Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

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One tradition that is big in the United States, just prior to a marriage, is the throwing of a bachelor party. A bachelor party is somewhat like an initiation ritual. The bachelor is kissing his last night of freedom goodbye with one heck of a celebration. Typically, it is the duty of his best man to throw the bachelor party though quite often, other male friends and/or brothers of the groom will help to make the night so memorable it will be one he never forgets.

The History

Bachelor parties are believed to have a long and extensive history. In fact, it is believed they date back to the times of Ancient Greece. According to legend, the first bachelor parties occurred in the incredibly proud, male dominated city-state of Sparta. The Spartan Warrior was the only acceptable male there was and he was considered a fierce fighter of men on the battlefield and passionate lover of women off of it.

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It was around the 5th century when Spartan males started holding a special banquet in honor of their warrior brother, whom would soon become a married man. This was the time for the Spartans to drink and be merry all while paying homage, in an attempt to both bless the marriage and entertain their friend during his last night without the bonds of marriage committing him to his bride. This was the ideal time for men to bond together, and welcome in a new chapter of the groom's life at the same time.

Bachelor parties have come a long way since then and have made their way across the world. While the primary name for a bachelor party in the United States is just that (bachelor party) they are known as stag parties / stag nights ( and hen parties or stagette parties for girls ) in England and the rest of the UK and buck parties/nights or bulls parties in various parts of the world.

The Planning

There is no set way to have a bachelor party Vegas. Each party is unique to the male for whom the party is being thrown. When planning a bachelor party, you should consider what type of guy he is (a shy guy might prefer a private stripper coming to the house as opposed to going out to a public strip club, for example) and what type of things you would think he would like to do for his bachelor party. You will want the party to be perfect, entertaining, and memorable. This should be a night he will never forget.

There are many themes for bachelor parties. Some focus on the women the man will no longer get to have once he is married. This may mean a trip to the local strip joint or a private lap dancing party at a designated location such as throwing Las Vegas bachelor party or Los Angeles. If drinking is a major part of the bachelor party enjoyment, it may be necessary to have alcohol on hand or stop in at the local bar for a drink or twelve. Gambling, escort services, and other debauchery are typical of a Vegas bachelor party. All of these things should be considered when planning one for a friend or family member.

You need to actually plan the party. Doing something on a whim or having an idea, but not really planning it out can mean serious trouble and you may actually ruin the event for your friend, making it memorable for an entirely different reason. There should be one clear cut leader who will plan the bachelor party and he must be both fun-loving and responsible. He needs to know how to have a good time but also how to get things done in the process. All of the party planners need to meet prior to the party. This is the time to map out a plan, discuss a fair way to split payment for the party, and choose the date to hold it. Location for the party and anything needed to enhance to location will need to be considered during this time.

When you are planning a bachelor party, one of the first things you need to do is set up some form of transportation. A common theme of any bachelor party seems to be alcohol so this is the way to get around town most responsibly. You are the one who is accountable for the safety of all party members so keep it safe so everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest extent.

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The Right Package

Choosing the date and location is an as important step as Vegas bachelor party packages. It should be near the wedding, but should allow the groom plenty of time to rest prior to the wedding. The location must be carefully picked. If you plan to go out of town for a bachelor party to Las Vegas or NYC , make sure you have more than enough time to travel and be back home in time for the wedding. This is especially true for travelers overseas. Make sure you let all the partygoers know at least one month in advance (minus the groom – unless it is to someplace far away) when the party will be so they can clear their calendars. Let the wedding planners also know when it is early on so they don't schedule a pre-wedding event at the same time.

It is always safer to go to a strip club then have private entertainment come to a bachelor party location. It is cheaper and offers a wider variety of good looking women then the private parties do. You should also split the cost evenly amongst planners for wherever you go. Make an effort to give your all to your friend by sharing in the cost as well as the bonding experience. Also, make sure you decide who can come to the dinner part of the evening and who can go out partying. It might not be a good idea to let the bride's father go out with you. He might change his mind on letting the groom marry his daughter once he sees how wild the groom can get. Just make sure the group invited to the bachelor party, is in it for the fun of the evening.

The best advice when planning a bachelor party is to be simple yet fun. With this in mind, you simply cannot go wrong and you will provide the groom, someone who is no doubt special to you, with one night he will always remember.
"by Huseyin Polat"