New Years Eve 2014: Bachelor Vegas-Style


Last year, you spent your New Years all alone. Your countdown to midnight consisted of a continuous stream of Star Trek episodes and a large platter of cocktail franks. We appreciate that, this year, you want out of the house. You want that memorable night out with friends, one that lasts until the early hours of January 1st. A night fueled by top entertainment, Triple-A Diamond rated nightclubs, and an energetic crowd of people just like you. You, our friend, are looking at the right city.
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Las Vegas Hangover Party

hangover bachelor party Las Vegas

If you’re into the comedic genre of movies at all, than chances are you’ve seen The Hangover. If you live under a fairly big rock and have never heard of it, The Hangover follows a comedic trio who happen to lose a friend of theirs during a wild and drunken bachelor party the night before. If there’s ever been a movie that exemplifies the true spirit of the Las Vegas bachelor party, it is The Hangover. If you have seen the movie and think it looked like the perfect time, lucky you – websites like can create an experience that could leave you recreating events from the movie.

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The Life of a Vegas VIP Host

Warning: The following events have been carried out by trained professional (Kalika Moquin) partiers who live, breath, train, and execute events on a nightly basis. These events can be exhausting, dangerous, overwhelming, and surreal for the unaccompanied ammature. Please do not attempt these parties on your own. You will not even come close to having this much fun!!!

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