Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Suites

Las Vegas bachelorette party suites

Las Vegas is home to some of the most luxurious party suites and hotel rooms in the United States. Hydraulic beds, mirrored ceilings, and rose-petal baths are just a few of the lavish amenities you'll experience when staying in one of Vegas' premier hotels during your bachelorette party. Ladies, live the life of luxury (even for just one night!) when you stay in one of these Las Vegas fantasy suits.

Mandarin Oriental - Emperor Suite

mandarin suites

Mandarin Oriental is one of the most elegant hotel brands in the world. Suites range from modern art deco to traditional Asian influence. The Emperor Suite at the Mandarin Oriental remains of the most popular, as it evokes sensuality and a dramatic flair. The hotel suite features walls upholstered in white leather and a grand piano.

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Wynn - Salon Suite

Wynn suites

The Salon Suite at the Wynn Hotel exudes an artistic presence created by founder Steve Wynn. He oversees this iconic venue on The Strip, including every detail of his hotels, nightclubs, and even the home furnishings. Wynn's influence can be seen in the stunning wall art and original pieces scattered throughout the suite.

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Palazzo - Presidential Suite

Palazzo suites

The Presidential Suite at the Palazzo is one of the most elegant properties in the city of Las Vegas. Decorated in marbles and muted earth tones, the Presidential Suite is very large and extremely comfortable. The rose petal bath gives the suite a hint of romance. Be a VIP or high roller for a night by renting out this excluded hotel suite.

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Palms - Crib Suite

Palms suites

While the Crib Suite at the Palms has no relation to the MTV television show "Cribs", it does have the same rockstar feel. The Crib Suite features a regulation-sized pool table, hydraulic bed, and DJ booth. This ultimate suite at the Palms is the quintessential party place for bachelorette parties or any occasion.

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Rumor - Diva Mega Suite

Rumor suites

For those girly-girls, the Diva Mega Suite at the Rumor makes for the perfect bachelorette party destination. Featuring a metallic-toned plush headboard, hot pink mirrors, and a mural of a feminine woman, these visual elements combined make for a girls-only hang-out. Dance the night away or sip wine and converse with your girls.

Venetian - Chairman Suite

Venetian suites

The Chairman Suite at the Venetian may not be the most glamorous, but does contain some perfect amenities for a fun bachelorette party. By day, the suite is a media room, but by night, it completely transforms into a private karaoke lounge where you and your girls can try and remember the words to thousands of songs. The fully-soundproof room can hold up to 10 people, including the evening's host.

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MGM Grand - Skyloft

MGM suites

MGM Grand's Skyloft is one of the most-recognized hotel suites in Vegas. The inspiration for the name came from the floor-to-ceiling glass that encases the suite. The suite features two stories, a living room, and dedicated service by an attentive staff. Guests will also have their own "dream butlers" who will draw a bath as the guest finishes dinner and will bring a 14-variety "pillow buffet" upon request.

Make the most of your bachelorette party by staying in one of these top-notch bachelorette party suites and hotel rooms. They are unlike any others you have every stayed in with the best amenities, staff, features, and decor imaginable.

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