Cut the Club Lines

You’ve prepped for nearly half the weekend, trying on every combination of clothing to make sure you look just right. Once you settled on an outfit (typically the first one you tried on), you spent the next two hours primping your hair to give it that perfect mix of styled and messy, border lining a less drastic version of that after sex look.

Las Vegas club lines

When you finally found yourself feeling confident on the entirety of your wardrobe choices, you start to make your way down to your favorite club. As you approach your venue of choice and the long, snaking line emerging from the entrance comes into view, your heart sinks. Although you felt prepared in all of your sexual glory, you failed to recognize the downfalls of a nightclub on the weekend.


On any given weekend night, the line at a club like the Venetian’s TAO can stretch the entirety of the main entrance. At quick glance, everybody on line has the same look to them – stiletto heals and short skirts for the gals and button-up shirts and gelled hair for the guys. Typically, the quickest way to get into a club is to work there or know somebody who does, but there are a few tips that may grant you the ability to bypass the hour-long wait.


First things first, double check your appearance and that of anybody in your party. Nightclubs thrive off of the proverbial sex that omits from a group of gorgeous gals. If there’s someone in your crew that could use a little eye shadow or needs to wear a girdle, don’t be ashamed to tell them – one friend can be the difference between waiting in line and impressing the doorman. Even if you’re the most put together you’ve ever been that night, there is a chance you’ll meet some resistance at the door. Sometimes, getting through the velvet rope requires assets that only surgery can create. To avoid being stuck in a long line (and potentially not even make it inside), there is only one guaranteed way into a club.


The only way to guarantee yourself entry into a nightclub is to use a hosted VIP service. A VIP service is exactly as it sounds – a service offered (at a price) to turn you into an instant VIP for the night. The people behind the scenes work to create the perfect nightclub package, guaranteeing your name on the guest list for a specified night. A website like is the prime example of a VIP service provider. Each VIP package grants access to at least one nightclub (sometimes two or three in one night) and includes transportation to and from your hotel of choice. Some packages are for specific clubs only, but each one is a guaranteed admittance.


When you’re thinking of enjoying a night on the town, don’t go it alone. Be sure you have somebody out there looking out for you, making sure you are recognized as the VIP you deserve to be.

“by Huseyin Polat