Palms Casino Resort Debuts the KOAS Dome in Las Vegas

KAOS is known as one of the most popular dayclubs in all of Las Vegas. Unfortunately,the party has to stop when the cooler weather arrives and the swimming pools close for the winter. However, that’s all about to change with the introduction of the KAOS Dome. What exactly is this dome? It’s a climate-controlled structure consisting of a frame and transparent panels. This massive dome will transform KAOS dayclub into a year-round party destination. The KAOS Dome is set to tie the dayclub and nightclub venues together to form the ultimate year-round club environment.

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Bellagio to Debut Supper Club Which Will Replace Hyde Bellagio

For nearly a decade, Hyde Bellagio has graced club-goers with magnificent views of the Las Vegas Strip. Unfortunately, the popular club closed earlier this year on July 6th after its final service. Recently, Bellagio announced plans for a new club to replace Hyde. The Supper Club will take over the 12,000 square foot space and offer the same amazing views of the Strip, as well as views of the must-see Bellagio fountains. The new concept will not just be a nightclub, but also a fine dining establishment that will draw in all types of customers to its doors.

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Best Bachelor Party Bars in Las Vegas

Bachelor Vegas

With countless chic bars, gentlemen’s clubs and luxurious nightclubs, Sin City is the perfect place for a buck to spend the last night single. It’s easy to get drunk and meet bare-chested women in Las Vegas, which is exactly how many men would like to spend their bachelor parties. If you are few who are skewed to golfing or resting by the pool, Vegas has something for everyone. Continue reading

Ultimate Halloween Bachelor Weekend In Las Vegas

You have come to the grand decision to corral your comrades and have them give you a Sin City send-off into marital bliss, and there is no better time for such an affair than Halloween weekend. From October 27, through the 31st, a plethora of palatable, guy-friendly events take place, meaning your crew will not be disenchanted by our offerings during the long weekend. Along with the quintessential Las Vegas bachelor party debauchery, there are enticing seasonal events on tap that fail to disappoint. Continue reading

Halloween Events Parties

If you’re in Las Vegas for Halloween, you’re going to find yourself surrounded by so many enticing events that you may actually drive yourself insane while trying to pick which ones you’re going to attend. From costume parties to Halloween balls to one massive parade, Vegas knows how to turn Halloween from a one-day holiday strictly for frights to a weekend long glitz and glamour occasion. To make your life easier, here are the top events for this spooky Halloween: Continue reading