Las Vegas Bottle Service Secrets

On the mention of Las Vegas, all that comes to mind is the luxury casinos and gambling. However, tables are now turning, and this magnificent city is gradually becoming more of a party hub than a gambling den. All partygoers’ roads are heading to Las Vegas.
The city is graced with lavish nightclubs, day clubs, strip clubs, and lots party joints. Seeing the increase in party traffic in the city has necessitated most of these party joints to simplify the process of ticket acquisition and reservations. Booking a bottle service in Las Vegas has never been easier. Besides, clients have a broad variety of products and services to choose from, for instance, Tao bottle service, Hakkasan bottle service, among others. So, how does bottle service work in Vegas?

Whether you settle for Omnia bottle service or the distinguished Marquee nightclub bottle service, you are expected to book your preferred package and deal in advance to set an unforgettable party experience rolling in Vegas. If you are in for a deal on the paid VIP club entry, a party bus, a limousine party, or just a couple of bottles, Las Vegas is a great party venue. If it is your first time in Vegas in search of bottle service, you need not to trouble your soul since most nightclubs, lounges, day clubs, and gentleman’s clubs offer this unique service. However, the seats are not as many and failure to reserve your VIP table or bottle service could result in a cold night away from the excellent party setting.

Before your arrival, you are expected to have agreed with your preferred venue’s VIP host. For starters, you are supposed to meet a set table-minimum or bottle minimum for your table location. If you want the ease of access to the DJ and the main dance floor, then your table location will be more expensive and your bottle minimum higher. Hence, if you are in for a wonderful experience, the posh seats, easy access to staff services, and a great view of the club, then you should be ready to pay a little more.

The Main Event
Upon arrival to the venue, an escort ushers you to your reserved table for the day or evening. Also, other staffs will be accessible to you for all your needs throughout your time in the club. At your service is a model waitress who will set your bottle service rolling and take your liquor orders. Even more amazing, your drinks are made at your table, addressing all the needs of every table occupant. Waiting in line at the bar is a thing of the past with bottle service. All you require is right at your table. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, and all you may need to do is present your best dance moves.

dance moves

Nonetheless, bottle service in Las Vegas does not come cheap. Other than the posted prices, hidden costs and tips may be necessary. Tipping will go a long way in guaranteeing an extra smooth party experience all through the night for you and your buddies. To get acquainted with that security guy and that angel of a waitress, parting with your $20-$40 is a good idea. All the same, you are in Vegas to spend, and you should not allow anything, by all means possible, to affect your bottle service party.