Hunk Mansion is a Haven for Sin City’s Gals

Drive around Sin City one night and you’ll find yourself passing maybe a dozen different strip clubs. If you look close at these well-lit establishments, you’ll find that they all have one thing in common – they’re all geared towards attracting men. Billboards and advertisements single out petite vixens in what is undoubtedly an effective marketing strategy. What about the women of Las Vegas, though? Where can they turn to? Sure, there are a few stage performances, but where do the ladies go when they need a break from all the men in Las Vegas? They go to Hunk Mansion, that’s where; and if there’s any doubt as to who Hunk Mansion is really for, take a ride on the 6’-long mechanical erection.

Hunk Mansion
Hunk Mansion isn’t just a name, either. It’s a suitable description of what this female-focused strip club really is. Within the massive space that is this unconventional mansion is a selection of Sin City’s hottest guys. Toned and ready to entertain, they have no problem jumping on the stage – and on your lap – and showing you everything they have to offer. Get your dollar bills ready, as the clothing that will hold them won’t last very long on these hunks.

Within this expanse of naughtiness is a bachelorette’s paradise. On top of receiving attention from sexy, fun loving men, Hunk Mansion also has its own on-site bachelorette party store. From themed gifts to wacky accessories, the bachelorette party store is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hunk Mansion’s bachelorette entertainment.

Round off your bachelorette entertainment with a packaged deal, which gets you inside the door and at your very own VIP table with absolutely no hassle. Enjoy a limousine ride to and from the establishment, which gives you plenty of time to prep for the wild night you’re about to have. Your night will start with a free bottle of premium liquor and it’s up to you to decide where it goes from there. Throw inhibition to the wind and simply enjoy yourself.

Take advantage of this establishments fun-loving nature by throwing your bachelorette party at Hunk Mansion. The lady of the hour is sure to get a little extra attention in the form of being pulled on stage for a more up close and personal performance. Being outside of a casino, the men of Hunk Mansion are not held to the “no touching” policy, so you can expect things to get a little hot and steamy.

It’s time for the ladies of Sin City to have an uninhibited place to run off to when they need a little gal time. Hunk Mansion provides that and a whole lot more with its line of unarguably attractive and talented men. Just don’t forget to take plenty of photos by this strip clubs 6’ feature attraction before you’re done for the night.