Finding That Special Holiday Someone

The holidays are slowly approaching and all you want under your tree is someone to spend them with. We get it. This time of year is always rough on the single crowd. You still have time to find someone to spend the holidays with, though. All hope isn’t lost, even this late in the game. The clock is ticking fast, which means you will have to work fast. You can try your luck at your typical nightclub, but we personally think that whole ordeal takes too much time. We need to expedite your sorry butt into a relationship, and we have just the methods you need.

Strip Clubs

Las Vegas Strip Club

Ok. We get how weird this must sound, but you would be surprised by just how many single women show up at strip clubs. Higher end establishments, of course – not some off-the-Strip rathole where the girls are, well, interesting. Stick to places like Treasures, Sapphire, and Spearmint Rhino to ensure you get a good pick of the litter when you’re on the prowl.

So, how does this work, you ask? Very carefully, that’s how. You can’t come on too strong, else you risk coming off like you’re just looking for a fling. Some gals go to strip clubs because they’re lonely and looking for a suitor or one night stand – to a degree, you can use this to your advantage. With their “less-than-pleased-with-themselves” attitude, you should be able to use your sly way of talking and manipulating conversation to sneak passed her weak defenses.

Oh, not sly are we? Just don’t ramble on about how much you want a girl or sound desperate in any way. The real trick, though, is to convince her that you are there because of a group of friends. It will be more “weird” that you are there alone hitting on her; but pulled there against your own will will give you reason to be at the bar looking for good conversation. You don’t have to put on a show for her either. Chances are, if she’s at a bar talking to you, she’s more interested in real conversation than run of the mill bull.


Less sophisticated? Yes. Just as effective as any other method? Of course! People use Craigslist as a free dating service; and while you may find yourself filtering through a collection of nonsense e-mails, you will find one or two people worthy of your time.

How to effectively use Craigslist as a place to meet people is to offer something tangible. No, don’t give away something; but offer a night out on the town with solid plans. Something like tickets to a show – courtesy of yours truly, of course. Pick a neutral production like Recycled Production or Absinthe. Show that are typically fun for all manner of adult persons. Explain in your listing what your intentions are – that you’re looking for a casual friend for starters, but would be open to an exclusive relationship in the future.

The downside of Craigslist, outside of the abundance of creepers, is going to be wording your ad just right to attract the right people. Make sure you’re thorough in explaining what you are looking for. When used correctly, this free service is a great way of meeting locals without the hassle of obnoxious profiles.


Lounges have a fundamental advantage over bars – you can hear the person next to you. One problem we have found with bars is that the atmosphere is just one big cacophony that it’s almost impossible to have genuine conversation. Any conversation you do have is always overshadowed by the fact the annoyance of having to repeat everything once or twice.

Lounges are far more casual and you can get into most without having to buy a minimum beverage. Some casinos even have them spread sporadically as a sort of rest stop. Sure, there’s a bar, but you don’t need to use it.

So how would I lounge work? It is a bit of a waiting game, but if you have patience, you will find your future fling. Being a free, open area to sit in, many people will use lounges to take a break from the constant walking that Vegas requires. Watch closely to all of the ladies entering the lounge alone. Chances are they’ve met up with friends and are currently on their way back to their room. Offer them the pleasantries of conversation, maybe even a drink, but never suggest you go back to hers (or your own) room. You’ll immediately have “one night stand” written on your forehead.

That’s it. Just wait. She’ll show up eventually. If the lounge has live music, you may even be able to squeeze a dance out of her.


Ah, this one requires some covert operating. There are a lot of boutiques on the Strip, that’s for sure, and plenty of them offer items that you could justifiably be shopping for. Stuff for your apartment. Clothing for your sister-in-law. They are a good place to start. Now, there’s a method to this madness, and it’s very particular.

Palazzo ShopsPick a selection of boutiques that you don’t see so out of place in and simply be patient. You can’t stay in one for too long, else you risk being unfairly branded as a thief. If you find yourself waiting in a store too long, move on. She’s not coming today. You’re probably going to have to go through several stores before you see her stroll in. Immediately find an item that would warrant a question – say a purse. You’re going to go up to this girl and ask her if said purse (or whatever it is you grabbed) is flat out ugly, or cheap looking, or whatever. Just get her to engage with you. She starts to engage, you start to move the conversation forward.

If a gal isn’t interested, it’s pretty easy to catch. She’ll try to rush away from you and may ignore you entirely. It’s a bummer, but it happens. It’s a risk you take with such a direct method.

We hope you find that special someone. No one should have to spend the holidays alone, not for any reason. Just follow our quick guide, and you should be opening presents under the tree with a special someone.

By “Mark LoProto