All big cities are known for their VIP services, but if you want to truly live it up then New York City is the place for you.
This is one of the only cities in the world that you can receive VIP service for nearly everything in town. Most people only think of VIP services for nightclubs, but New York offers VIP limo services, as well as VIP options in hotels, sporting events, and just about everything else that you can think of to make your stay more enjoyable.

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Whether you are planning a night out at a bar, night club, or strip club, New York City's VIP servicers are the only way to go. Put simply, the difference between hitting a venue as a regular guest and going VIP will be the difference between having an okay time or having an unforgettable time. The perks of VIP parties and bottle services are numerous and since you're in New York, you don't want to leave the possibility of having a great time to chance. NYC VIP Services specializes in getting you the best VIP bottle services at the hottest places in town.

There is an endless list of reasons why booking VIP services in New York City guarantees excitement. Probably the most obvious reason is because partying VIP makes you look and feel like you own the city. When you book a VIP party with NYC VIP Services, you will exude your VIP status before you even walk inside the club and keep it going the entire night. Everyone knows a VIP guest when they see one. You and your friends will be the guys confidently strutting past the line, giving the doormen a fist-bump, and heading inside straight to your VIP table. This kind of entrance will definitely get you noticed and in New York, if you're getting attention, you're definitely doing something right. It's no secret that people are attracted to wealth, power, and fame and there is no other way of showing it off than a VIP party in New York City.

With that concept in mind, booking a New York VIP party will automatically increase your desirability to the ladies. As far as your effect on women is concerned, once you enter the club as a VIP, you immediately attract attention, which leads to conversation, which leads to ordering drinks, which leads to you getting a phone number, which leads to you inviting girls to your party, which leads to more drinks, which leads to her telling you she thinks you're cute, which leads to first base, which leads to... I think you get the picture. Girls in New York City go to out to meet guys, but not just any Joe-Schmoe who is hanging out at the club. When you're in VIP, it shows that you and your friends are classy guys who do well and know how to have a good time; just the kind of guys they're looking for.

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Every NYC VIP Services VIP service in town consists includes your own private area. You are free to bring females to your VIP spot. As long as you're being courteous and respectful to the club's staff and guests, most places really don't care what you do, you're VIP! What is nice about having your own secluded room or table is you are essentially having your own party within a party. You don't have to worry about dealing with other guests who you may not get along with, but you still get to enjoy the good music and dancing. You basically get the best the club has to offer for just you and your friends.

The VIP section is always more comfortable. The standard VIP sections in New York have couches, chairs and tables so when your feet get tired from dancing, you can sit down for a while and B.S. with your friends.

Many VIP guests at night spots in New York City receive exclusive access to the venue's food menu. New York City is known for its amazing cuisine and you will find that although these types of establishments aren't usually thought of as having good food, many of New York's nightclubs and even strip clubs have some surprisingly delicious eats. Some places even give VIP guests free appetizers and snacks!

The terms VIP and bottle service are basically synonymous in New York because for the most part you can't get one without the other. Half of the fun of being a NYC VIP Services VIP guest is being able to pop bottles of champagne and pass around shots of your favorite liquor while the rest of the club crams themselves around the bar to order a drink. Bottle services usually offer a wider variety of alcohol than what is available to regular patrons at the bar. When you arrive at your VIP spot, your host will hand you a menu with an extensive list of bottles for you and your friends to choose from. Choose as many bottles as you would like, and let the club's staff serve you for the rest of the night. If you're used to drinking at a venue as a regular patron, you will be amazed at how much different the experience is when you have multiple bottles just for you and your friends. VIP guests in most night spots receive their own wait staff to ensure that your every need is taken care of promptly.

So, why do New York City night venues treat their VIP customers like celebrities? Probably because a lot of them are celebrities! New York has been the world's celebrity hotspot for over a century and there is a distinct possibility that you and your friends could have a table right next to Usher or end up sharing a VIP room with the New York Giants. Keep in mind; these guys enjoy New York City's nightlife just as much as the rest of us!

There is no question that New York is an expensive city, so you may think booking a VIP party here will cost you your first born child. However, the reality is you could easily spend just as much money buying fifteen dollar drinks at the bar all night, possibly more. NYC VIP Services will get you discounts on your bottles and waive your cover charge so when you factor that in with the perks and benefits of a VIP party, you end up with your money stretching a whole lot further.

NYC VIP Services knows all of the hottest spots and if you book them with us, we'll ensure you get the best experience the venue has to offer at a lower price. If you're planning a trip to the Big Apple, contact us today and get ready to experience the New York City nightlife that you always dreamed of.

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  • 5.0 on Sep 29, review by Editor
    ''most inventive VIP''
    The nightclub scene is where the New York City VIP services are at their best. Nightclubs offer some of the best and most inventive VIP offerings in town. Some VIP services are fairly standard and will include front of the line access and a bottle of premium liquor services. These are just the most basic services though, as many rise above those offerings with things like private main floor tables, private party rooms, your own wait staff, a mix of bottle and mixed drinks, and even limo service to and from the club. VIP perks also ensure that you have an evening where you can hobnob with the most elite celebrities in town. - ( New York City VIP Services Review )
  • 5.0 on Sep 29, review by Editor
    ''premium table''
    Purchasing VIP services ensures that you receive a premium table, as well. Your reservation will ensure that you get the very best the club, hotel, or sporting event has to offer. Whether you're opting for skyboxes at one of the games, elite golfing VIP services, or a simple night on the town, New York will treat you right if you travel VIP. - ( New York City VIP Services Review )