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Chippendales Men Show

2112 Western Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Show Times7 days a week, 8:00pm (Fri and Sat second 10:30pm show).
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Recently named "Best Male Strip Show in Las Vegas by the LV Review Journal, Chippendales, The Show, is a fantastic Men Show show featuring a cast of 12 magnificently sexy men. The shows steamy vignettes portray everything from men in uniform to dusty cowboys, eliciting a wave of screams from their excited audience. The Chippendales dance and sing their way into the hearts of bachelorettes and girlfriends who just want to have fun.

Throughout the show the Chippendales dance through the audience, providing plenty of hands on interaction for those wanting a closer look at their favorite man. More than a few lucky women will experience the men up close and personal when they find themselves front and center on stage, putty in the hands of the irresistible performers. Known internationally as The Ultimate Girls Night Out, Chippendales, The Show is perfect for parties, bachelorette send-off's, office gatherings, divorce parties or any occasion where celebration is in order.

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Rock hard bodies, dance-able music, and fantasies that unfold right before your eyes; if any of these traits spark even the slightest bit of interest within you, then you will want to make your way down to the Rio hotel and resort. Outside of being one of the sexiest places off the Las Vegas Strip, the Rio is also home to a Men Show that has tantalized its audience for the past 34 years.

Founded in 1979, Chippendales is one of the most well known Men Shows throughout the United States with shows performing throughout the country. Though a bulk of the performances are traveling, the all-male troupe houses one of its more popular performances in the desert city of Las Vegas at the Brazilian-themed Rio. Taking the stage at the popular property, Chippendales offers an experience unlike any other performance in Sin City. A mix of humor, fantasy, and pure, unadulterated sexuality make this show the perfect addition to Las Vegas' extensive list of shows and the perfect accent to any bachelorette party. Here at Bachelor Vegas, you can prepare an unrivaled bachelorette party package with Chippendales acting as the night's proverbial cherry.

Just about every bachelorette party that takes place in Las Vegas starts with the typical drunken display at a nightclub. From there, the night could go in several directions, but a good portion of the time it ends with some bulky hunk shaking his money maker in the bachelorette's face. Though it's almost a mandatory routine for a half or completely naked man to snake his way into the evening, how that event occurs is dependent on the package offered by Bachelor Vegas that you go with. With the Chippendales package, the bachelorette will be treated to an evening of fun and excitement that kicks off with a fancy limousine ride to the evening's first stop. Whether the party kicks off with a five star dinner or it immediately introduces the party for the evening, the ending activity for the night will be one you won't soon forget.

Chippendales Men Show Photos

The Chippendales Men Show is a choreographed routine that pits some of the hunkiest men you'll ever lay eyes on. As the oiled up bodies glisten beneath the stage lights, your mouth will water with each gyration and rotation until the shows climax and unfortunate ending. From the audience participation in a mock-up of "The Dating Game" to the torn, white tank-tops throw into the audience, Chippendales is sure to provide entertainment for any girl looking for it. To ensure everybody gets a good luck at their numerous muscular bulges, the performers will take to the audience and get up close and personal.

For nearly 35 years, Chippendales has provided top of the line adult entertainment that few women have had no desire to see. With a bachelorette party package through Bachelor Vegas, before you give your life to another, you can be amongst the many lucky women who have seen these deliciously tan men up close and personal.

Not to be outdone by any of Sin City's nightclubs, Cheetah's holds special events of its own. Tuesday nights host Industry Night, where locals in the industry can make use of some killer deals. Wednesday is DD Night, where you'll be treated to double shots or drinks. On Friday, from 2:00pm to 8:00pm, free pizza and wings are available to all.

Cheetah's Las Vegas is undoubtedly a place where the kids should be sheltered from, and with reasonably priced cover charges, it acts as the perfect adult hideaway after a long hard day at work.

Chippendales Men Show Reviews

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Average Visitor Review:Cheetahs Strip Club
4.5 out of 5.0
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  • 4.5 on Jul 28, review by Rachel R.
    ''This show rocks''
    It was fantastic Las Vegas male adult male entertainment show. It exceeded my expectations, there were couple of scene blew my mind. Guys were so hot and muscular. I would recommend to watch this show when you are drunk or high!
  • 4.5 on Aug 8, review by raquel S.
    ''Men on the side''
    These guys are good for two things, dancing and looking good. Plus its fun to be pulled up on stage! Chippendales still got it!
  • 5.0 on Nov 15, review by Jane P.
    ''Plenty of screaming women''
    Chippendales is a national phenomenon where all male reviews are concerned. This was one of the first, original all male reviews and has since moved to several big cities, including Las Vegas. The result is twelve sexy men and plenty of screaming women. Women describe the show as their ultimate female fantasy. The Chippendales dancers spare no expense at giving women everything they want and more. - ( Chippendales Review Review )
  • 5.0 on Nov 15, review by Sandy D.
    ''Adult women will simply love this show''
    The Chippendales Theatre is where all the excitement takes place. You will see a series of shows that involve the exciting men in this all male review. The men take part in stripping, stage dancing, and other forms of entertainment to enchant the female audience. Some lucky women in the audience even get to partake in a game to win an imaginary date with one of those sexy boys. Another hot moment includes some dancing in glow in the dark g-strings. Adult women will simply love this show as there is nothing else quite like it. - ( Chippendales Review Review )
  • 5.0 on Mar 5, review by Helen P.
    ''Chippendales was the best!''
    There is no doubt about it - Chippendales is the best male review in Sin City. Not only are the men gorgeous and tantalizing, they're beyond talented. The show is risque, but tastefull and shouldn't make anybody uncomfortable. I was especially surprised by the amount of effort that must go into choreographing this show. This show gives a whole new meaning to sexy Cowboys abd firemen. After the show, the Chippendale men stuck around to give us women a nice up close interaction with a few pictures. - ( Chippendales Review Review )
  • 5.0 on Jun 12, review by Bridget .
    ''A Legend of a Show''
    Chippendales is no secret here in Vegas and I just had to give it a try. Its actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I expected a major scale strip tease with little to no substance. What i got was a real experience of watching gorgeous men enjoy their craft. Through choreographed set pieces, the men of Chippendales switch from one persona to the next. At first I was watching a fireman strip down to nothing. Then a soldier. It was like every women's fantasy come true. Actually. That's exactly what it is like. Chippendales is every woman's fantasy come true. - ( Chippendales Las Vegas Review )