Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

641 W 51st St., New York, NY 10019

Open:Mon-Fri, 6pm-4am; Sat, 8pm-4am;
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Larry Flynt's Hustler Club New York City

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is one of Manhattan's most talked-about strip clubs. Many people even consider The Hustler Club to be the best club in town because it possesses all the ingredients to make sure your night out is a home run. This club is built for comfort and relaxation, but the energy is always extremely high.

Do you like girls? We thought so! Larry Flynt, the club's owner, is also the establisher of the infamous Hustler Magazine (yes, the one we all tried to hide in our sock drawer during our adolescent years in hopes that it would never be found and confiscated by our parents). This being the case, it is clear that Larry Flynt has channeled his expertise in sexiness and turned it into one incredibly sexy party! This club is the perfect place for a ladies man with hundreds of unbelievably gorgeous women featured every night. Let NYC VIP Services set you up with a customized party at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club and you can count on an unforgettable experience.

The Hustler Club is located on the West Side of Manhattan, where the nightlife thrives and the clubs are always hot. From the outside, the club is glamorously lit up with a giant marquis showing off the latest additions to the club's dancing lineup. Illuminated Roman pillars extend from the second floor, lighting up the corner of 51st Street and the West Side Highway. The extravagant exterior will definitely spark your party pistons as you are well on your way to the time of your life.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club features one hundred exotic dancers every night. Known as the Hustler Honeys, this extensive roster of bombshells is sure to satisfy, no matter what kind of girls you're into. Their main objective is to show you a good time and their quite good at it. The girls are friendly and outgoing so don't be afraid to spark up a conversation. It isn't hard to make friends with the Hustler Honeys so recruit some of your favorite knockouts and get ready for a wild night.

The Hustler Honeys aren't the only knockouts you will see at the Hustler Club. Boxing and UFC fights are regularly shown and celebrated at this club. Although some consider fight sports to be savage, there is something about watching grown men brutalize each other that is just plain awesome. Add some smoking hot girls, some good friends, and your favorite drinks to the equation and, well, that makes it even awesome-er.

The dress code at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is typical of Manhattan night clubs; no jeans or sneakers, button-up shirts are the norm but if you want to break out the three-piece suits, chances are you won't be the only ones wearing them. In other words, don't be afraid to go all out because this is a classy club.

Since you booked your reservation with NYC VIP Services, you can expect a warm greeting from the beautiful hostesses when you arrive as they will give you your choice of seating anywhere in the club. When you enter the club, you will probably want to check out the main stage area first. This area is a large open room centered by a huge, colorfully lit stage where the Hustler Club's finest girls show off their skills. Behind the stage is a red curtain that is slung across a series of slanted mirrors, reflecting the dancers' every move. The stage is surrounded by deep leather chairs and small tables for drinks.

Time to get the drinks flowing! You will be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable drink prices offered at The Hustler Club. You don't find many clubs in Manhattan that serve the highest premium liquors but won't charge you an arm and a leg for a drink. The club has one bar that is manned by some of New York's most skilled bartenders who can pump out drink orders faster than most clubs with multiple bars. Grab a round of drinks for you and your buddies and get ready to head upstairs where the party really starts!

Now this is where things get interesting. The Hustler Club features a spacious upstairs VIP lounge with a balcony overlooking the main stage area. The VIP area is crawling with Hustler Honeys who want nothing more than to make you VIP experience an unforgettable one. As an added perk, two suspended stages at eye-level with the VIP floor gives the VIP guests an additional show.

Contact NYC VIP Services today and you can reserve a private room at Larry Flynt's Hustler club. The private rooms at the Hustler Club are the wildest experience you can have in the city. Comfortably furnished and fully serviced by the Hustler Honeys, a private room at the Hustler Club is by far the best place to have a VIP party while you're in New York. Have as many bottles as you would like be delivered straight to your table and recruit as many of the lovely ladies to come and party with you. Once you have your drinks poured and your favorite ladies rounded up, close the door and let your private party commence! Those of us who have experienced these private rooms at the Hustler Club would love to share our stories, but most of us are sworn to secrecy… What happens in the private room, stays in the private room!

Call NYC VIP Services today or visit our website to book a VIP party at Jerry Flynts' Hustler Club! NYC VIP Services will give you discounted rates on bottles as well as numerous other perks and benefits to ensure that you have an unforgettable VIP party at the Hustler Club. Don't just show up at The Hustler Club and hope you have a good time! Let NYC VIP Services set you up with your own customized VIP party and you can be sure your night out in New York City will be the time of your life!

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  • 5.0 on Oct 5, review by Editor
    There once was a time where "Gentlemen's Clubs" were sleazy establishments, not inhabited by upscale men, or if they were no one knew nor talked about it. These days, Gentlemen's Clubs are as elegant as many of the other upscale clubs in the city of New York. The Hustler Club is no exception. In fact, this club helped to raise the bar for the quality of both the club setting and the women in a Gentlemen's Club and has maintained its image as a place where true Gentlemen are able to go and enjoy adult entertainment in a safe, upscale, and attractive setting. - ( Hustler Club NYC Review )
  • 5.0 on Oct 5, review by Editor
    The Hustler Club is a sophisticated venue located right off of W. 45th Street and 11th Avenue. Fantasies and reality merge at this utopian adult paradise, with plenty of ways to relax and de-stress in a gracefully elegant setting. The club features more then just adult entertainment. The second floor also boasts a steakhouse, Robert's, with some of the finest cuisine in the city provided by chef de cuisine Jayson Margulies. The menu is complimented by the extensive list of cocktails and fine wine, which can be had during dinner or amongst friends while the beautiful ladies of Hustler join you for some conversation and entertainment. - ( Hustler Club NYC Review )
  • 5.0 on Oct 5, review by Editor
    The Hustler Club (also known as the Hustler Executive Club), is in over 10,000 square feet of space. The women of the Hustler Club are the most beautiful women from around the globe. All of them will be at your disposal, willing to fulfill your every whim and need when you visit this club. The Hustler Club boasts three main floor stages, a two-story atrium, champagne lounges, and two 20 feet high, suspended stages, which hang from the club's mezzanine. The Hustler Club can accommodate up to 400 patrons at once, with a wide open view of the entire club, visible from the second floor. - ( Hustler Club NYC Review )