“Where Are The Biggest Parties?” A Vegas Top 5

Vegas Overview

It’s winter time here in Vegas, and while it may not seem like it, the weather is just cold enough to make partying outdoors slightly uncomfortable. When it’s too cold outside, the party just moves indoors. Where Rehab may feature the largest spring / summer party, the buck passes to a different, or several different, venues when the temperature drops.

If you’re asking where you can find the largest, most active parties on the Strip, we have the answer for you. The best part? There are numerous places that we can recommend.


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New Years Eve 2014: Bachelor Vegas-Style


Last year, you spent your New Years all alone. Your countdown to midnight consisted of a continuous stream of Star Trek episodes and a large platter of cocktail franks. We appreciate that, this year, you want out of the house. You want that memorable night out with friends, one that lasts until the early hours of January 1st. A night fueled by top entertainment, Triple-A Diamond rated nightclubs, and an energetic crowd of people just like you. You, our friend, are looking at the right city.
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Finding That Special Holiday Someone


The holidays are slowly approaching and all you want under your tree is someone to spend them with. We get it. This time of year is always rough on the single crowd. You still have time to find someone to spend the holidays with, though. All hope isn’t lost, even this late in the game. The clock is ticking fast, which means you will have to work fast. You can try your luck at your typical nightclub, but we personally think that whole ordeal takes too much time. We need to expedite your sorry butt into a relationship, and we have just the methods you need.
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Five Unbeatable Bachelor Party Venues

Hustler Club Front

Coming to Vegas for your bachelor party? Well, we can’t say you didn’t choose wisely as Las Vegas is undoubtedly the quintessential bachelor party destination. Whether you’re here for a toned down affair or are looking to recreate a night straight out of the Hangover films, Las Vegas can provide for a massive variety of different types of entertaining evenings.

So, you’ve picked the city, but what about a venue to hold your last bash as a single guy? Sin City is no newcomer when it comes to providing a slew of places that you can party at, so how do you make the choice when one sounds just as good as the last? To make your life easier – because it’s what we are good at – we’ve put together this list of the Top 5 places to hold your bachelor party at. Continue reading

Best Haunted Attractions in Vegas

Freakling Bros

The ghosts and ghouls are out in full swing, which could mean only one thing – it’s Halloween time! It’s time for the gals to start whipping out their skimpy costumes and for the guys to revel in the tantalizing sights. All Hallow’s Eve is about more than just barely-there costumes, though. It’s about the frights. The scares. The screams of terror in the middle of the night; and if you’re going to spend any part of this Halloween season in Sin City, you should take the time to check out some of the local haunts. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time for you to utilize your gals goods to win you some costume contests. Continue reading

Hunk Mansion is a Haven for Sin City’s Gals

Hunk Mansion

Drive around Sin City one night and you’ll find yourself passing maybe a dozen different strip clubs. If you look close at these well-lit establishments, you’ll find that they all have one thing in common – they’re all geared towards attracting men. Billboards and advertisements single out petite vixens in what is undoubtedly an effective marketing strategy. What about the women of Las Vegas, though? Where can they turn to? Sure, there are a few stage performances, but where do the ladies go when they need a break from all the men in Las Vegas? Continue reading