Bad Experience at a Shady Strip Club


How did I Get Ripped Off

I went to Diamonds after visiting a website. I went there alone because I had to find a place to bring five clients the following night (two from Cleveland, Ohio, one from Belgium, one from China and one from Japan). I bring clients to Vegas between one and two times a year as my Asian clients really look forward to going to the gentleman’s clubs. I honestly think this is the true reason they come to Vegas as it certainly is not my personality. I have never been to Diamonds so I thought I would try it. Out of every gentleman’s club I have ever been to all across the world this club is the first one I have actually been straight out stolen from. Here are the basic details:


I went in and paid $30 or $40 for a cover charge. I then had to pay another $20 for a drink for a total of $50 or $60 to get in the door. This is irrelevant money in the grand scheme of things with what I planned on spending on my clients. As soon as you walk in the door the ladies then take you on a “tour” where they get you alone in a back room and ask you for $300 for half hour or $500 for an hour. They promise you the world without coming right out and saying anything. This is typical high pressure stuff from strip clubs. Again, no big deal as I respectfully decline and tell them I just want to drink my drink and relax for a little bit. Every five minutes a different girl comes up and tries to get me back in the back room. I say “no” to at least five girls before my drink is finished. Still, no big deal as that is business and quite expected. I was there for about half an hour when another dancer came up and started talking to me. She was quite nice especially as she was the first not to pitch me on the benefits of the back room. I talked with her quite awhile and told her I was about to leave. She asked for me to buy one or two lap dances before I left. She was nice and spent quite a bit of time with me so that was fine with me. It was $40 per lap dance so a total of $80. Still no problems anywhere. During the lap dance I asked the girl if the club allowed her to go with me to a convention to meet my clients the following day. She said she could do it but we had to talk about it in the back room. That meant I had to shell out three hundred dollars to see if this was realistic. She was real nice and polite so I said that is fine. At that point I will be at $410-$420 without the tip and that was still no problem. Before she takes me back in the back room she takes my business card so she can call me to make arrangements to meet with me when I meet my clients. Don’t get me wrong, this is not about having sex. She did not promise nor did I have any interest in sex. This was just to have her on my arm as a date for meeting my clients and then arrange for my clients to have pretty women with them while they are at the convention. Presumably, after the convention and dinner we would go to a club where I intended to have pretty ladies make my clients feel like kings. It is a regiment I go through with all my clients every time I go to Vegas. I was very clear that I would be spending a very large amount of money on dates and clubs for my clients but again this happens once or twice a year so it is already budgeted for. Anyway I go back in the back room and she tells me to take all stuff out of my pockets for the lap dance. No problem, as expected. Off course I saw she could not take her eyes off my wallet as it was obvious I was carrying quite a bit of cash on me (I think about $10K). When I saw her looking I just made a note to myself to make sure I do not put myself in the situation to get hit on my head and have my money stolen. She sits next to me and tells me the house gets the whole $300 and that she only gets the tips. While I thought that was a horrible line, I did not care. I asked her straight out about meeting with me as my date to meet with my clients as well as all the other details. She asked how much I wanted to spend and I almost thought this was funny as it sounded like a used car salesman. I said I need to know how much or just forget about it. She said if I gave her a three thousand dollar deposit that she would meet me at 10:00 the next morning for the convention and spend the morning, afternoon and evening with me. That was never going to happen. I told her I would do a thousand for the deposit and we would go from there. If I wanted it to go after dinner it would be another $1000 To $2000 depending on what was to occur and the amount of time she had to spend. She asked for the money in cash and I said ok and gave her the $1000. This is pretty much what I expected. However, things sort of went south after the $1000 was conveyed. She went out to supposed start our half hour of time and I assumed give the house its cut. She came back in and sat next to me and sort of changed outfits. She started talking about her kids and her family life as well as about the other girls who worked there. I humored her and talked while waiting for a lap dance. She then told me the half hour was over. I almost fell over. I said hold on, I am $1380 into her without even a lap dance. She said she misunderstood as she thought I just wanted to make arrangements about the following day and that she will make sure everything was right the next morning. It was only $1300 in total so I did not think she would be stupid enough to just disappear. She was nice enough to get me a VIP card for the following night that had her name on it (that was written sarcastically).

At 10 the next morning there was no call. It was almost humorous at that point as I started making other arrangements for dates and the evening’s entertainment. At 5:30 pm she did end up texting me about meeting up. She gave me a bunch of excuses about a flat tire and wanted to get together. By this time I had other arrangements going forward but I said that was fine but I had to do a little adjusting to my plans. I didn’t hear from her for a couple hours and I again wrote here off. She then text me giving me more excuses and said she was coming right over. There were a lot more texts and a couple of phone calls. She kept wanting more money upfront and I told her she needed to get there before we did even more money up front especially as I was $1300 into a back room lap dance that didn’t occur. I was pretty sure she decided to cheat me out of my $1300 and she was just going back for more. She said she had to talk to her driver and would call me right back. I never heard from her again.

I am torn between being angry at being straight out ripped off and just laughing it off as a stupid girl that shot herself in the foot and a club that has no idea how much money they missed out on because of this thief of a stripper. Actually, at this point I definitely get more humor out of it because the evening pulled off very well with some very nice and classy ladies I found through some connections at the hotel. My clients were thrilled to no end and that was the end goal. My clients’ thought the $1300 story was quite funny actually and they were just impressed I went out on a limb for them like that.

I determined the issue needed addressing so I decided to start with this web site as this is where I found this place. Please forward this email on to whomever would handle such a matter at Diamonds. If Diamonds has no interest in fixing the issue, I am happy to write the money off and contact my hotel to make sure no one else makes it to their club from that hotel. If Diamonds still desires not to make things right, I am going to contact several local government officials/agencies about this club and I am sure they will happily take a long and extensive look into this club’s practices. I very well may not get my money back but I am sure both the grief a few of my contacts will give them plus the loss in revenue they will never see will far exceed $1300.

I could actually care less about the money. However, getting straight out cheated does not sit well with me. I am happy to provide you or the management at Diamonds the name, phone number and all text communications with this young lady. If Diamonds does not have an interest in this information, I am sure a few people I know who will look into the matter will accept the information happily.

Bottom line is that if I receive my $1300 back and Diamonds agrees to address the problem of their girls being out right fraudulent to clients, I will let it go. If Diamonds wishes to ignore the problem or not make things right then I will assign a paralegal to begin rectifying the problem from this end. I hope this club’s business sense prevails. I am happy to discuss any and all matters with them if they so desire. I look forward to your and their reply.