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Las Vegas Party Girls

Las Vegas Party Girls for hire, Vegas nightclub models

Occasion:Pool parties, clubs.
Availability:7 days a week, advance reservation is recommended.
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Party Girls Las Vegas

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Admit it, beauty sells. Without a good ratio of women to men, the atmosphere of any event would quickly lose its sparkle. Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour not as a meat-fest.

Let your nightclub experience evolve aesthetically by choosing our attractive ladies who carry confidence, sex appeal and eloquence, and not to mention, our Las Vegas party girls are more than delighted to keep you and your guests company, ensuring that each and every guest is completely enjoying themselves whether it's a private dinner, mix 'n mingle, pool party or club.

We are single-handedly selling the idea of atmosphere modeling and expanding it by selecting Las Vegas models with not only looks but depth as well who carry ambitions and understands the essence of quick interaction and most importantly, how to get the party started! A few may waste time courting with only a few hours left in the night after spending a sum of money, so why not appreciate the hassle free company of a beautiful female, especially one who is a fun conversationalist and convivial party-goer? Allow us to set the tone of your event by providing you and your guests a memorable time in Las Vegas, the city of sin.

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Not an Escort Service!

Las Vegas party girls

Our Models

Kat aka Miss Katastrophic

"Spontaneous, Fun, Memorable "

I'm super active and always on the go. I love adventure, traveling and food! I love to go out to eat and try new restaurants around Vegas or whatever I stumble upon. Meeting fun people is always a plus too! I love my freedom and doing different gigs as a model. Being in front of the camera is what makes me shine and one day I would like to be a TV host!

Joyce aka Bombshell

"Funny, Passionate, Sexy"

I was born in Hollywood, CA but relocated to Las Vegas with my family at the age of 5. Currently, I am a full time model & actress. I love fashion, music, going out & having fun, eating out, traveling & dancing and just enjoying life every day. I'd love to work in many different parts of the entertainment industry and love to be social. I'm very driven, down to earth and motivated to leave my mark on this world.

Julz aka The Risk Taker

"Nice, Complex, Go-Getter"

I was born in the Philippines, raised in Virginia and Southern California and moved to Vegas when I was 20 to live my life independently and pursue many things that interest me since there are a lot of options here being a young adult. I like to dive into things that are fun, diverse and creative. I love meeting new people and Las Vegas is perfect for that as it is a melting pot for different cultures or people who are from around the world and who carry different knowledge's. I find myself seeking new hobbies or trying new things, I can say I am ambitious and always curious. My goal is to be an entrepreneur and designer and I want to be financially independent so that I can travel when I please.

Antonia aka Miss Toni

"Witty, Outgoing, Spontaneous"

My hobbies are traveling, going out to eat and fashion. My ambitions are to become a celebrity makeup artist.

Cynthia aka SkyLure

"Amicable, Elegant, Splendiferous"

I'm an open- minded, free-spirited kind of gal. I come fully equipped with a slender toned physique, MIND for Business, BODY for Love, and a SPIRIT for Dance with a HEART of a Muse. My life's ambition is to make my mark on this world in an artistic way. I enjoy doing anything that allows me to express my love for the ARTS; Modeling is an Art. Dance is an Art. I'm infatuated with the Art of Film-making and aspire to be a part of such great complex project the world calls Movies! Movies that inspire, create awareness, and spread knowledge about the human existence in a great many dimensions. I hope to someday become a leading starlet in the Film-making industry by way of my talents & skills in performance, in-front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. I have a hunger for projects with culture, exotic foods, and fruition of my life's ambitions. My focus is staying grounded and down to earth. My 3 Great Loves in Life are FOOD, FILMS, & DANCE. My hobbies include grubbing on sustenance (literally), studying & reading about the SCIENCES, and fighting crime daily by way of kindness, one kind act at a time. Although I'm not fluent, I can count to 100 in Spanish.

Roxy aka The Rockstar

"Sexy, Fun, Loving"

On my spare time I like to do family time mainly sister bonding. I also like bowling, playing pool or any outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing or running which are considered to be my hobbies. I'd like to travel to different cities within the states to see all of the historical events but mainly travel all over South America and Europe. I'm bilingual; I speak, read and write fluent English and Spanish.

Dawn aka The Club Newbie

"Playful, Classy, Shop-aholic"

I love to cook, shop any chance I get because I love fashion and during the spring and summer I love being outdoorsy! I am always looking for new adventures, it keeps life exciting. I feel you should always look at life with the eyes of a child. I am a free-spirit, down to earth and I love looking my best and genuinely meeting new people who like to share their interest and be genuine back. My goal is to just thrive as a person; I believe you will always be finding yourself no matter how old you get so I live my life one day at a time – living freely and learning something new!

Alicia aka The Party Girl

"Energetic, Fun, Silly"

I am a bartender from a small town in Texas living the big city dream! I love meeting new people, shopping, singing, dancing (even though I am not the best) and playing my WII any chance I get! My future goal is to be my own boss one day (I have tons of business ideas)!

Mandy aka Blondie

"Fun, Funny, Spontaneous"

I'm originally from Maryland and I moved to Vegas a little over a year ago. Some of my favorite things here are the nightlife, shopping, entertainment, restaurants and the weather. Three words to describe myself are fun/funny I like to joke around and have a good time; spontaneous, I'm always ready for a night on the town and being fashionable.

Mona aka The Vegas Sweetheart

"Ambitious, Friendly, Confident"

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. And I am of Asian descent. I am studying to become a pediatric nurse. I love shopping, hanging out with my girlfriends, and staying physically active by working out and doing outdoor activities. I also speak Thai.

Shawna aka Miss Sweet 'n Sassy

"Classy, Sassy, Fun"

I'm a hairstylist by day and a party girl by night. I enjoy great dinners with a glass of wine, but I also like to let loose on the dance floor with my girls. I take pride in looking my best, so I like to hike, run, and flirt at the gym in between sets. You can also find me cruising around the mall burning off the calories too! At this point in my life I am all about trying new things, traveling, and meeting new people.

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  • 5.0 on Dec 5, review by Nick D.
    ''Had a blast''
    I always come to Vegas and use this service and when they told me about hiring girls to party with me, it sounded funny but I didn't hesitate because I always come alone or with business associates and we are always looking for fun girls to join our table. The fact that they sent over pretty girls who just want to mingle and enhance our night really upped their service for us as we are regulars but didn't think they could take care of us even more, and who can argue with beautiful girls?! haha it made me and my buddies night extra fun! It def is always good to have female energy, genuine people who just want to party and get out of the house! Definitely something new to us but it was worth every penny! - ( Las Vegas Party Girls Review )
  • 5.0 on Dec 6, review by travis O.
    ''Classy Party Girls!!''
    The girls that came to party with us were amazing. They were classy and fun, and most importantly, not stuck up and were drama free. Good times were had by all, and I will definitely use the models for my next event. Thanks!! - ( Las Vegas Party Girls Review )