The Best Ways to Cure Your Hangover in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not known for being stingy with its alcohol. Therefore, it’s only natural that its inhabitants will suffer a hangover from time to time. If you’re a frequent partier, this may be a weekly occurrence. The good news is you don’t have to suffer the wrath of a few too many drinks the entire next day. With the right hangover cure, you can power through your day relatively painlessly. Check out our list of best ways to cure your hangover in Las Vegas.

1. Drink a BLT Mary from the Hash House A Go Go

What’s the cure to a hangover? It’s more alcohol, of course. You’ve probably heard that a Bloody Mary helps forgive a hangover by delivering a burst of nutrients and just the right amount of heat. You can get the ultimate version of a Bloody Mary in Las Vegas at the Hash House A Go Go. Their famous BLT Mary contains the usual splash of vodka but adds other tasty ingredients, such as smoked bacon, ripe tomato, a slice of bacon.

2. Detox with a Massage at The Spa at Encore

After a long night of partying you’re going to need a little pampering. At The Spa at Encore, you’ll find a variety of massage services designed to treat your ailments with a holistic approach. Massage techniques delivered by an experienced therapist can help to detoxify the body of the loads of alcohol you drank the night before. If you’re dealing with a post-party headache, ask for a scalp massage using soothing essential oils.

3. Undergo an IV Treatment at REVIV Wellness Spas

Massages are not the only thing you can get from a spa to help relieve a grueling hangout. At the Cosmopolitan, The Venetian, and the MGM Grand, you’ll find a chain of spas known as REVIV Wellness Spas. REVIV offers IV treatments designed to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a hangover. After getting hooked up to an IV drip, you’ll get rehydrated with a special formula containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes. The drip also delivers safe doses of medications used to treat pain, nausea, and inflammation. It’s one of the fastest ways to recover from a hangover.

4. Devour a Hangover Burger at MTO Café

While eating may be the last thing you feel like doing after waking up from a hangover, it can actually help you feel better. You already know that eating the right foods can improve your health overall. Well, a healthy combination of carbs, fat, and protein can help calm your nausea and make you feel a little better. The Hangover Burger at MTO Café is an excellent choice. The burger contains a patty with fried egg, bacon, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and a special sauce loaded onto a Hawaiian bun.

5. Enjoy a Champagne Brunch at Lavo

If you’re not ready to stop partying but your hangover is getting the best of you, consider spending a few hours at Lavo for their epic Champagne Brunch. Every Saturday from 2 to 6 PM, Lavo offers this event with plenty of drinks and food to refuel. If you need some time away from the crowds, consider getting bottle service and your own private table. Bottle service comes with your very own cocktail server, busser, and security guard.

It’s almost impossible not to get a hangover while partying in Las Vegas. With alcohol everywhere you turn, it’s tempting to grab a drink and simply enjoy yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the consequences for too long. These simple cures are sure to help you recover from your hangover.