A Very Merry Turkey Day in Vegas

The Top 5 Places to Grab a Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is but a few days away, and for some odd reason you’ve decided to not spend it with your family. Your mother, father, and siblings, all of whom will be gathered around a large table presented with more food than they can handle. You’ve decided that, this year, you want to spend your Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. You want the glitz and glam to be thankful for, but there is one thing you didn’t plan for – that lingering desire to chow down on some turkey-bird.

While you have no problem ditching your family for the holiday, it’s the food that you truly long for. The succulent bird and all the fixins that, year after year, you’ve thoughtlessly stuffed your stomach to the brim with. We understand the feeling, which is why we don’t want you to be left out this Thanksgiving. While we’d love to invite you over and cook for you, it just isn’t going to happen. Rather, take this list of five dining venues in this fabulous city that can give you the turkey dinner that you’re sadly missing out on.

The Rio Carnival World Buffet


Many people know the Rio resort for housing theChippendales male revue. Others are more familiar with the famed Mardi Gras theme and currently closed Masquerade in the Sky parade. Once you’re done with you’re trip and your Thanksgiving dinner, you’re going to know (and praise) it solely for the Carnival World Buffet.

The Carnival World is one of Las Vegas’ most extensive and option-heavy buffets, but its location “off the Strip” often makes it a hidden wonder. For your Thanksgiving feast, this is definitely one place you want to consider. As the normal assortment of food is top of the line, there is no questioning whether your Thanksgiving meal will follow suit.

Enjoy a station filled completely with all of your turkey day favorites – including a juicy bird, steaming mashed potatoes, and anything else from sweet potatoes to cranberry sauce. There’s a full bar, too, so if you’re feeling a little nippy feel free to kick back a few mojitos, margaritas, and other finely mixed beverages.

Charlie Palmer Steak (Four Seasons Hotel)

The Four Seasons hotel isn’t one of Las Vegas‘ most well known properties, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be able to provide you with some form of eatery to dine at for Thanksgiving. In fact, it houses one of your better choices – Charlie Palmer Steak.

Of course, Charlie Palmer is known best for his premium cuts of beef and the plentiful ways that he prepares them, but the chefs at this 5-star culinary experience are willing to change things up completely for their special Thanksgiving Day menu.

Set up in a three course menu, Charlie Palmer starts you off with either a selection of three salads, a apple and celery root soup, or sea scallops. Following the first course is the highly anticipated main course. Chow down on your choice of herb roasted turkey breast, surf and turf, a succulent filet mignon, bone-in New York strip steak, or a pan roasted sea bass. It’s Thanksgiving. We recommend the turkey. Finally, your holiday would not be complete without something sweet. Pumpkin cheesecake, a pecan tart, creme brulee, and a butter bar all await your anxious sweet tooth.

Now that’s a Thanksgiving Day feast.

Pearl (MGM Grand Hotel & Casino)


A Chinese restaurant. On Thanksgiving? Clearly we’ve lost our minds, right? Wrong! Sure, don’t expect to get a massive plate of mashed potatoes, carved turkey, and stuffing; but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to change things up a little bit. This year, go for something exotic and completely unexpected.

At Pearl’s Thanksgiving Day feast, you can expect to chow down on some expected Chinese cuisine favorites like General Tso’s chicken, lo mein, friday rice, and dim sum; but play your cards right and you could have yourself a “unique” take on turkey – duck.

Enjoy your braised bird, commonly known as Chinese turkey, or you can go a bit more off the beaten path and try a complete tofu platter or beef brisket. Regardless of what you end up having, we can guarantee that this will be a Thanksgiving unlike any you’ve had before.

Sugar Factory Bar & Grill (Paris)

Sugar Factory

Sweet and savory. Surely two things that you think of when you think of Paris’ The Sugar Factory Bar & Grill. The Sugar Factory may be all about the sweets, but that doesn’t mean the chefs hidden away in the kitchen don’t know a thing or two about cooking a holiday meal. Quite the opposite, actually. The Sugar Factory will give you a unique taste on Thanksgiving that you would never expect.

The prix fixe menu includes classics like carved turkey breast, giblet gravy, and cranberry sauce, rounded off with a freshly baked roll. You will get the classic flavors that will bring back childhood memories while chowing down on The Sugar Factory’s modern take on a full turkey dinner.

No Thanksgiving is complete without a good desert, and what better place to get a dessert than at a place called The Sugar Factory? Try out a slice of fresh pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie cheesecake, or warm apple pie, topped off with a cranberry cinnamon pie cocktail – a sweet and delicious beverage unique to The Sugar Factory’s menu.

Sage (Aria)

Aria is known for its opulence and your Thanksgiving feast should offer nothing less. Sage is the Aria’s flagship restaurant, and while it pulls in the business on a normal basis, its Thanksgiving menu is sure to keep the seats filled. What can such a high end restaurant do for you in the way of turkey dinner? Just about everything.

You’ll never have turkey as juicy and succulent as this, nor will you find side dishes that best suit an entree as you will at Sage. The true surprise comes at the end of your meal. You know that classic vanilla ice cream sunday? Well Sage has something special for you just for their Thanksgiving dinner – sweet potato ice cream topped with Sage caramel and malted milk foam. How’s that for a happy ending?

With a well rounded meal, Sage’s Thanksgiving feast will have you busting at the seams. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

See! Vegas isn’t all about the buffets and exotic eats. Sometimes, if you catch at the right time, Las Vegas can surprise you by bringing you back home with a good, comforting meal. If you’re going to be in Vegas for Thanksgiving, you might as well have a good hearty Sin City feast.

By “Mark LoProto