Bachelor Vegas’ Memorial Day Celebration Guide

Well hello there, I’m sorry I don’t notice you stop in. I’m quite distracted by the cool, refreshing taste of my fruity beverage. What’s that? You’re still wearing long sleeve shirts and sipping on some chocolatey hot cocoa? Maybe you want to start considering a change of scenery – like here, Las Vegas. It’s gorgeous, especially poolside.


If you’re fed up with the cold, you really may want to consider a trip out here soon, especially since Memorial Day is coming. Yes, Memorial Day, where we honor our fallen comrades with a weekend of BBQ’s and good times. Here in Vegas, we pull all the stops for this great American holiday. It’s not just a one day affair anymore. It’s a three-day long honoring of America’s greatest and Vegas has more than enough going on too make it one heck of a memorable weekend.

Starting the Friday night before, the Memorial Day festivities kick off. From Friday to Monday, it’s as if the partying never stops. By this time, all of the beach and day clubs are in full swing, so when the nightclubs close, there’s always a place to go.


You can party the nights away amidst celebrities in popular nightclubs like TAO, Marquee, Surrender, Chateau, Hakkasan, Rain, and Lavo. When the night comes to a close and you’re forced out of your current party venue, you can grab a quick nap and a bite to eat before heading over to one of many pool clubs the next morning. TAO Beach, Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, and the Sunday party at the Hard Rock, Rehab, are just a selection of the top choices you have during this three-day event.

Let’s slow down a minute, though. Sure, these places and more are at your disposal, but this is a very popular holiday weekend we’re talking about. You’re not going to be able to just waltz into anywhere you like. The crowds an large, the lines are larger, and the chances of you getting into any club are pretty slim.

How do you fix that? By calling us, of course!

The clubs may be be packed, but we still have access to VIP seating. It’s an offer you need to take advantage of. Imagine how disappointing it would be for you to find out, after a long flight or drive, that you will have to party all Memorial Day weekend at the local Denny’s. You don’t want that, not at all.

If club access isn’t sweetening the pot for you, how about included transportation? A limousine all for you and yours that will take you to your destinations of choice. Now THAT’S how you celebrate this great holiday! How about access to one of Sin City’s top rated male revues? Toned, tanned, and ready to go, the men of Men of Sapphire, Men of Olympus, Chippendales, and Thunder from Down Under will give you a Memorial Day treat you won’t soon forget.

This Memorial Day, celebrate and honor the fallen soldiers of our great country by drinking heavily, partying nonstop, and giving into Sin here in great Las Vegas. To book your Memorial Day vacation, call us today!

By “Mark LoProto