Top 5 Las Vegas Bachelor Party Friendly Hotels

The Palms

You want to have your bachelor party in Vegas, ey? Can’t say we blame you; but what’s that? not sure where you should take the party to? In theory, it’s easy to organize your party. Pick a place to party and a place to crash and you’re done; but it’s a little more challenging when you want to add convenience into the picture.

You don’t want to travel all over the Strip and waste any time on the road, so you’re looking for a hotel that is Bachelor Party friendly – meaning it has everything you need under one roof. Luckily for you, that’s not a rarity out here in Vegas.

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Why VIP?


It may come as a shock to you, but every once in a while, during my outings on the Strip, I hear people questioning the validity of VIP services. “Why should I pay for VIP treatment? It’s definitely a scam.” After I compose myself from nearly falling to the floor under the force of that question, I always find myself jumping into the conversation. I don’t like to think of myself as a salesman, but rather an informed individual looking to spread the Gospel of VIP. Continue reading

Bachelor Vegas’ Memorial Day Celebration Guide

BV Memorial Day

Well hello there, I’m sorry I don’t notice you stop in. I’m quite distracted by the cool, refreshing taste of my fruity beverage. What’s that? You’re still wearing long sleeve shirts and sipping on some chocolatey hot cocoa? Maybe you want to start considering a change of scenery – like here, Las Vegas. It’s gorgeous, especially poolside.


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Recovering From Your Vegas Spring Break

Vegas I.V

Hey… hey, you doing okay? You don’t look too good. Must have been that wild week you spent drinking and partying and partying and drinking. It’s tough, recovering from Spring Break. Your body feels like one big lump of toxic waste and your head… well, we’re just surprised you can even read this clearly.

Vegas PartyBeing the leading source for Vegas parties (and probably the reason you’re not feeling too hot), it’s no wonder you’d come back to us. Clearly, we’d have some sort of remedy for your alcohol induced ailments. The blurred vision, upset stomach, and overall feeling of “gross” can all be rectified pretty quick. It’s not some home remedy of basil and hot water nor is it a mixture of Flinstone vitamins and other “good for you”-type items.
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“Where Are The Biggest Parties?” A Vegas Top 5

Vegas Overview

It’s winter time here in Vegas, and while it may not seem like it, the weather is just cold enough to make partying outdoors slightly uncomfortable. When it’s too cold outside, the party just moves indoors. Where Rehab may feature the largest spring / summer party, the buck passes to a different, or several different, venues when the temperature drops.

If you’re asking where you can find the largest, most active parties on the Strip, we have the answer for you. The best part? There are numerous places that we can recommend.


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New Years Eve 2014: Bachelor Vegas-Style


Last year, you spent your New Years all alone. Your countdown to midnight consisted of a continuous stream of Star Trek episodes and a large platter of cocktail franks. We appreciate that, this year, you want out of the house. You want that memorable night out with friends, one that lasts until the early hours of January 1st. A night fueled by top entertainment, Triple-A Diamond rated nightclubs, and an energetic crowd of people just like you. You, our friend, are looking at the right city.
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Finding That Special Holiday Someone


The holidays are slowly approaching and all you want under your tree is someone to spend them with. We get it. This time of year is always rough on the single crowd. You still have time to find someone to spend the holidays with, though. All hope isn’t lost, even this late in the game. The clock is ticking fast, which means you will have to work fast. You can try your luck at your typical nightclub, but we personally think that whole ordeal takes too much time. We need to expedite your sorry butt into a relationship, and we have just the methods you need.
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Top 5 Guy-Friendly Productions and Musicals

It’s time to let go of that stereotype that stage shows are a “girly” activity. There are plenty of productions, especially in Las Vegas, that you can watch without risking having to give up your man card – and we’re not talking strip or burlesque shows, either. We’re talking real stage shows with production value, real actors, rehearsed choreography, the occasional musical score, and all that other stuff you do your best to stay away from. Continue reading

Best Haunted Attractions in Vegas

Freakling Bros

The ghosts and ghouls are out in full swing, which could mean only one thing – it’s Halloween time! It’s time for the gals to start whipping out their skimpy costumes and for the guys to revel in the tantalizing sights. All Hallow’s Eve is about more than just barely-there costumes, though. It’s about the frights. The scares. The screams of terror in the middle of the night; and if you’re going to spend any part of this Halloween season in Sin City, you should take the time to check out some of the local haunts. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time for you to utilize your gals goods to win you some costume contests. Continue reading

Best Eateries in Las Vegas


Food. Without it, we would do. Also without it, no vacation would be the same. When we travel, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best eateries in town. One of the main reasons we travel is to get a taste of local flavors, so why would it be that a trip to Las Vegas would be any different? Really, it isn’t. In fact, outside of gambling and clubbing, many people come to Vegas to see culinary fair Sin City excels in. Continue reading