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Men always seem to outnumber the ladies. Be on the lookout for large groups of guys sitting in the VIP section with several bottles of liquor on their table. They’re likely celebrating a bachelor party and are hoping girls will join and drink all of their alcohol.

There are plenty of nightclubs to choose from in Las Vegas, but if you can’t decide where to go, try a nightclub from this list:

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Las Vegas Hangover Party

hangover bachelor party Las Vegas

If you’re into the comedic genre of movies at all, than chances are you’ve seen The Hangover. If you live under a fairly big rock and have never heard of it, The Hangover follows a comedic trio who happen to lose a friend of theirs during a wild and drunken bachelor party the night before. If there’s ever been a movie that exemplifies the true spirit of the Las Vegas bachelor party, it is The Hangover. If you have seen the movie and think it looked like the perfect time, lucky you – websites like BachelorVegas.com can create an experience that could leave you recreating events from the movie.

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