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Monday Nightlife Guide Las Vegas

Monday Nights Things To Do

Nightclubs:Marquee, 1OAK, Surrender, XS
Pool Parties:Encore Beach Club, TAO Beach.

Monday Events in December 2015

Mondays Night Las Vegas

Monday Nightout

Mondays have this miserable stigma to them. You wake up, grumble a bunch, and spend the rest sighing about how "it's only Monday". In Las Vegas, Monday's are far from the worst thing on the planet. These typically dreaded days kick off a week of celebrations and partying with bashes across the Strip. Vegas' clubs turn the notion of Mondays upside-down by giving people a reason to enjoy it.

Clubs like XS, with its industry-friendly Monday night bash, call to light all of the fun that could be had at the beginning of the week. Members of the industry are privy to drink specials at Steve Wynn's opulent nightclub, where the party filters out onto a comfortable outdoor space. Kicking off your week at XS is like starting your meal with caviar. Arguably the nicest establishment on the Strip, XS provides entertainment and gold fixtures galore.

Monday Nights Las Vegas

Rivaling XS' extravagance is 1OAK, and every Monday, with 1OAK Monday's you can experience nightlife like no other. 1OAK is known for holding different fabulous celebrity hosted events on a weekly basis in NYC and Las Vegas. There are different themed local events hosted at 1OAK every week as well. Come dance the night away with a choice of 3 different themed rooms inside this huge mega-club. On Monday nights the VIP Room turns into the 3400 Room where the hottest DJ's from around the world spin house music. If you want to mingle with the best looking crowd on Monday nights, then 1OAK is the place to be.

To surround yourself with people just like you, people trying to make the most out of the start of the work week, you'll definitely want to hit up Marquee at the Cosmopolitan. Boasting one of the best parties in town, Marquee is filled with a great energy thanks to a crowd that really knows how to party. Throw inhibitions to the wind and jump right into the massive party on the dance floor and we guarantee you'll forget what day it is altogether.

Las Vegas Mondays Nightlife

What you want to fulfill your Monday night needs is just a place that hosts a great party - and really that's just about anywhere on the Strip. You know the best part about Mondays, too? All of the hardcore partiers are still recovering from the weekend's festivities, so there's a good chance the clubs will be quieter and a little less packed than usual.

Despite being a Monday night, there's plenty out there for you to jump right into. Parties that will let you escape the realities of life for a bit and events that will kick your week off with the perfect start. Party with A-list celebrities and dance the night away with some of the most exciting people you'll ever meet.

Monday Nightlife Packages


    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to Strip club
    • Stripclub Entry + Table
    • Limo Transfer to XS Nightclub
    • XS VIP Entry + Table
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    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to Marquee Pool
    • Marquee VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • Reserved Cabana
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    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
    • Limo Transfers
    • Sapphire VIP Entry & Table
    • No Line (includes cover)
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- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

Monday 1OAK Nightclub Video

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