Five Unbeatable Bachelor Party Venues

Coming to Vegas for your bachelor party? Well, we can’t say you didn’t choose wisely as Las Vegas is undoubtedly the quintessential bachelor party destination. Whether you’re here for a toned down affair or are looking to recreate a night straight out of the Hangover films, Las Vegas can provide for a massive variety of different types of entertaining evenings.

So, you’ve picked the city, but what about a venue to hold your last bash as a single guy? Sin City is no newcomer when it comes to providing a slew of places that you can party at, so how do you make the choice when one sounds just as good as the last? To make your life easier – because it’s what we are good at – we’ve put together this list of the Top 5 places to hold your bachelor party at.

It was a tough call, that’s for sure, but we eventually came out victorious…


Treasures Girls

Just as the name suggests, Treasures is rich with gorgeous decor, a lavish atmosphere, and, more importantly, undeniably mesmerizing girls. Stepping inside this strip club is a lot like finding a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean. Initially, you’re hit with the blinding glimmer of gold, which in this case is the club’s surprising furnishings. Most strip joints are rife with a certain seediness, but not Treasures. An oversized chandelier acts as the decorative welcoming committee, accented by a dramatic, winding staircase made entirely of marble.

Unique to the strip club scene is Treasures’ steakhouse, which will help to provide a well-rounded and unforgettable evening. Fitting with the theme of treasure, the cuts of meats offered here are nothing short of expertly cut and aged perfection. No expense is spared within this unexpected eatery, and you’d be a fool not to start your evening off here.

As you start to dig through a treasure chest, you push aside the shimmering gold to find the real surprise – a pile of eye popping jewels. At Treasures, those jewels are the gorgeous strippers that take the stage on a nightly basis. Strip joints are known for housing pushy girls simply in it for the tips, but this Las Vegas joint employs women that actually enjoy entertaining the masses. You won’t find any unattractive (both inside and out) girls here; but you will be subjected to a range of types, from the perky schoolgirl to the tattooed vixen.

We recommend getting the most out of your time at Treasures by springing for the private champagne room; and if you book through us, it can be yours with no added hassle.

The Hustler Club

Larry Flynt is famous for his ability to bring fame to hardcore The Hustler Clubpornography. To expand on his empire, Flynt turned his affinity for pornographic entertainment into a world class strip club that has popped up in several locations across the country. One of the more successful spots can be found in Las Vegas, thriving continuously amongst a sea of other well known strip clubs.

No expense was spared in the 4-story tall, 70,000-sq foot club. Home to a full retail shop, an abundance of private and semi-private suites, outdoor patio seating, and enough bars to cover the large crowd it continues to pull in, Hustler Club certain does work to overshadow its local rival strip joints.

If you don’t plan ahead, a good chunk of your time at Hustler Club will be spent trying to decide what to do during your stay. Do you simply ogle the girls on the main stage, make a beeline to one of the VIP booths, stop at the bar for a starter drink, or throw down some money for a private suite and show? Truth be told, no matter what you start off with, you’ve made the right decision.

Like any well respected strip club, The Hustler features a lineup of over 600 tantalizing women, all looking to show you a good time. Like Treasures, the girls aren’t just in it for the money. While it is a perk, they also enjoy fulfilling everyone’s expectation of a good time. You won’t find yourself shortchanged with a lap dance from a Hustler girl.

One of the more pleasant experiences at The Hustler Club? A lap dance under the stars by your choice of beauty. You’re in Vegas, so it’s time to start marking off some items on your bucket list. Surely, that’s one of them.

Spearmint Rhino

Try not to get hung up on the name so much. Spearmint Rhino may be an odd moniker, but it is no indication of what you’ll find beyond the main doors. Surprising as it may be, Rhino is one of Sin City’s top strip clubs. Coming in at 18,000-sq feet, Rhino’s large space is brimming with entertainment. The focal point of the club is the large tipping stage, where you’ll probably park yourself for the night. If it’s a little too crowded for your liking, you can escape to one of the outer rimmed Go-Go stages.

Who can you expect to grace the stages of Rhino? Simply put: Only the most gorgeous girls your eyes will ever fall upon. We know it’s been said about the other two strip clubs, but the girls do get better and better from one venue to the next. Rhino may not have the variety that The Hustler Club has, but you won’t be disappointed with the girls you have to choose from. In fact, variety will be a thing of the past when you get a glimpse of Rhino’s selection.

Things at Rhino tend to get a little crowded, so you’re definitely going to want to spring for one of the two VIP lounges. Here, you and your party can select your own private dancer. Get the VIP treatment with bottle service and the utmost privacy in these opulent VIP areas. Soak in what it’s truly like to be a VIP with Rhino’s unprecedented service. There is no better way to spend your bachelor party than within the confines of one of Rhino’s VIP lounges.


Sapphire is Las Vegas’ premier strip club. If you ask someone where to bring the after party to, 9 times out of 10, they’ll say Sapphire. Is it the extravagant interior design? Is it the unforgettable girls that grace the stage? Maybe it’s the nightclub-esque atmosphere? Whatever warrants Sapphire its high praise amongst you and your friends will be dependent on your tastes, but there is no doubt that this strip club will please.

Like The Hustler Club, Sapphire offers variety – albeit of a different kind. All of Sapphire’s girls play off of a specific fantasy. From redheads to blondes to overly busty and even girls with a little meat on them. Regardless of your tastes, Sapphire’s line of strippers are going to satiate your desires.

Sapphire PoolDifferentiating it from the rest of Las Vegas’ strip joints is Sapphire’s pool area known as Sapphire Pool and Day Club. If you like strip clubs and pools, than you will undoubtedly love this daytime extension to the best strip club in Vegas. Just like with its nighttime counterpart, Sapphire Pool and Day Club will offer plenty of topless eye candy for your viewing pleasure – only you’ll be in the light of day and will be able to get the perfect view.

We can think of no better place to spend your bachelor party…

… Or can we?


We know, we know. This isn’t’ a strip club in any way! Guess what – you don’t need to have your bachelor party at a strip club to make it a worthwhile good time. With all of the nightclubs in Sin City, why XS? It’s simple. You don’t get much more extravagant and opulent than a Steve Wynn establishment.

XS is littered with golden features, so much so that even the threads in the furniture are gold. You may not care about gold all too much now, but you will be surprised by how “rich” you feel just by being in the presence of such taste and style; and who doesn’t like to feel rich every now and then? Especially when you’re about to tie the knot and take yourself off the market.

Due partly to the club’s style, XS is a classy nightclub with everything you would need for your bachelor party. If you spring for the VIP bottle service, you may find yourself relaxing in a booth once inhabited by Leonardo DiCaprio. As you kick back a bottle of XS’ finest liquor, you can act like the stars that you truly look like.

In an XS VIP booth, all eyes will be on you; and you’ll start to notice your party getting larger and larger as the night goes on until you’re suddenly the most popular individual in the club.

There are plenty of options out there to party at, but we can’t recommend these 5 establishments enough. There is no doubt that they will be able to give you a memorable evening. Just don’t forget to reserve your event through us here at Bachelor Vegas. You don’t want to miss out on any perks like a limousine transfer!

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