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Rain Nightclub

at Palms: 4321 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas

Music:Hip-hop, dance, rock and house..
Open:Friday and Saturday, 10 p.m. to 5a.m.
Dress Code:No shorts or tanks tops, tennis shoes, cutoffs, T-shirts or baseball hats, baggy jeans, flip-flops.
Line Wait:Up to 1 hours.
Events:Fridays DJ Z-Trip, Saturday Paul Oakenfold.

Rain Las Vegas

Rain is one of the most popular nightclub in town, Club Rain Las Vegas is a liquid oasis in the desert. Three floors of skyboxs, cabanas and waterbooths overlook the main dance floor where the crowd moves to a mixture of hip hop, house and trance music. Rain can be broken down in to two ways: Those who have VIP and those who don't.

Rain Bottle Service & VIP Table Reservations

  • GB Open Hosted Bar

    What's included:
    • Rain VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • Open Hosted Bar
    • Drink FREE 11pm - 2am
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  • Palms Star

    What's included:
    • VIP Entry to Moon
    • VIP Entry to Ghostbar
    • VIP Entry to Rain
    • Limo Transfers
    • VIP Entry & Seating at Sapphire
    CALL 1-800-920-8847for exclusive pricing

    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to Rain
    • Rain VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • VIP Table (guaranteed)
    CALL 1-800-920-8847for exclusive pricing
- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

If you have a waterbooth, cabana, or skybox then you are going to have a hell of good time. If you don't you will be walking in circle around a small dance floor all night bumping into the same people while waiting in long lines for overpriced drinks. If you are going to do Rain do it right. There are three levels of VIP and because of its high popularity they can charge a bottle service fee on top of the bottle minimums. However, the Cabanas and Skyboxes at Club Rain allow you to host your own party within the party, allowing one full VIP access inside one of the hottest clubs in Vegas! MTV made Rain a LV legend.

Rain Nightclub Photos

The music is hot, the crowd is stylish, and every celebrity from Britney Spears to Kobe Bryant has turned the club into a celebrity playground. Lines are usually 2-3 hours long on weekends to get into this hotspot, but not if you're Vegas VIP.

Rain is similar to The Palms hotel and casino where the swanky nightclub is housed. Despite being made just for locals, everyone has made Rain a household name when speaking out about Las Vegas hot spots. Rain offers a futuristic charm that is not to be missed. Not too many nightclubs allow the dance floor to be lit by gigantic, fourteen-foot fireballs. A color and motion lighting system also adds a flair all its own.

Club Rain Las Vegas is absolutely perfect for bachelor parties or any large groups of friends. You can schedule private events for up to 1,500 people or you can schedule a skybox or cabana, which each allow 15 people, for more intimate gatherings. If you have a smaller group or do not want to spend as much, you can accommodate 8 people for a wild night in a water booth. If you plan to stop into Rain, which you should, make sure to look into the all access passes that will get you into various clubs including Ghostbar, Moon, and others.

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Average Visitor Review:Rain Nightclub
3.5 out of 5.0
based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews
  • 3.0 on May 14, review by Cindy T.
    ''Used to be my favorite''
    Rain is the pioneer of mega clubs in Las Vegas, I remember when it first opened we were waiting hours to get in, no club ever lasted popular as long as Rain did. I love the skybox section where you get celebrity treatment, beside you have strip view through its windows. If you visit Rain, you should also go check out Moon, Ghostbar and Playboy Club since they are all in the same hotel. - ( Rain Nightclub Review )
  • 4.0 on Mar 3, review by Cassindra .
    ''Loud, crowded, but the people are good''
    There are no mistakes that Rain is a nightclub. From the moment I walked through the door, I had music blaring in my ears and people brushing up against me with every move they made. Despite these two nuances, I did find myself get caught up in the club's atmosphere. At first, I was put off by the high price of the beverages, but apparently my outfit was just right to attract all the single men. By the end of the night I had probably consumed a half-dozen $20 beverages without spending a dime. Though I didn't find anything special about Rain, I did get a better feeling from the crowd then I normally do. I'd like to give the club one more shot, this time with a group of friends and a VIP service! - ( Rain Nightclub Review )
  • 4.0 on Jun 10, review by Gregoria Z.
    There was something charming about this Palms hotel nightclub. From its vast size to its large crowd, Rain was an enjoyable experience right from the get go. I like large parties, and that's exactly what I got at Rain. I was with a friend of mine who sprung for VIP service. We spent a bulk of the evening in one of the clubs skyboxes, which overlooked the party. There was a large line outside, but we were able to bypass it with our VIP status. The drinks, even with a VIP purchase, were really pricey after our free round ran out, so I didn't do too much drinking. All in all, it was a good experience that I wouldn't mind having again. - ( Rain Nightclub Review )