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Hyde Lounge Las Vegas

3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Music:Music from a selection of DJs.
Open: Sunday - Thursday: Opening at 5:00 p.m. / Tuesday, Friday and Saturday: 10:00 p.m. - 4:00 a.m.
Dress Code:Nightlife attire is recommended.
Line Wait:1 hr
Events:LOST ANGELS Tuesdays at Hyde

HYDE Lounge Las Vegas

The Bellagio Resort and Casino presents Las Vegas loungers with a new chic and intimate getaway. SBE Entertainment, a prestigious Los Angeles-based hospitality company announces its expansion of the Hyde Lounge nightlife brand to be debuted at the former Fontana Bar. The Hyde Lounge inside the Bellagio will be extending the present terrace to overlook the infamous "Fountains of Bellagio" and redesigning this 12,000 square-foot venue to create the resort's first indoor-outdoor nightspot. More than just a lounge, the SBE lifestyle has been said to attract the exclusive personalities and high profile individuals of elite communities and celebrities. Lavishly designed in dark woods and rich leathers, the lush ambiance will provide all its loungers that ideal unwinding atmosphere, fitting for the more sophisticated social networker.

HYDE Bottle Service & VIP Table Reservations


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    • Vegas VIP Host
    • HYDE Nightclub VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • VIP Table (guaranteed)
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    What's included:
    • Vegas VIP Host
    • Limo Transfer to HYDE
    • HYDE VIP Entry
    • No Line (includes cover)
    • HYDE Nightclub Tour
    CALL 1-800-920-8847for exclusive pricing
- minimum of 6 people - customer must meet bottle minimum - packages subject to availability -

Hyde Las Vegas grand opening was on New Year's Eve, December 31st 2011 have us experiencing this shared venture with our neighboring city sister, Los Angeles. The partnership between MGM Resorts International and SBE Entertainment is dynamic and exciting. "Together we've secured one of Vegas' most prestigious locations, The Bellagio." says Sam Nazarian, leader of SBE Entertainment, "We will usher in a new and definitive chapter in nightlife on The Strip." We say by all means, bring it on!

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Bachelor Vegas is seeing a trend of more and more cross-city branding and designing taking place in Las Vegas, connecting other metropolis cities across the nation, even extending worldwide. December 2007, Jay-Z opened his 40/40 Club at the Palazzo Venetian, already having the New York and Atlantic City clubs open. May 2010 brought us Nikki Beach, already known worldwide in several infamous destinations, and at the end of this year we will welcome Hyde Lounge offering Vegas' finest. These clubs claim an already existing presence, clientele and therefore believe in guaranteed revenue created by the high profile, jet-setting individuals who frequent these locations. We definitely look forward to what Hyde Nightclub will bring to Sin City.

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Average Visitor Review:Hyde Lounge
5.0 out of 5.0
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  • 5.0 on Mar 3, review by Zack T.
    ''Something more then a nightclub''
    When my girlfriend and I spent a night at the Bellagio's Hyde, we were able to secure premier seats right in front of the Fountains of Bellagio. Seeing as how water shows amaze me so, the night was already an A+ for me - but my girl needed a bit more convincing. Luckily, there was nothing about Hyde that she didn't like. She commented frequently on how clean and fresh the decorations looked and was able to immediate point out he Italian-feel. We aren't much in the way of drinkers, but what was available looked quite delicious. Hyde is the perfect place for a large range of people as it caters to both the "Loud Music, Small Spaces" and the "Quiet Night Out" crowd. - ( Hyde Lounge Review )
  • 4.0 on Jun 10, review by Robert V.
    ''Beautiful view!''
    I can't attest all that much to the actual nightclub atmosphere, but the view from Hyde is exquisitely gorgeous. I spent a bulk of the evening chatting up another guest as we watched the Bellagio water fountain go off every so often. I don't do well with big crowds , so Hyde was a welcome experience. It was about as busy as a regular nightclub, but there were plenty of places to kind of hide out and get away from the crowd. - ( Hyde Lounge Review )
  • 4.5 on Jun 12, review by Steve O.
    ''More than just a club....''
    Hyde is far more than just a regular nightclub. If you show up early enough, you'll be treated to some Tapas treat from a nearby restaurant, and the club is sectioned off until later in the evening. When the doors finally open completely, the club offers the perfect views of the Bellagio fountains, which are a site to behold later in the evening. The drinks at Hyde were rather classy and had a dry iced effect to them. Very Nice!!! - ( Hyde Lounge Review )
  • 5.0 on Jul 17, review by Earl T.
    ''Hot Spot in Vegas''
    GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.. That's all I came for, the club looks like only accepting female customers, girls way outnumbered guys, wow hot place to be - ( Hyde Lounge Review )
  • 4.5 on Jun 11, review by Brittany .
    ''A little on the odd side''
    Hyde isn't so much a nightclub as it is a luxury lounge, not quite what I was expecting. Regardless, it was a very nice and pleasant experience. All of the window seats were taken up (VIP?), so I couldn't get a good look at the Fountains of Bellagio, but I could see them a little bit. The view definitely looked good. Hyde is a very pretty place and I definitely felt like I stepped into like... old world Italy. There was supposed to be a dining menu, but I couldn't quite understand if it was for specific times or not, so I just disregarded it completely. The drinks were expertly mixed though and well worth the money. - ( Hyde Lounge Review )