sign that hangs just over the entrance to this promise land – “High Limit” – and suddenly you realize you’re watching the coveted High Rollers in their natural habitat.

Though the definition behind the term “high roller” varies from casino to casino, the perks are typically the same. Since high rollers generally drop anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single night, casinos are a bit more forthcoming with perks like penthouse suites, exclusive access to the casino’s on-site night club, and even complimentary glasses of the most expensive of beverages. In short, high rollers get better perks than even the employees of the casino get.

High rollers may not literally run the town, but their expanse of money certainly does make it seem like it. What may be out of reach for the typical casino guest, like the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms, is just a swipe of the debit card away for a high roller. When traveling with others, a high roller can impress with just a simple phone call. If they want the entertainment brought to their room, any strip club or casino will send their hottest girl at the high roller’s request. Even cocktail waitresses tend to give up a few extra perks for those that drop a few extra thousand at the casino.

To become the ultimate VIP in Las Vegas, you need to become a high roller. Never have clubs and restaurants been so quick to give up VIP tables and seating as when a well known high roller walks through their doors. Bottles of $1000+ Don Perignon champagne are complimentary to the high roller’s table, so long as there’s that unspoken promise that the individual will continue dropping countless amounts of money at the tables.

It is almost a given that the casino’s wouldn’t be where they were if not for the help of their high rolling guests, so the special, VIP treatment they receive is almost as much of a given. If you’ve ever been curious as to what it’s like to be a true VIP in Sin City, than you’re going to have to stop dropping $20 at the penny slots and step up your game. With your newfound status, you could find yourself sleeping in the best, partying with the best, and overall being treated like the best – and don’t forget, access to the hottest strippers in town.

“by Huseyin Polat