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Playboy Club (CLOSED!)

at Palms: 4321 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89103-3903

Music:House, Main Stream Hip-Hop, Top 40, Mash-ups.
Open: 9:00p.m.- 4a.m. Nightly
Dress Code:Nightclub attire is required.
Line Wait:Up to 1 hours.
Events:Our 3 hours all you can drink special.

Playboy Club Las Vegas

Las Vegas and Playboy, a match made in heaven. The much anticipated Playboy Club finally arrives in Las Vegas. Located on the 52nd floor of the new Palms Fantasy Tower, the Playboy Club Las Vegas offers a gaming environment like no other. Beautiful Playboy Bunny dealers present a new twist to the boring old game of blackjack, while gorgeous cocktail serving Playmates make sure your glass is always full. But the staff isn't the only asset that's appealing to the eyes. Floor to ceiling glass surrounds the main gaming room, contributing unparalleled views of the Las Vegas skyline. The interior decor of club playboy is upscale and classy with VIP booths surrounding the two blackjack pits. A private Playboy club lounge located at the rear of the venue offers a more tranquil spot to hang out.

DJs spin groovy house and hip-hop beats throughout the club making you stay for more than just gambling. The Playboy Club Las Vegas is a true hot spot that also works as a relaxed lounge. The posh leather and reptile-skin sofas are not only lovely, but they also make a perfect place to enjoy the atmosphere. The DJ list is extensive for the Playboy Club and includes Cyberkid, OB One, Mark Styles, FIVE, and Graham Funke. In order to promote a fun and interesting atmosphere the music is played a lot lower than in most clubs so that the patrons of the club can enjoy some good discussions without having to shout.

The VIP area of Playboy Club Las Vegas includes its own fireplace and a special bar, along with some pinball machines that are exclusively Playboy. From top to bottom you will enjoy the sophisticated lounge environment. It should be noted that there is a strict dress code, as you would expect for a club like this. You will not be allowed to dress in flip flops or in other casual attire. Club Playboy is all about the stylish, beautiful looks that set Las Vegas apart from so many other tourist destinations.

Playboy Bottle Service & VIP Packages

- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

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Playboy Club Reviews

Average Visitor Review:Playboy Club
3.5 out of 5.0
based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews
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  • 3.5 on May 13, review by Roger S.
    ''Elegant and exotic club''
    What happens when the most famous magazine owner and the owner of the hottest hotel on the strip collaborate? The Playboy Club is an elegant and exotic club that the Playboy brand is known for. Part Lounge, Nightclub, and casino, Playboy Club has gaming tables that allow guests to gamble with Playboy Bunny card dealers and try their luck at the top of the Fantasy Tower with a strip view. The Playboy Club is a true Las Vegas hotspot on Friday night that has something for everyone. You can dance, drink, gamble, lounge, and view the strip all in one place. You can spot famous people inside Playboy including guests such as Jessica Alba. You can always mingle with the gorgeous staff of Playboy Bunnies while you are there as well. Across the way from the Playboy Club in the Palms original tower is the world-famous Ghostbar located at the top of the hotel. - ( Playboy Club
  • 3.0 on Jul 3, review by Raquel S.
    ''Not a gambler''
    The club is a nice pit stop before Moon, but Im not a gambler. If I was this place would be awesome! - ( Playboy Club Review )
  • 3.5 on Mar 3, review by Ron Z.
    ''A nice intro to the nightclub life''
    Every man wants the opportunity to say that they've been in the presence of a playboy bunny, and with the Playboy Club that can be a reality. I wasn't going so much for the club atmosphere then I was to experience something "Playboy-ish", but I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed myself. First off, the club is decorated like it was ripped straight out of the Playboy mansion. Elegance and money are the only two words I can think of to describe how the club looks. On the night I went, there were several playboy bunnies in the club, so it was a great experience to get a few pictures with them. Much to my surprise (and entertainment), when I wasn't awkwardly dancing on the dance floor I was able to get in on a few games of blackjack at the included tables. Overall, if I were ever in the mood to brave the club-life again, I would most likely find myself back in the Playboy Club. - ( Playboy Club Review )